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Wonder Girls - "Be My Baby" Full MV & Photos

Wonder Girls 'Be My Baby' Full MV is now released!
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Are you fans of Wonder Girls? After so long they are back with new single and gonna say although it's MV is black in white the melody will surely catch your heart and you can learn their dance move too! Polka dots ++

Wonder Girls - Be my Baby

Wonder Girls - Be my Baby

Wonder Girls - Be my Baby

Wonder Girls - Be my Baby

Wonder Girls - Be my Baby

Another set of outfit for Wonder Girls
Police Woman?

Wonder Girls (원더걸스) - Be My Baby

This time Wonder Girls' 2nd Album Title Song is fast and kinda easy to learn the melody.
"Please be my baby, make me your lady!"

Just wonder if their MV will have another version instead of just monotone. Kinda miss their colourful MV. If you can choose one Wonder Girl to be your lady, who would you choose?

Between, WONDER WORLD album is now out on iTunes!

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