30 January 2011

Celcom RED BlackBerry Torch Giveaway on CNY!

RED BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone

This Chinese New Year, Xpax is giving away an auspicious red BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone EVERYDAY from 20 Jan 2011 to 18 Feb 2011. All you have to do in order to stand a chance to win a red BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone is to subscribe to the BlackBerry prepaid access plans from Xpax!

It’s Chinese New Year 2011, year of the Rabbit! I guess this year's CNY celebration will be different for me as I will meet more friend all over the place. As on how I keep in touch with everyone? It is my BlackBerry data Plan that saved me time to keep in touch with friends discuss the location for us to meet. On Facebook, Twitter and WLM!

With Xpax Blackberry, you can chat & message your friends and family all day long, or catch up on how their holidays are going on all kinds of social media from your Blackberry! Yeap, that's what I am doing now =)

Xpax has 3 different Blackberry plans to suit your different needs:

  • BlackBerry Advance plan gives you unlimited access at RM2.50/day
  • Alternatively, we also have Blackberry Social which is only RM1/day
  • If you’re just into messaging, we’ve got Xpax BBM for just 50sen/day!

So what phone are you currently using? Planning on gettign a new phone for this Rabbit Year CNY? What better time than NOW? After all, it’s Chinese New Year! Sign up for any of the above Blackberry plans and you’ll be in the running to take home a cool limited edition red Blackberry Torch 9800!

It’s simple! Go to and check out the BlackBerry prepaid plans they have. Subscribe to any one of them from 10 Jan 2011 to 23 Feb 2011 and you’re immediately in the running to get yourself a Red BlackBerry Torch 9800!Just type BBON and send to 28882 to start subscribing now and be in the running to win yourself the red Blackberry Torch 9800!

Promotion is valid from 20 Jan 2011 to 18 Feb 2011 for Celcom customers only. You can join Xpax Postpaid Red Blackberry giveaway too! Check out who is the lucky Red BB winner here. For more promotion about this do visit

Between, congratz to my friend Wawa and Wan for getting married today =) My first time attended a Malay Traditional Wedding and did a simple photoshoot for them too. Fun thing to do in a day~! Wish I have more time to publish more photos on the blog and Facebook~!

They are one out of many sweet couples that I've met in my life time. Congratz again~!

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29 January 2011

Sakae Sushi+Mei Sim+再一次拥有

Had an awesome feast at Sakae Sushi @ Puchong IOI Mall with buddies and this is just one of many dishes. Hope that the sushi won't get smaller in size during my next visit.

Used up all Sakae Sushi Gift Vouchers that I won from Men's Health Magazine. If you think I am lucky to win, I would say if you should participate the contest cos you will at least get a chance to win. Or else I might hear you say this, "Wah, TianChad you are so lucky wor. Win again! Why I never win one?" *Just an example*

Heard a sweet voice after dinner and head to Sense Cafe for the music. 云镁鑫 MeiSim was the singer of the night.This one I call it coincident ar, didn't know she will be singing there. I like her voice since the 8TV singing contest and noticed she is getting prettier day by day. Congratz on become an emcee of 8TV show too.

Listen to MeiSim's Voice:

[Commercial Break]
XPAX is giving out CASH PRIZES & AWESOME REWARDS to lucky Xpax, U.O.X and S.O.X members who reload their phones with a minimum of RM10 a total of 10 times in a month between now til 28 February 2011. The cash prizes are HUUUUGE so you people are not going to wanna miss out on this! It’s real simple - the more times you reload, the more we reward you with awesome goodies!

You can participate in this promotion regardless of whether you’re an Xpax, U.O.X. or S.O.X user, except that the cash prizes from each plan is different.

It’s real simple:
  • Just reload a minimum of RM10 , 10 times between now and 28 February 2011.
  • Remember to do your 5th reload on the same day as the 4th reload and you will receive 100mins of FREE talktime to any number on the same network valid for 2 days.
  • Also, you have to do the 7th reload on the same day as the 6th reload and you will receive FREE CALLS & SMS to their 15pax/8pax for 1 WHOLE WEEK!
  • 10th reload MUST be done before 28 February 2011
  • When you hit your 10th reload you will get RM10 FREE CREDIT and will immediately be in the running for the big prize of COLD HARD CASH!
  • You will receive an SMS notification every time you reload.
  • Here are the different cash prizes up for grabs for XPAX, U.O.X. and S.O.X. members:

Remember the more you reload, the higher chance you gonna win the cash prize! I wanna get XPAX's RM8,888 lucky number cash prize~! For more info regarding this XPAX promo, please visit XPAX Official Website.

