31 August 2012

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan ke 55th Malaysia! Happy Holiday!

Selamat Hari Merdeka ke 55th Malaysia
Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan ke 55th Malaysia! Happy Holiday!

Hari in 31st Ogos 2012, ialah Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke 55th dan saya ingin mengucapkan selamat happy holiday kepada semua Malaysian tak kira bangsa. Terasa mau menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu sebab I boleh tulis harini hahaha!

Hari ini mana awak pergi lepak? Bersama kawan keh? Family member keh? Atau boyfriend girlfriend awek? Silalah enjoy weekend ini yang panjang dan buat sesuatu yang gembira bersama-sama. Sebagai contoh, mari kunjung Baskin Robbin untuk Ice-cream yang ada 31% diskaun!! Pergi tengok wayang kalau shopping mall tak banyak orang.

Okay, sampai sini jer saya tulis dengan menggunakan Bahasa Melayu, jika ada sebarang kesalahan penulisan, harap maaf yer. Happy Holiday people! I don't really feel the spirit of Kemerdekaan this year but it is good  to have a holiday on TGIF ++    

PS: Bila you dengar I cakap Bahasa Melayu, lagi kelakar tau? Nanti betul betul semua LOL bila tengok video I.

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30 August 2012


[Update: The Wanted Concert Live @ Sunway Lagoon. Photos and videos taken using my Samsung GALAXY S3 is posted here >>]

The Wanted Live In Kuala Lumpur Celcom Xpax promotion
17 September 2012
Surf Beach @ Sunway Lagoon
JS Concert Productions are pleased to announce The WANTED, one of Britain’s biggest and most brilliant pop band which will be making their debut FULL-LENGTH concert in Kuala Lumpur on the 18th September 2012, Surf Beach @ Sunway Lagoon.
The Wanted is made up of 5 UK lads namely Max George, Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran and was formed back in 2009. They tasted early success when their debut album peaked at number 4 in the UK album charts and their debut single “All Time Low” even snagged the number 1 spot in the UK.

The Wanted World Tour
With the successes under their belts, they are going to take over the world of music and will be coming to Malaysia soon for their very first full-length concert in the country!
The concert will be the band’s first in Malaysia, having attained GOLD status for their debut album. The Wanted have released 3 albums – The Wanted, Battleground and The Wanted (USA Debut).

Chasing The Sun - The Wanted [MTV]
Hot on the heels of their huge summer smash ‘Chasing The Sun’, and numerous dance floor hits like ‘All Time Low’, ‘Lose My Mind’, ‘Gold Forever’, ‘Lightning’ and ‘Glad You Came’, there’s simply no stopping the band! The Wanted have found record-breaking success at every turn, garnering over 50 million YouTube views, touring with Justin Bieber, performing at countless sold-out arenas and tremendous breakthrough success in USA.

The Wanted Concert Live In KL Seating Plan
XPAX Zone, Party Zone, Chill Out Zone and Regular
If you are a real big fans of The Wanted, you might get the XPax Zone ticket now with Early Bird price.

TIcket price for The Wanted Concert Live In KL @ Sunway Surf beach
Tickets are priced at RM450(The Wanted Zone), RM 250 (Party Zone) and RM 150 (Chill Out Zone). From now until 31st August 2012, one can buy early bird tickets at RM 363 (The Wanted Zone), RM 203 (Party Zone) and RM 123 (Chill Out Zone).

Tickets are available online at and all Ticket Pro outlets, Rock Corner, Victoria Music and The Guitar Store.

The Wanted - Chasing The Sun


The Wanted Live In Kuala Lumpur Celcom Xpax promotion
FREE XPAX zone tickets worth RM900 when you reload RM30

I Know You Want The Wanted Tickets....
...So, Xpax is giving them for FREE! Yup, you can score free tickets to catch The Wanted simply by registering at and reloading RM30! You will then stand a chance to get TWO free Xpax Zone tickets worth RM900 to see The Wanted live in concert! That means you’ll be up close to the stage and can watch the boys as they sing, dance and entertain you!

STEP 1: Register by clicking at
STEP 2: Reload RM30 between 22 August until 12 September 2012
STEP 3: Selected winners will receive an SMS on 14 September with further instructions on how to redeem the tickets
On top of that, exclusively for Xpax members, you can get a 20% discount on tickets to the concert!

This is an awesome opportunity that you shouldn’t miss, guys coz not only you could be seeing one of the current top boybands perform, you could also get to do it for FREE! Hurry, go to for more info!

Reload a minimum of RM30 to get FREE Xpax/The Wanted Zone Ticket
I just reloaded my Xpax number. Hope we could be the lucky one to win the tickets! Awaiting result announcement and the magic SMS notification on 14 September 2012 *finger crossed*

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28 August 2012

Genting SnowWorld - New Place for Summer Getaway!

