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"Mother Father Gentleman" - KLCC Summer Spring Fashion Week Runway Show2013

Harloo people!! It was a long weekend for we all and today I just figured out Flickr has this similar look like Instagram/Facebook. You can "Favourite"/"Like" the photo easily and scroll down with a time line.

Why is Psy's latest song named "Gentleman" can get viral? It is because 'Mother father gentleman' can sounds like "mother f***er gentleman" and together with the addictive dub-step rhythm of the song. You can actually "curse" by just singing that song.

Now thinking back, i guess Psy's "Oppa Gangnam style" get famous and even reach until worldwide because it sounds like "Open condom style". A koren song that accidentally become a universal "English" song that become famous around the world.

Other than that, my eyes has not getting enough rest which leads to a worst myopia. Eyesight getting blurrier especially when driving at night. *Ahh--Jinja* Gotta need to go back Melaka more frequently to do the "poke-ear" treatment that release stress/pressure in my eye. Have you heard/see about this treatment before? Many Singaporean always visit that place to cure their eyesight, especially Astigmatism!

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