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Thean Hou Temple First Time Model Shoot [Sneak Peek]

Today early in the morning went to meet up with Feeq, Jason Ong (Mynjayz), Alicia, Cayenne, and YiChing for my very first time model photo shoot. Well I am not sure what and how to shoot but just go with the flow.

Since Chinese New Year is coming, it is great to see all the ladies dressed in their nice looking cheongsam. Glad that the weather is not that cloudy/hot too. Bright enough for photoshoot but not too hot to affect their emotion and of course, make up ;p

Had an idea of asking YiChing to read the Book of Fate
*Don't know why got antenna build just beside the temple*

After a few shot here comes the "ang-mo" a.k.a. tourist go there and able to capture his pose.

Okie, I am really busy recently with all kind of stuff, let see if I will able to share more photo in future blogpost? Enjoyed the photoshoot today and thanks Cayenne + Jason for fetching us all the way. Thanks all the models for willing to pose to the camera =)

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27 January 2011

CNY Plum Blossoms @ Sunway Pyramid 2011

Happened to go Sunway Pyramid yesterday and found their Chinese New Year Decoration 2011 is with the real plum blossoms [梅花]. I can smell the flowers for the first time too. There are lots more flowers in the flower garden hall and I suggest you guys pay a visit too =)


Bokeh's effect FTW~!

To all parents, thank you for queuing up at the bank to get new bank notes for our angpows ;p Remember to go bank earlier or else you will get stuck in the crowded banks, like KL's traffic jam.

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25 January 2011

Pre-Order Jay Chou The Era 2010 World Tour DVD Now | 周杰伦超时代演唱会DVD预购

Do you miss Jay Chou's The Era 2010 World Tour? No worries, now you can book and pre-order Jay Chou The Era 2010 World Tour DVD at nearest music retail stores. =)

Date of Release: 27 January 2011

"睽違3年,演唱會名為《周杰倫超時代演唱會》,意謂著周杰倫從2000年出道至今十年的時間,累積十張專輯,不斷超越自我、引領樂壇風潮的演出盛會!這也是繼2002年《The One》、2004年《無與倫比》及2007年的世界巡迴演唱會後,周杰倫個人的第四次大型世界巡迴演唱會,演出內容涵蓋了周杰倫之前的九張專輯作品,以及第十張專輯《跨時代》,充滿科技未來與神祕氛圍;演唱會門票一開賣即秒殺售罄,加場再加場,仍無法滿足所有向隅的歌迷,此次推出現場實況DVD,除了完整呈現整場演唱會的精采實況之外,更另外收錄了周杰倫彩排、練舞的珍貴側拍花絮畫面,以饗歌迷!


獻禮×堅定自我、戰勝未來幸運物 深藏版限定禮:【深藏不露雙杰棍】

此張DVD+2CDs深藏版,特別製作以等比例縮小,高17公分的迷你雙截棍,雙截棍對杰倫的意義非凡,不僅是演唱會必備的壓軸曲目,也是最能夠代表杰倫出道十年來為華人爭光的精神;雙截棍這項武器,是李小龍的必備武器, 更能代表華人不屈不撓的精神。作為贈品,也代表是堅定自我、戰勝未來的幸運物!


整 體舞台視覺設計上是以「未來世界」及「太空船」為主要概念,舞台以「太空船」的形貌作主軸呈現,並融入「頹廢搖滾」與「中古世紀」的元素在其中,形成強烈 的反差,華麗的視覺衝擊,重新定義演唱會舞台的空間感與時間感,聆賞整場演出,不僅僅是聽音樂,而是創造一種全新的視聽體驗,呼應演唱會主題【超時代】, 就是要超越時代,創造新體驗!