Ever wanted to have your Christmas earlier? *jingle bells*
Visit Genting SnowWorld today!

Now the weather is hot. Have you ever think of going for a getaway?? I do! (Although I just got back from London for the chill Summer) I do hope that the weather here can be as cool as Genting everyday, so that I don't need to switch on my air conditioner all day long. I just know that Genting had a revamp on their SnowWorld and it is now with tons of new attraction.

The new Genting SnowWorld is a whole new enchanted attraction that houses fantasies of European heritage located high at the peak! Experience the new attractions as you walk into our new SnowWorld in First World Plaza. Featuring a winter downtown and World Heritage concept, the breathtaking view of the entire surrounding will be a great place for photo shooting. 

Genting SnowWorld is currently the biggest winter wonderland (22.8k sq ft.) in Malaysia which located at Level T2A, First World Plaza. The temperature inside SnowWorld (- 6°C) will definitely makes you enjoy the "Winter Sonata" moments together with your couple and family members.

Attraction Spots at the brand new Genting SnowWorld

The Winter Downtown & World Heritage Concept @ Genting SnowWorld

1.  The Winter Downtown + World Heritage Concept 
The relief façade along the sideway of the snow chamber depicts the concept of a winter downtown experience. The stretch of streetscape along the slope creates a wonderful visually-stimulating experience and certain window bays have been reserved to serve as possible vendor stalls or resting bays.

Walk through the authentic streets as animated and rhythmic lights twinkle from the windows of the shops which houses an English Tea Shop, a French Bakery,  an Italian  Pizzeria as well as shops displaying Spanish red wine, Dutch clogs and Swiss chocolates to experience the culture and heritage of different countries.

LED Light Animation Scheme @ Genting SnowWorld
2.  LED Light Animation Scheme 
Stroll down the streets of a snowy downtown and be amazed by the unique light scheme which will gradually transform SnowWorld from cheery daytime to magical nighttime.

Lookout Point @ Genting SnowWorld
 3.  Lookout Point 
There are plenty of attraction spots and corners in the thematic interior which provide a beautiful backdrop for endless photo opportunities. Climb up a flight of stairs to the outlandish castle which is a contrast to the quaint and scenic downtown street scape. Standing high up at the center podium will give a breathtaking view of the entire surroundings, and is also a great place to snap a few photos!

Warm House @ Genting SnowWorld
4.  Warm House
Another attraction nestled in the snow-covered “hills” is the Warm House. Drop by this chamber if you wish to take a rest before continuing to discover more of the snowy wonderland!

 Ice Sculpture + Play Slide + Cresta Run Slide + Snowball Time 
5.  Ice Sculpture + Play Slide + Cresta Run Slide + Snowball Time 
Be awed by the spectacular ice sculptures on display as you frolic in the snow. For the more adventurous, take a spin on the Play Slide or Cresta Run Slide that will definitely steal your breath away!

Genting SnowWorld is currently the only snow world that has day & night effect. Meaning that a 40 minutes session would allow customers to experience day & night environment in the winter. If you pay a visit to Genting Highlands, remember to visit Genting SnowWorld and experience a different world! I will visit there for the World Heritage decorated with nice LED Light and try out the Cresta Run Slide. 

Check out these icons at Genting SnowWorld for the attraction spots and directions

Genting SnowWorld Operation hours:

Malaysia School Holidays & Public Holidays
Monday - Friday
10:30am - 10:30pm
09:30am - 11:30pm
Saturday / Eve of Public Holidays
09:30am - 11:30pm
09:30am - 12:30am
09:30am - 10:30pm
09:30am - 11:30pm
*Operation hours are subject to change without prior notice

Genting SnowWorld Ticket Price
Ticket price is inclusive of jacket, boots, gloves and all sizes are subject to availability. 

Normal (RM)
Genting Rewards Card (RM)
Child / Senior Citizen

*Rates are subject to change without prior notice
**Express-lane are not available

Wanna check out the brand new Genting SnowWorld together? Comment below and we can just arrange a trip to there together! ;p

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27 August 2012

Top 10 Gangnam Style Parody Videos ft PSY & Hyuna

Psy Gangnam Style Hyuna Female Sexy Lady Parody Video
Top 10 PSY Gangnam Style Parody
All right guys, PSY's Gangnam Style has been a big hit ever since its premiere on YouTube and it went viral all over the world. 62 millions views in just one month. Good job PSY! Creative people around the world keep creating their own Gangnam parody with their unique Gangnam Style. Check out some of the popular Gangnam parodies below:

Do you know that Hyuna has her own Gangnam Style? It's called Dak Nae Style

PSY (ft. HYUNA) 오빤 딱 내 스타일 
Check out my blogpost regarding Hyuna MV 
 Instead of doing funny/stupid thing in the MV, Hyuna play sexy with her "cute-high-pitch" Dak Nae Style. 19 million views on YouTube now.

