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Mnet Asian Music Awards MAMA 2011 @ Singapore [Sneak Peek]

Mnet Asian Music Awards MAMA 2011 @ Singapore Indoor Stadium
Hola, this is the view from my seats. I was complaining at first because seating at the side but feeling gratitude when I saw K-Pop Artist especially SNSD Girls Generation and 2NE1 sitting directly opposite of me. This is definitely a great first-time experience to witness so many K-Pop Artists in one same place. See them perform together and so real =D
Super Junior has the biggest fans base by listening to the crowd cheering for them. I've missed out the Red Carpet session because tons of K-Pop fans were earlier than me to queue up. Wonder what time they arrive at stadium~
Took tons of pictures and video snippets too. Not sure wanna upload those videos to YouTube or not because scared of account banning due to copyright issue.
Thanks Nuffnang and YourSingapore again for the MAMA Passes and shopping vouchers. Gonna go to shop tomorrow! Hope I can post more photos of MAMA soon! Gnight~
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Christmas Presents that TC Want + Singapore MAMA

In just few more weeks it is Christmas again! Have you visited any shopping mall with nice Christmas decoration being set up already? Above picture was taken at MidValley & Garden during Christmas 2010. It was a lucky day where I was able to see people stuffing the huge bears.

I mean BIG Bear like this! The bear was sitting on the Christmas present~
Now this year what do I wish to get for myself?

I hope this 3 mysterious Christmas Santa can make my wishes comes true.

Well, since I got that magical Santa hat that can fit my BIG cute head. I gonna be the Santa to get a present for myself.

Nikon Speedlight SB-900 Flash Gun that will cost me around RM1,400
I have a Nissin flashgun but it was broken and still in the workshop. Gotta need a better ones so that night shooting,wedding photos including your photos (if you are snapped by me la) would turn out nicer =)

My wish is to get an Ultrabook like ASUS Zenbook where I can bring along and traveling around. Just that the price is still consider…

Raleigh Introduction Weekend Camp Dec 2011

Is monotonous city life getting you down? Do you think that you have more to offer than just succumbing to routine? Do you want to let loose and Get Out There? Then be a part of Raleigh KL! Still not convinced? Then here are reasons why you should join our Introduction Weekend Camp Dec 2011! 1.Challenge your Limits,Go beyond your boundariesFirst, let me explain that one of the main objectives of Raleigh KL is youth development.( As Raleigh is a NGO with the goal of accomplishing that). And their main event is the 3-month/10-week expedition. Expeditions are currently made to 3 countries: Borneo Sabah (right here in Malaysia!!), India and Costa Rica/ Nicaragua. Now before you can head off to any expedition, you must participate in a 3-day Introduction Weekend which provides a sort of simulation to an actual expedition. So, by joining Raleigh KL, and ultimately going on an expedition, be prepared to push yourself further. Imagine wading through a river in “Leech Valley”, bearing extr…

AIM 18 Song of the Year Award Rectification w Yuna & Anuar Zain

AIM 18 Song of the Year Award Rectification

“Sedetik Lebih”, the song performed by Anuar Zain with the melody and lyrics composed by Edry Abdul Halim has been declared the winner for the ‘Song of the Year’ for the 18th edition of ‘Anugerah Industri Muzik’ (AIM) in place of the song “Penakut” which was performed and composed by Yuna.

The Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM)’s AIM 18 Organising Committee Co-Chairman, Rosmin Hashim informed that due to a misinterpretation of the awards criteria by Ernst & Young - the appointed external auditors for the AIM 18 judging process, the Song of the Year winner was incorrectly announced and awarded during the televised AIM 18 awards show on 12 November 2011 at Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

He added that remedial steps were taken by RIM immediately upon discovery of the unfortunate error and expressed RIM’s sincere gratitude to all the parties involved for being most gracious and cooperative in ensuring that the integrity of the…

Carp & Lotus @ Plaza Mont Kiara

Long time ago, I did a random photoshoot of my surrounding while I was waiting for my colleagues at Plaza Mont Kiara. It was early in the morning and sun rising up. Saw people rushing here and there to their office with their breakfast. Noticed a mom with her son near the pond.

Do you raise carp in your house? How much does it cost? I heard my uncle raise a lot of it but once the water got problem, all carps die and eventually he was crying inside his heart. Because the carps that he raise weren't that cheap at all.
PS: If you noticed some of my blog post's photos are not showing properly, it is because someone using one of my image on high traffic website like eBay. Still figuring out which image they were using that cause this problem. Sorry for the bad visual experience... I wish someone could help me with this...
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HaiLam Kopitiam @ Melaka Kota Laksamana + JX

Just back from a little gathering at HaiLam Kopitiam @ Melaka Kota Laksamana and I think the price of the drinks here is the same with HaiLam Kopitiam in KL. Just wonder if the rental will be the same or cheaper.

HaiLam Kopitiam is just like other cafe but with more colourful drinks that I never try before.

Here's my Pink drink - 'Dragon Fruit with Passion Fruit Drink'
It tasted just normal but cost RM7.50

Maybe I should open a shop that sell various kind of drinks like Chatime, GongCha, DongCha, SharedTea+++ and I will name it "Chad-time" instead #randomlikeaboss

I just need to make sure the drink is sweet but healthy enough and make sure people will get addicted with it after first try. Must have something chewy for people to bite. Still wondering why the pearls in the drinks are so chewy, did they use any conditioner/chemical to make those? I hope not.

A friend was doing some magic tricks

Here's a picture of my gathering with good buddies in Melaka. Talking a lo…

2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards MAMA @ Singapore

[Update: Thanks to Nuffnang and YourSingapore for a pair of passes to MAMA Awards!! I am heading there and catch some of my favourite K-Pop artist performing live for the first time! Appreciate for choosing me as one of the winner~]

Read more:
[Photos] Girls' Generation Bring the Boys Out @ MAMA 2011 Singapore

Asia's No.1 Music Festival, Mnet Asian Music Awards is coming to Singapore 2011!
Singapore Indoor Stadium
29 Nov 2011
Tue, 6pm

2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards represents the fast Growing Global Music Ceremony based on Korean pop culture that is advancing beyond Asia and paving the road to become a global trend. The award, featuring the Most Popular Artists around the World, will unite music and K-pop fans by combining live performances and award ceremonies with popular artists and their fans. Last year, 2010 MAMA, which was held in Cotai Arena at Venetian Macao, had 80 Artists participated in 15 extravagant performances with 30 presenters while 8 International artist…

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