前幾場周杰倫在台北的演 唱會都是在戶外舉辦,首次進駐室內的台北小巨蛋,在舞台與視覺呈現上絕對要顛覆所有觀眾的感官!不僅舞台設計是小巨蛋前所未有的規模,連視訊呈現也是小巨 蛋有史以來最大最滿的一次!不僅在科技技術上開發出新的視覺效果,更結合了投影藝術內容製作,將整個小巨蛋幻化成一個充滿驚奇的小宇宙;視訊上有別於過去 小巨蛋最多使用1000片LED,周杰倫首次進駐小巨蛋開唱將動用到2000片已上的LED,特別的是在動態效果上將有「360度浮空立體呈像」及 Mapping技術(全新的影像效果技術處理),「360度浮空立體呈像」簡單來說是從四面八方投射到空氣中所呈現的立體影像效果!所有歌迷看到的不僅只 是單面的立體投影,而是360度都可以看得到的立體影像,杰倫的投影影像出現在舞台上時,彷彿是存在於另外一個空間的形體,令人驚艷!


過 去「360度浮空立體呈像」的這項技術因為成本的關係僅只使用於小型的商業發表會,運用到演唱會上還是全世界的第一次!而在燈光視訊上將運用到亞洲領先的 複雜同步處理技術,讓整體演出達到超越世界水準的舞台視覺!在周董的要求下,不僅舞台設計、視覺呈現、動態效果將令人嘖嘖驚豔,燈光音響、多達九套服裝造 型、演出內容上…也將超乎大家的想像,周杰倫不計成本要將演唱會做到最好!光是「360度浮空立體呈像」的技術就燒掉4000多萬新台幣,讓這場「周杰倫 超時代演唱會」的總成本高達近一億元!周杰倫的10周年世界巡迴演唱會首場在小巨蛋的處女秀,為回饋10年來支持他的廣大歌迷,不僅締造史上最屌的世界級 舞台效果,也即將在小巨蛋寫下歷史性的一頁紀錄!"

The Era 2010 Live Tour signifies Jay’s 10 years involvement in the music scene since year 2000 and he constantly gets better in time! The album includes 2 CDs, a DVD, a photo booklet, a lyrics booklet & a 17 cm tall mini size nun-chucks . Besides capturing the live concert, the DVD also features behind the scene & rehearsal footages, as well as live recording on two CDs

The pre-order version comes with a paper photo frame & 6 postcards. You can book and pre-order Jay Chou The Era 2010 World Tour DVD at nearest music retail stores

Jay Chou The Era 2010 World Tour Track Listing
4蛇舞(with 梁心頤 Lara)
10黑色幽默(with 袁詠琳)
12你是我的OK繃(with 浪花兄弟)
16說好的幸福呢+淘汰+青花瓷(特別畫面 陳奕迅)
19爸 我回來了+心事誰人知
21愛的飛行日記(with 楊瑞代)
25給我一首歌的時間(特別來賓 蔡依林)
* 特別收錄 - 幕後花絮

3蛇舞(with 梁心頤 Lara)
9黑色幽默(with 袁詠琳)
11你是我的OK繃(with 浪花兄弟)

3爸 我回來了+心事誰人知
5愛的飛行日記(with 楊瑞代)

Faster go and pre-order one now at the nearest music retail stores! Info provided by Sony Music Malaysia =)

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DiGi iPhone4 Review Focus on 5MP Camera

Still remember when I received this iPhone4 from DiGi, I was happy to be one of the selected blogger to review it. However, it wasn't that easy for me during the time reviewing it , there is pro and con of having a iPhone4 Demo Unit to review.

Good thing for iPhone4 Demo Set, you get to enjoy a lot of games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Avatar 3D that impressed me the most. The phone wasn't lag at all when playing this 3D game! Bad thing is I can't have all the social media apps as demo set iPhone prohibited me to download install any apps from Apple Mac Apps Store, and photo+video taken through the phone will not be able to retrieved to PC.

Therefore, I meet DiGi personnel to get the iPhone4 have a soft reset so that I can customize it and suit my social media use. Immediately I installed TweetDeck, FourSquare, and some other aps including Instagram.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I wasn't able to review the phone properly especially when the iPhone4 was not equipped with any Data Plan. It is hard to find stable WiFi connection + my house doesn't have wifi during the review period. Therefore in the end I review more on the camera, while trying to get my simcard (which equipped with DiGi Data Plan) cut to fit inside the iPhone.

I tried out the phone to watch Youtube and listen to The Youtube Video can load quite fast and provide better viewing experience if compared with BlackBerry. But the phone it self is very hot after streaming a few videos using 3G speed. Same goes to when you listen to radio using 3G speed. Maybe that's why people tends to use EDGE Speed to safe power and protect the phone. My Blackberry battery life stay longer too when use EDGE Speed.