David, one of the comedian Youtuber who put so much efforts in collaborating with other YouTube stars to do another funny Gangnam style parody. You will able to spot Clara C, Jason Chen, Josept Vincent and many more youTuber that you might like in this video. Not sure whether it is his fate or not as David somehow looks like PSY, just with bigger eyes haha. Currenty the best Gangnam Style parody with 3 millions ++ views on YouTube. So whose Gochu is bigger?

This is the first Gangnam style parody I saw on YouTube, he is the slimmer version of PSY that can do funny stunt like him. Oh well, wonder how much does it cost to make something so similar to the original Gangnam Style =)  

SY싸이 - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) Waveya 웨이브야 Korean Dance Team
If you just want the music with pretty and sexy ladies doing the Gangnam dance, Watch this video by Waveya. Now I hope SNSD can do something even sexier with this song.

PSY - " GANGNAM STYLE " Dance By Bears Cheerleader Team and Bodyguard
This video is shorter but it looks funny when the security guard pops out and started the Gangnam dance. Currently scoring 1.7million views.

PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) - Jun Sung Ahn Dance & Violin Cover
I find this creative and kinda related to his talent in playing violin and dancing too. Personally think this video was nicely done and able to show his talents at the same time. Kudos =) This video definitely helps him shine in the YouTube community.

I guess this is a celebration video from some of the Korean Olympic Games winners? They are unique as they are the warriors that won London 2012 Olympic Golds =) 1million view within 1 week!

Nelly Furtado Gangnam Style!! 
The first celebrity that do the Gangnam Style dance in her concert.  Uploaded from her own YouTube Channel and now with 720k views.

PSY - GANGNAM STYLE THAILAND แกนนำสไตล์ Bie The Ska 
Thailand joined the viral hit where their Gangnam Style hit 663k views within just 3 days after uploaded to YouTube. Can see the efforts of making the similar MV too.

Singaporean Style (Gangnam Style Parody) 
I personally don't like this Gangnam Style Parody but seems like other people like it? 698k views 

這群人 - 學尬乾那塞 (GANGNAM STYLE Cover/Skit/台語版)
This is Taiwan Gangnam Style parody done in their dialect. It is a bit vulgar for kids but if you know how to read the Chinese subtitle you will understand more of their lyrics. I like how their video was made and it seems liek they got a concept and production team to do this. Nice one 這群人 =) Don't try to peep under her skirt as it is a skirt-looks-pant LOL. Anyhow. their English translation need to be improved so that more people can understand their lyrics. 234k views within just a day.

PSY - Gangnam Style Parody (Miguk Style) 
At first it doesn't looks good for me but slowly you'll see their creative mind that doing something different or even funnier? Yes, they are all ladies. Wait till the elevator scene came out.

Check out how the teens in US reacts to the top hit K-Pop. Some love it some hate it. Open condom store, what?

 Gangnam Style - PSY 강남스타일 ( INSTRUMENTAL + DL )
If you like to do a cover with your own Gangnam lyrics, here's the dubstep instrumental version of Oppa Gangnam Style.

Open Condom Style (Gangnam Style Msia Parody) 
If you can't stand a video with all sakai guys doing this video, don't watch this. It has the same amount of like and dislike for this video. I think if they get a pretty girl in this parody video they sure have more Likes.

In conjunction with Hari Merdeka on 31st Aug, creative Malaysians from Sabah created this Gangnam style parody with their own Sabah Style. Worth to watch as they featuring some of the famous food in Sabah. =)

Sabah Hakka Style - Tian Long (Gangnam Style Parody)
Another parody from Sabah but they have multiple talented production team to produce this video. Drifting cars around Tian Long, a Hakka Singer together with really beautiful ladies in this video. Worth to watch =)

Suasana Gangnam Raya 
I guess this one is more for Malaysian as we've just celebrated Hari Raya and this video is more to family having fun making video together and included Gangnam style to their video. Kudos to the whole family who are so sporty doing this. Especially their cool grandmother!

Parody By FLY FM Deejays (

Found this video on my Facebook feed this morning and find it really fun to watch. I don't know why the video has been made private on YouTube now but it was a nice parody from all the Fly FM Deejays! I think Zherpeen has the best Gangnam Style spirit, if you've seen the way she dance, you'll know how good she is haha! HunnyMadu has the best voice =) Oh well, I hope the video will be released again as good thing are meant to be share!

The winner of Super Kamung Style goes to Zherpeen!

The elevator scene
Is this why the video was made private?

Here's part of the lyrics for Super Kampung Style:
"But in your kampong,
You can wear sarong
Anywhere you go oh
Everybody knows oh
In your kampong,
Lepak kat lorong
You can go
Everybody knows
You can pancing, pull the pacat, panjat pokok, gotong royong

Super kampong style

Ehhhh.... nenek molek eh eh eh eh eh
Ehhhh... sexy monyet ooh ooh ooh ooh"
 Nenek Moleh and Sexy Monyet haha!


So guys, which video is your favourite Gangnam Style Parody? Is it the original MV from PSY still the best? Tell me by start commenting below!

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26 August 2012

Homemade Mooncake Workshop @ Grand Millennium KL | Lai Ching Yuan

 Grand Millennium KL Homemade MoonCake Menu with Thye Yoon Kong Dim Sum Chef @ Lai Ching Yuan
Grand Millennium KL Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes for Reunion Festival

"Mid-Autumn Festival or the Reunion Festival is traditionally celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month which is in September or October. The festival is the second most important festival after the Spring Festival to Chinese people. Every year, when the festival comes people go home from every corner of the country and the world to meet their family and have dinner with them."

Grand Millennium KL Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes for Reunion Festival
Grand Millennium KL Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes in Golden Black Gift Box
Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur has created an array of traditional and mini snow skin mooncakes alike. Celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival with friends and family and savour on homemade mooncakes.

Grand Millennium KL Homemade MoonCake Menu with Thye Yoon Kong Dim Sum Chef @ Lai Ching Yuan
Lai Ching Yuen 荔晶园 @ Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur
Courtesy of Grand Millennium KL, I was invited to Lai Ching Yuen for mini snow skin mooncakes workshop. This is something new as I will get to learn how to mould and make mooncakes =D

Lai Ching Yuen 荔晶园 is a non-halal Chinese restaurant located on the first floor and it is open daily from 12 noon to 2.30pm for lunch and 6.30pm to 10.30pm for dinner. For reservations, please call +60 3 2117 4180 or email or visit Lai Chung Yuen on

Grand Millennium KL Homemade MoonCake Menu with Thye Yoon Kong Dim Sum Chef @ Lai Ching Yuan
Scrumptious dinner being served before the mooncakes workshop started

 Here's the dinner menu we had @ Lai Ching Yuen:


Review on the dinner set
I personally like the first three dishes being served, which is the Soft Shell Crab with Deep Fried Golden Mushroom, Double Boiled Chicken with Clam and White Cabbage, and Barbecued Roasted Pork with Honey. The Soft Shell Crab is best served while hot and crispy, I had two bowl of the chicken soup as it tasted really concentrated with high nutrition. The Pork was nicely roasted and covered with adequate amount of honey. I had quite a lot of the pork meat =)

For the Braised Bamboo Fish Head, I personally think it has too many tiny bones that I need to filter out. Couldn't really enjoy that fish unless it was steamed and easier to separate the bones from the meats; The Homemade Bean Curd with Angled Luffa Gourd and Scallop tasted soft and easy to swallow. Asparagus with XO Sauce, tasted normal for me ;p A bowl of Braised Local Loh Mee with generous amount of seafood to fill up your stomach. last but not least, satisfy your sweet tooth with a bowl of sea coconut with red date and white fungus. A good dessert for skin as they contain white fungus. Some people like it soft/hard but I prefer adequate cook white fungus because if it is too soft the solution will tasted like glue. Overall, I will rate the dinner set 7/10 =)

Grand Millennium KL Homemade MoonCake Menu with Thye Yoon Kong Dim Sum Chef @ Lai Ching Yuan
Chef Thye Yoon Kong - Dim Sum Sifu @ Grand Millennium KL
After dinner, we then get ready to learn some skills from the dim sum Chef Thye Yoon Kong on how to make mini snow skins mooncakes easily. Basically all you need is the snow skins, the correct mooncake paste that match with your snow skins, flour to make sure the snow skin won't stick to the mould, glove for hygiene and skills to wrap the mooncakes haha.

Grand Millennium KL Homemade MoonCake Menu with Thye Yoon Kong Dim Sum Chef @ Lai Ching Yuan
Some of the materials to make Black Snow Skin Mini Mooncakes with Passion Fruit flavor paste

Grand Millennium KL Homemade MoonCake Menu with Thye Yoon Kong Dim Sum Chef @ Lai Ching Yuan
Check out us bloggers having fun making the perfect shape mooncake!
Chef Thye Yoon Kong was a fun person during the workshop, he showed us the methods to make a perfect look snow skin mooncakes within 30 seconds and make sure each and everyone of us can make a mooncake moulded in good shape. Check out the happy faces above and you know it was fun to do it ;p

Grand Millennium KL Homemade MoonCake Menu with Thye Yoon Kong Dim Sum Chef @ Lai Ching Yuan
This is me trying to make the perfect Snow Skin Mooncake. Cover the Passion Fruit paste with Black Snow Skin, splash some flour to the mould and squeeze the mooncake inside. Knock on three side and tada~! The mooncake is ready after the third knock.