It is not easy for me to find a Sim cutter, so I cut it myself tsk tsk. You can actually get Free sim card cutting service at certain DiGi Service Centre. Or pay RM10 by asking other to cut for you.

PS: Old Photo Pro is one of the iPhone Photo Editing aps

iPhone4 HDR Effect

I really like iPhone4's camera as you can capture any image easy by just touching the screen including select your favor focus point. iPhone4 have built-in HDR effect that make the picture look equivalent bright. It will allow you to see more details in a photo for sure =)

I used touch point focus on this little snake. Actually I can refocus again on its head for a clearer picture but that's her ready-to-attack-pose that stopped me.

Okay, this picture was successfully taken while one day I was driving on the highway and saw the beautiful double rainbows. How can I resist not to take it?

No, I am not taking the photo while I was driving ;p

Noticed the color saturation is quite high at certain scene. Above is SimonSeow while he was taking food photo.

iPhone4's easy snap option makes me capture some interesting shot too
Have you seen Audrey carrying a bag labelled with "Audrey" too?
The girl above is a pink lover too, but not as cute as the Audrey I know la ;p

The current and most popular iPhone Photo Apps would be Instagram. It is really a very nice and easy to use tool to make your photo looks prettier and more artistic too =) A higher level for you to TweetPict.

Now let's talk about other apps, iPhone4 unlike BlackBerry, can install a lot applications and his favourite apps would be Talking Tom. Yeap, I let him play with it and he like to emit his anger+dissatisfaction to Tom. I find it quite funny when see him keep knocking on the cat and ask why Tom keep repeating what he said.

So in the end he is a happier person who allow me to take his sailor-look photo and enhanced using Instagram =)

In conclusion, iPhone4 has a very nice built-in camera and if combined with some photo editing apps it can make your photo looks better too. Didn't manage to test the FaceTime and call service but I am sure you can google the video of people doing face time call. Let see in future will people use iPad2 to do Facetime call?

Here's a video featuring the Talking Tom. Let's hear what he got to say?

Talking Tom iPhone4 Featured |

Thanks to DiGi and Nuffnang for the 2 weeks++ iPhone4 review opportunity. If I spend more time with the iPhone, I am sure I will buy one for myself just because of its camera and applications. The graphics is always smooth and the simplicity of the phone will just make you love it =)

I just hope that they can let us do better next time. This will not only ease themselves but also enable bloggers to review the phone properly too.

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24 January 2011

超級星光大道Jess Lee李佳薇-"勇敢"的满分赢着"回家"

超級星光大道 李佳薇-勇敢

About 李佳薇 Jess Lee:

Jess Lee李佳薇 sang this song 张惠妹的“勇敢@Brave” in Taiwan Superstar Avenue 超級星光大道with full emotions and managed to grab everyone's including judges' heart.

勇敢@Brave helps her get full marks 30/30 points! Let's listen to the song below.

Jess Lee李佳薇-勇敢 (张惠妹) with invertiews and judge opinion

Jess Lee李佳薇-勇敢 (张惠妹) [song only]

Jess Lee's tears of joy after got her first 30 points full marks!


I like her attitude of appreciating everyone who giving comments to her singing talent, fans who support her and music teacher that help her get one step further to achieve her dream.

Do remember her name Jess Lee 李佳薇

“佳薇!! 你为马来西亚争光!! 加油!! 你的努力是我们有目共睹的!! ”

[Updates] Jess Lee Won Star Avenue 7 李佳薇赢得星光七第一名

Hooray! Congratz Jess Lee Jia Wei 李佳薇 for winning the singing competition 超級星光大道7 in Taiwan!

The scene of Jess Lee giving speech thanking all the people who involved in Superstar Avenue 7 超級星光大道7.

Superstar Avenue 超級星光大道7 is a dream stage for people who want to stand on it and sing for the audience.

Jess Lee has been scoring full points on both finals songs which created the record of 4 continuous reached 30 full points. This proved that Jess Lee really deserved the win.

Below is one of her final's song, "回家@ Go Home":

超級星光大道 李佳薇的 '回家'

超級星光大道 李佳薇 Listen

The announcement of winner in SuperStar Avenue 7 . Congrats Jess Lee 李佳薇 again for winning RM100,000 and recording deal with Warner Music Taiwan.

Let's see when will her nice album coming out soon!

Now there are 77,769 fans on Jess Lee's FB Fanpage. Let see how fast it will increase the number?

For more updates about Jess Lee 李佳薇, do visit links below:

Jess Lee李佳薇微博 :
Jess Lee李佳薇大陸後援會 :
Jess Lee李佳薇Facebook Fanpage:

Till then, peace! by Tao Zi 陶子 ;p

To anyone who are reading this, never ever give up and put more belief in yourself too. Only people who are truly working hard and continue his effort will be appreciate by the right people. It is not only limited to own country =) She even sang "Gemilang" during the contest, nice?

Between, have you noticed Jess Lee is a girl who appreciate every moment? She accept compliment, critics well when someone gave her advice. I am totally agree that only people who know how to appreciate others will be more successful than others who don't. What do you think?

Jess Lee did not success in own country Malaysia, but Taiwan instead. Therefore, instead of Malaysia Boleh, can I say....Malaysian Boleh? Noticed the difference?

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Volkswagen TSI & DSG Experience: The Golf & Scirocco

Harlo guys, my Volkswagen TSI & DSG Experience continues here. Last post I was talking about the driving experience of The Polo. Today I am gonna share about Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen Scirocco.

Above picture was taken when I was resting behind in Volkswagen Golf. The space is wider when compared with the Polo. Out of all three I personally like The Golf the most because not only it is more comfortable, the automatic speed up is very smooth too =) With just a soft press on the paddle, I can easily reach 140 km/h++. Usually when you driving that fast the car already emitting sound and vibrate but not for Golf. You still can enjoy the music in the car without all those annoying noise. If you ask me I will definitely pick Golf because I can fetch my parents comfortably.

As for The Scirocco, it is more suitable for couple who like small and faster pick up speed. Since it has only two door, it won't be suitable for my parents/grandparents to sneak into the car through the front door. Yes you need a flexible back like the young one =)

However, I quite like the design where you open the door there is no window frame around the window. Make it looks more classy and suite with a driver wearing a sunglasses. Not sure if you know the feel ;p

So all in all, choose The Polo if you don't need a very large car with good enough performance to drive safe & fast on the road. Get The Golf if you have many friends and family to enjoy the comfortable space. Get The Scirocco if you are the one who like to have racing feel especially the interior design.

Okay starting now I will share more about the photo I took during the Volkswagen trip:

Thanks to the tulips we reach the destination without much hassle =)

Don't you think Volkswagen New Beetle is cute? I will definitely get one if I have the money $.$

Arrived at Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort for lunch and that's Joshua Ong behind =)

The big gun photographer who has fluffy hair, hence I name him Mr. Fluffy
Should I go fluffy on my next haircut? ;p

Nice beach view around Hyatt Kuantan Resort. Too bad no time to hang out around as we need to go to next pit-stop after a short break. Or else, you will already see me climb on the rocks and rawr.

My moment captured by Mr Fluffy, the photographer

Introduce myself to Uncle Josh a.k.a. Jorge Lee, read his blog long long time ago but seems like he is busy with his photography works =)
Do drop by his Joshua.Lee - Facebook Photo page

There are tons of food to indulge but my stomach wasn't that big. How I wish I am a cow with four stomach~!

My intake. Broccoli is one of my favourite vegetable because of its nutrients

Took some scenery photo around the beach. "Ang-Mo" like the sun because they won't get dark easily.

Not sure how this place will looks like at night. But definitely can be an enjoyable place to stay.

This is the red & sexy Scirocco that we are having right after The Golf. It is really nice to have the Polo first, Golf second then adrenaline rush for Scirocco. Two exhaust pipe that can create "Broom-broom" sounds

Can you see Scirocco's curve through its side mirror?

Pass by palm oil tree estate while enjoy the view as a passenger ;p
Donald Cheah is driving fast and safe. Enjoyed the ride =D

Imagine all 15 VW cars including Polo, Golf and Scirocco drive in one line. Awesome view!

Scirocco also can easily pick up at 140km/h
Read more about Suannie's VW driving experience here, she can drive really fast =D

I am still curious with this, why are there so many flag on the lake? Is it a kind of territory sign?

It is usual to see Jawi's writing on the road sign as we are now in Kelantan~!

Tanjung Jara resort - A place for all of us to relax and enjoy the night with great dinner. Stay tuned for next post~! Happened to take lots of scenery at this place =)

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Danlel Wellington Watch Promotion

15% off on Daniel Wellington Watch