Grand Millennium KL Homemade MoonCake Menu with Thye Yoon Kong Dim Sum Chef @ Lai Ching Yuan
Me with Chef Tyhe Yoon Kong posing with my success mooncake
I think the hardest part has already done by Chef Thye because you need the right amount of snow skin to cover up the whole mooncake paste. The paste cannot be too sweet or tasteless too. Then the next hard thing to do is to make sure the mooncake paste is nicely covered with a thin layer of snow skin so that it taste just great when you take your first bite.It is definitely easier to buy and eat than make your own mooncakes haha.

After the mooncake workshop, we then given a chance to try out both traditional and mini snow skins mooncakes. We tried the traditional mooncake flavours from Assorted Fruit and Nut, Red Bean Paste, Pure White Lotus , to Pure White Lotus with Single Yolk and should you fancy a contemporary taste for your mooncakes you must try their Mini Snow Skin Mooncake With Passion Fruit Lotus Paste, Mini Snow Skin Mooncake Durian Lotus Paste , Mini Snow Skin Mooncake Spiruline Lotus Paste or their Mini Snow Skin Mooncake Green Tea Lotus Paste.

Grand Millennium KL Homemade MoonCake Menu with Thye Yoon Kong Dim Sum Chef @ Lai Ching Yuan
This was a huge plates of mooncakes for us to have =D

I personally like to eat mooncakes with egg yolks, it would be best if can have all mooncakes with double egg yolks! I know, high cholesterol but it is only once a year right? So eat more and exercise more will be fine! =P

Grand Millennium KL Homemade MoonCake Menu with Thye Yoon Kong Dim Sum Chef @ Lai Ching Yuan
Colorful Mini Snow Skin Moon Cakes comes in 8 different flavors
If you like to have something cold, try Grand millennium KL Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes especially the Spirulina and Durian flavor mooncake. That's my personal favourite =) It will be a perfect match once you have a bite of the mooncake and a sip of hot tea during the mid-autumn festival.

Grand Millennium KL Homemade MoonCake Menu with Thye Yoon Kong Dim Sum Chef @ Lai Ching Yuan
Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes comes in 8 different color and flavors: Red Bean, Pure Dates, Pandan Lotus, White Lotus, Passion Fruit Lotus, Durian Lotus, Spiruline Lotus, and Green Tea Lotus paste
Fortune Mooncake Gift Box priced at RM 112.00 ++ per box of 4 item and Full Mooncake Gift Box priced at RM 108.00 ++ per box of 8 items are for those who plan to bring home some sweet endings for their family members. Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur also has offer for those who prefer to pack for a simple reunion where one can select from an selection of mooncakes starting from RM12.80++ per piece to RM29.80++ per piece.

price list for the moon cakes all handmade in Grand Millennium KL
Here's the price list for the moon cakes all handmade in Grand Millennium KL

Grand Millennium KL Homemade MoonCake Menu with Thye Yoon Kong Dim Sum Chef @ Lai Ching Yuan
"Men have sorrow and joy, they part or meet again; the moon may be bright or dim, she may wax or wane.”
I am definitely going back hometown during Mid-Autumn festival to gather up with my family members, how bout you? Thanks to Grand Millennium KL for this interesting mooncake workshop. At least I know the simple steps to mould the snow skin mooncake now haha! I just need to buy the paste, snow skin and borrow mould from sifu (or I self-customize one with "TC" as my label nyahaha)

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25 August 2012

'The Beauty Inside' Social Film - Be the Lead Role Now!

Hot Air Balloon looks pretty from the outside, but it is super hot inside
How many of you judge people by look? Well that's what I usually do as knowing the appearance of a person is way easier than knowing their inner soul. As long I have more time to hang out with him/her, I will definitely leave space to know them more of them before judging. Social film is so popular nowadays that it appeared on YouTube, I've stumbled upon a few and some are really nice!

What is Social Film?Social Film is Hollywood-class entertainment that uses the interactivity of social media to make the story come to life in different ways. 

So today I would like to recommend you guys a social video series where we, audience can grab a chance to be the lead cast, no matter you are male or female! 'The Beauty Inside', this social film allows you to submit auditions and actually play the lead character!

The Beauty Inside -

The Beauty Inside is an interactive social film, presented by Intel and Toshiba, directed by Drake Doremus, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Topher Grace, and all of YOU. Yes, you can audition to play the lead role. The story has come alive on The Beauty Inside Facebook timeline. It will consist of six filmed episodes, audience-created content and many online conversations over the course of 6 weeks. If you haven't already auditioned, please do! Go to the “Audition Now” tab. Instructions are waiting for you. You can watch the first episode now to get more idea about this social film =)

Episode 1 already premiered on August 16, come check out who is Alex and join the Social Hollywood. 

Alex, who appeared as a girl doing a vlog about his looks
In 'The Beauty Inside', Alex will change appearance day by day and if he is lucky he will become a handsome guy that can pick up girls easily. However, sometimes Alex himself will change appearance into girl too. This social film is featuring Toshiba Portage Ultrabook and Alex use it to record a daily journal and this was his lucky day to be a pretty woman.

However, there is one problem to be Alex. He can't have long term relationship as his appearance keep changing but deep inside he is still Alex. Imagine one day Alex found the girl that he really love but couldn't do anything much and was forced to leave... How sad could his life be?

Oh well, back to the topic of this post, this social film allows YOU, ME, or ANYONE to be the lead role in upcoming videos! Therefore I think you guys who wanna be a good actor and famous grab your chance now! Submit an audition video or photo now to play Alex and become a part of his story.

Submit an audition video or photo now, show your talents!

Beautiful sunset and tower of London with Olympic Rings 
Here's one of the photos that I've submitted for audition. Hope one of it will be selected to be featured on their Facebook Timeline or video! Do note that you will be judged based on the look and feel of your photo AND social media networking skills! The more you share and the more 'like' you have, you have better chances of being featured~

Share your photos/videos for better chance being featured on 'The Beauty inside' film

Good luck and check out director Drake Doremus who inviting you to be the lead role!

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MEME It Like You Mean It Contest
Contest period: 15th August - 30th August

THERE'S MORE! Vote for your favourite meme now, and stand a chance to win a flashy mystery gift from Toshiba! A total of 10 people will be chosen from the pool of voters of the winning meme (meme with highest number of votes at the end of contest) and given mystery gift. 

PS: To increase the chance of winning, I will tell you my voted meme is one of the picture above! *success*

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24 August 2012

Samsung GALAXY S3 Review & Price [Malaysia]

Samsung GALAXY SIII Full Review
First Impression
The first time I saw Samsung GALAXY S3 and i feel S3 got the elegant curve edge with silver metallic feel cover at the edge, shining Samsung Logo at the front together with the ear speaker and front camera. S3 is available in two colors - Marble White and Pebble Blue.  I personally prefer Pebble Blue because it won't get dirty easily. But oh well, I think I was destined to have a Marble White GALAXY S3 (Thanks to Samsung Global Blogger). When I carry my S3 on hand I can feel the light weight of the phone, maybe it is because of the plastic casing that make S3 weight at only 133grams. As for the speaker, I personally hope that it can build at the side instead of the back as when I place my phone on carpet/clothes I won't able to hear the loud music as I wanted. Other than that, Galaxy S3 looks good with its inspired by nature design.

Live Wallpaper with Malaysia news on Galaxy S3
Live Wallpaper with Malaysia news on S3
  • Super AMOLED Plus Touchscreen
  • Android OS v4.0 Ice-Cream Sandwich
  • Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9
  • 8MP Camera w/ 1080p recording capabilities
  • WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth
Some of the new features in S3:
4.8 HD Super AMOLED Screen: One of the big selling point for this smartphone, together with the screen everything displayed on the screen just simply look vibrant and awesome.

Surfing Facebook while watching my video through Pop-Up Play
Pop up play: If you are capable of multitasking, who like to watch video while replying email or checking Facebook at the same time, you will like this function =) I hope I can adjust the video size in future GALAXY S4.

Macro mode of S3 8MP camera

Best photo: One of the features installed in Samsung GALAXY S3 camera. The camera will continuously snap 8 photos and suggest the best photo with a thumbs up logo.

Smart stay: A new feature on GALAXY S3 that whenever your eyes are on the screen the screen will stay on. However, this function might not work well when you are using your S3 in a dark environment.

Social tag: It keeps track of your loved ones. A glance at your friends’ photos will show you their current SNS status. You can tag your friends on the photos taken using your S3 and you can choose to email them the photo with just a click.

Direct call: It is a good feature where you were typing a long message to your friend but then decided to just call him. All you need to do is to move the phone near to your ears. Your S3 will immediately make a call to your friend.

S Voice on Samsung GALAXY SIII
S Voice on Samsung GALAXY SIII

S Voice: An IT technology that is able to recognize your voice command and reply or do something for you. So far I think it is faster by doing all the thing without using the S Voice as S Voice don't understand some of the language.

Smart alert: It knows when you've been away from your phone. A vibrating nudge lets you know that you have missed calls or messages.
Samsung GALAXY SIII S Beam - Touch to beam and share your files easily
S Beam: A quick file sharing features between two smartphone. It made the file sharing a lot easier but too bad it only available for S3 now. So yeah, you need to get a friend that's using S3 too to use this feature. Have fun bumping each other!

Buddy photo share: It shares with everyone instantly. As the phone recognizes your friends' faces, it can share photos with them instantly. A feature to share photos with your friends with a few clicks. So far I haven't really use it. Sharing photos on Facebook is a lot easier with more interaction too.

AllShare Cast and AllShare Play: It lets you share with everyone. Access documents and multimedia even when you're away from your computer

Samsung GALAXY SIII 2100 mAh battery just above the MicroSD and microSIM slot
Battery Life
Ever since I start using a smartphone, the battery life is always one of my concern. I've always using the data plan on my phone for Push Email, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and now my new favourite - Instagram. All these applications cause heavy usage of  the wireless data AND also battery life! Therefore your battery will finish in just a few hours if you keep your data plan, WiFi, Bluetooth always on. There are a few tips to save battery life, disable unnecessary synchronization (only press Refresh button when you want new updates), enable WiFi/Bluetooth only when you need it. Enable the 'Power Saving' Features and make sure your screen is not over bright. Close unnecessary background application too, this will definitely make your S3 battery last longer. If you still think it is not enough, get a portable charger along with you =)

In the graphics processing test, the results show the Galaxy S3 blowing everything else out of the water
Referred from ElectricPig

Processor Speed and GUI
The Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 of S3 has made the using experience smooth and matching much with the Super AMOLED Screen. Just make sure you don't install too much applications that run at background and consume too much RAM of your phone that might cause the lag. As for the GUI, I like the shortcut where you can access to certain controls (On/Off Wifi, Data Plan) and Setting. No more numerous pages flip to access your setting page. One thing I like to see in the future GALAXY S4 is they have the less sensitive back button. Because when I watch the video and twist around I always accidentally pressed the back button and need to stream the video again. Maybe there should be a lock button on all video apps so that the screen won't affect my viewing experience afterwards. (currently only available on default video player)

Play YouTube with your Samsung GALAXY S3 is much easier today
JasonChen - one of my favourite YouTube Artist
Video and Audio Experience
Video viewing is always great on the big 4.8" Super AMOLED Screen, everything looks vibrant especially when you are viewing HD video. There is a screen lock button only for the default Video Player. All you need is to press the lock button at the side to lock the screen. As for the Audio, consider moderate quality from the single speaker at the back of the phone. I personally think it is a good design to have Camera at the center, LED Flash and speaker align together at the side. This makes an equal design looks at the back of the phone =) However, I do hope there are speakers installed at the side (this might increase phone thickenss) instead of at the back as I always use my hand to cover the back of the phone so the audio will redirect to my ears.

PS: If you are free do check out Hyuna Gangnam Style video on Youtube in HD!


My blog is loading well on Samsung GALAXY S3
Internet Browsing
Make sure you install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player so that your S3 can display website accurately. So far my browsing experience is almost as smooth as surfing the web on PC. Only certain website with Flash Pop Up will face display error. Usually the Internet browser can only open up to 8 different tab but it is good enough to keep your phone least occupied by lagging browser. Unlike me, always open 20++ tabs on Google Chrome/Firefox that slow down the PC haha.

Zero-lag camera on Samsung GALAXY S3
Remember you can always customize your camera shortcut =)
Camera and Video Recording
One of the best feature that I like about S3 is the zero lag camera. It can snap a few photos in just second and the picture quality is great even at low light. (Make sure you enable the 'Auto contrast' in your camera to have better low light photos). As for the video recording features, it can record HD quality video and I am gonna show you some video that I recorded using my S3. The best thing is you can capture photos while recording video! Isn't that great? Zero lag somemore!

You can now snap photos and recording at the same time with your S3
HD Video recording has been made easier with Samsung GALAXY S3
Spotted a kitten and immediately I start recording!

Went to Christina Perri concert in Malaysia and this is a photo snapepd using my S3
I was watching Christina singing far away from upstair! Glad how the picture turn out

Christina Perri Live In Malaysia with Meme Couple A Thousand Years
Recorded using my Samsung GALAXY S3

The audio recorded using GALAXY S3 is quite clear and I am satisfied with the quality of the video recording through this smartphone. The only thing is I hope future GALAXY S4 can let us have better control on the exposure (for video recording) so that the video will not over expose when Christina standing among the dark background.

During my trip to Pulau Kapas, I've also try to record underwater video using my Samsung GALAXY S3. Here's how my video turn out, apparently it still can record my voice with the waterproof cover on it. Check out my video below!

Pulau Kapas Underwater |  Recorded using Samsung GALAXY S3

Blood and Glory - A game with nice 3D Graphic

Gaming Experience
To be honest I don't play much game using my S3 as all the social networking tools I am using already took most of my time. Thanks to the Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9, you can basically play any 3D game without lag.

SvZ (Samurai vs Zombies Defense) - An easy to play and addictive strategic game
Anyhow I suggest you to try out 'Samurai vs Zombies Defence', this is a very nice game. Just note that this game is very addictive and provided that this game still has bugs/errors that make you stuck at certain level. Have fun playing games on your S3.

Kies air - A mobile applications enable you to share files and browser-based management
Kies air - A mobile applications enable you to share files and browser-based management

Files Transfer and KIES Wifi (Mobile Link)
Basically you can transfer all files through WiFi by using Kies Air application. Just make sure you've installed the latest Java Script on your PC for transferring multiple files. I personally still think that transferring through USB is faster as the transfer speed through Kies Air consider a bit slow. Maybe it involve file conversion that took longer time? However, it does save you when you forgot where you placed your cables/card reader. I am sure in future wireless file transfer will be the features of all gadget soon.

WiFi file transfer between my S3 and Samsung NX20
One thing I like about Samsung Product is most of them have WiFi sharing capability. When I was in London for Samsung Global Blogger Trip. I just transfer the photos taken using Samsung NX20 and transfer directly to my Samsung GALAXY S3 through 'MobileLink' Apps. This comes in very handy when you are at somer places without your laptop but need to send the photos to your friend. Do noted that you can easily share files with your S3 friends using the S Beam feature too.

Samsung GALAXY S3 Accessories
Basically there are three official Samsung GALAXY S3 accessories: Desktop Dock, Flip Cover and Allshare Cast Dongle. I've seen the Desktop Dock which is to hold your S3 and act like a clock while charging at the same time. Nicely designed Desktop Dock but doesn't seems necessary for me;
Autographed by Jamie Oliver on my Limited Edition London 2012 Olympic Games Flip Cover
Autographed by Jamie Oliver on my Limited Edition London 2012 Olympic Games Flip Cover
Samsung GALAXY S3 Flip Cover is a good thing to own if you don't plan to install screen protector for your S3. The back cover is way thicker to provide better protection too. The only down side of this S3 Flip Cover is it covered the LED notification; The white color Flip Cover also easy to get dirty too. Make sure you keep your phone away from food and any solution. As for Allshare Cast Dongle, I haven't really see one and I don't mind to have one of it for review haha. I heard it allows you to stream content wirelessly from your mobile device to your HDTV.  You can watch movies, photos, and play games with this portable device.

Samsung GALAXY S3 with London 2012 Olympics Limited Edition Flip Cover
Samsung GALAXY S3 with London 2012 Olympics Limited Edition Flip Cover
The case is harder compared to the given ori case

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Ever since I got Samsung GALAXY S3 as my new gadget, I already like how it makes my life easier. I use it for replaying all important emails on time, do all my social sharing especially Instagram snapping photos using the 8MP camera. I like how easy and fast to locate and travel to certain place using Google Map. Just that I still wondering how to make the screen stay on so I don't need to press the screen to unlock and show the map again. The Super AMOLED Screen is one of the selling point for S3 as everything seems so colourful and vibrant at the same time. Since I always have my data plan switched on, the battery is dying fast and I will need to bring a portable charger with me. To safe battery level, read my tips above. I am looking forward for better Samsung GALAXY S3 with better battery capacity. Talking about S Voice, I will only really use it when it perform faster than we human do. Maybe Google Voice can have collaboration together in Android 4.1 JellyBean version. Other than that, feel free to bump your S3 with your friend for easy file sharing. It is fun doing that. I think Samsung GALAXY S3 is suitable for all human especially if you are always on the internet doing all the social sharing. It is also a good gadget to entertain you with video and music, you can have more storage space for your video and music with the extra Micro SD slot.

I've been looking for Clock and Calendar in S3. Didn't know 'Calendar' appear as 'S Planner' and the 'Clock Alarm' is not synchronized in the clock on the mainpage.

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What do you expect in future Samsung GALAXY smartphone?
Oh well, I hope in future Samsung GALAXY S4 will have better OS, better processor and more RAM for better performance, better S Voice (of course, now it seems useless to me) higher battery capacity (at least 3000mAh), better camera that shoot nice low light photos, better design with less plastic feel cover but maintain it's light weight, best if can have waterproof and shock proof Galaxy S4 so we don't need to purchase expensive casing to go underwater snapping good quality photos AND videos. Oh ya, a wireless charging device would be great to achieve wireless-connection-gadget-age. Oh ya I hope S4 has better NFC that allow you to pay your bill by touching the phone on a terminal too.

That's all from my review about Samsung GALAXY SIII. Currently Samsung GALAXY S3 is retailed at RM 2,199, you can get it at the nearest Samsung Retail Stores. You can also get your Samsung GALAXY SIII at cheaper price as a bundle with telco package. The only turn off is the long contract term (24 months).

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