28 September 2011

#MSS2011 after Singapore F1 Grand Prix Trip

Thanks to Proton Malaysia I had an awesome trip with Akiraceo to Singapore F1 Grand Prix. There are too much stuff for me to blog about now and I guess I will share after categorize them properly!! Besides thanks to my aunt and uncle for bringing us traveling around Singapore. Super duper appreciate them for it too.

Here's a post to acknowledge everyone that I am now in the running of My Selangor Story [MSS 2011] from 28th Sep to 2nd Oct. I might only able to blog after a week. So to make you guys happy here's a sneak peek of my trip of Singapore F1 Grand Prix.

Miss Universe Australia Scherri-Lee appear at Proton/LRGP Exhibition, Clarke Quay
Sweet lady but didn't manage to snap a group photo together =S

Went for a Garage Walk at the Pit zone where you can see how fast the pit crew change the tyres in just 4 seconds!! Thanks Anita for the VVVIP pass!!

Here's my awesome view of the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix - Bay Grandstand

The 360 Degree eagle view of Singapore city and race track from 1Altitude
Great party there~

One of my panning shot during the race. Thanks to Nikon 70-200mm Zoom lens =D
Super duper hot and loud there.

Not forgetting awesome concert by GD&Top, SEUNGRI

SeungRi is not taking off his pant
However that's what the girl wished for

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This time, XPLAY lives up the hype and brings you XPLAY Future Sound System. This is another XPLAY event that will be the talk of the town as it features one of the biggest name in the DJ-ing world – Paul Van Dyk.

Make sure your calendars and your appointment books are clear for this date:
Date: 22 Oct 2011
Time: 7pm – till late
Venue: Helipad, Sepang International Circuit.

Want FREE tickets to one of the biggest event in the partying scene? Visit XPLAY Future Sound System page now!!

27 September 2011

HTC ChaCha @ Singapore F1 Grand Prix

Thanks to the availability of prepaid mobile broadband in Singapore, I manage to get a cheap data plan easily and share my journey during Singapore F1 Grand Prix. SGD 10 for 3 Days validity plus 50MB data connectivity. Good enough? Thanks my buddy Derrick for the suggestion of getting it.

Early morning went to Sunway Pyramid to have my McD breakfast before taking Aeroline bus to Singapore. Everyone can has their own desired entertainment because you have your individual TV to play with.

Met up with Proton Malaysia's friendly crew and got my F1 VIP ticket for 3 consecutive days! This included the passes to GD&Top + SeungRi, Linkin Park concert. How great is that?! =D

The place is quite humid and crowded as well. But Singapore did it quite well in controlling the moving crowd. The F1 Racing car is emitting loud engine noise already!

Had a VIP Bay Grandstand view and immediately share this amazing view with my friends through HTC ChaCha. The night view of Singapore and the race track is really beautiful!! I shared a lot through HTC ChaCha and I guess my friend saw me update more frequent now just because of HTC ChaCha =)

The next day after the race, went to have MOS Burger and their Fish Burger is really awesome =) Not like McD's Fillet fish slice cut to half. Highly recommend you to try it~

The last drink I have before leaving Singapore - Gong Cha. I wish I have the money to open at least one branch in Malaysia selling Bubble Milk Tea or something sweet and people will surely crave for it.

I thought HTC ChaCha can only allow me to share FB status and photos, but what amazed me is how efficient HTC ChaCha is while sharing video to Facebook too.
Last few week received a secret project to give my friend a Facebook-Birthday-Video Bash. It was quite last minute so I just use HTC ChaCha to record a birthday wish to him and directly uploaded to Facebook. It is really easy when I want to share on Facebook with HTC ChaCha!! You can view my Instant Birthday Wish video here.

This is Miss Universe Australia Scherri-Lee who appeared at Proton/LRGP Exhibition @ Clarke Quay. Stay tuned at this space for my upcoming updates about Singapore F1 Grand Prix! Do you have HTC ChaCha too?

HTC ChaCha - FB Share Link Easily. It shine!
HTC ChaCha Make TC's Live FB Sharing Easier!
Quick Photo Sharing through HTC ChaCha!

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26 September 2011

Linkin Park Awesome @ Singapore F1 Grand Prix!!

All right just reach home after the great F1 race and awesome live concert by Linkin Park. A little sneak peak of the concert and gotta take a bath now!! Appreciate everyone that made this happen =)
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24 September 2011

GD&TOP + SEUNG RI @ Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2011

GD&TOP+SEUNG RI @ Singapore Grand Prix 2011

I gonna miss Korean Music Wave 2011 but because of Singapore F1 Grand Prix, me and the "mysterious blogger" manage to see GD&TOP and Seung Ri perform live just in time after Proton Exhibition at Clarke Quay.

Thanks everyone for everything!! Especilly Proton and Nuffnang =)

PS: Forgot to bring my Nikon D90 Battery charger wtf!! =.=" Gonna force myself to get a new one for good photos ahead. G'night!

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23 September 2011

New Proton Saga FLX for Youth Like Us!!

Did you go to the One Million Youth Gathering held last May? An event that Malaysian youth from all walks of life gathered at Putrajaya, participating in over 200 programmes and activities.

Answering the call for greater youth engagement was national carmaker, PROTON. The car maker received widespread attention over the three day event, as its lineup of cars reflected the youth’s demand for quality and value. Showcasing its current stable of cars along with its involvement in Formula 1 and rallying, guests to the PROTON tents were provided product and technical briefings, with CamPRO Engine technical briefings and assembly demonstrations. Attending youths expressed great appreciation for this effort to provide deeper product understanding, and were duly impressed by the carmaker’s commitment towards innovation.

I as my self would like to have a trustworthy car with good performance and also safety. This is because I would like to travel around Malaysia with my comfortable ride that can go for long journey AND save petrol! =)

The hip-hop dance performances entertained the crowd, as did the PROTON Lifestyle fashion show that had provided a colourful display of PROTON branded attire and merchandise. Participating youths were also invited to participate in a Bintang Misteri Twiter competition, with 6 lucky youths walking away with an iPad2 each. That's definitely what people want ever since iPad2 is out in the market.

It is common to see kids playing car racing game. Have you ever thought of playing this game with Datuk Lee Chong Wei?

World badminton champion Datuk Lee Chong Wei was on hand to engage and encourage visiting youths, who also had a chance to challenge on the PROTON Drive Simulator Challenge.

*The lady on his left look so serious although she was smiling haha*

Evora was there

Just recently the newly launched Saga FLX strikes a cord amongst today’s youth. Designed with their needs in mind, the Saga FLX’s Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) technology ensures that the car provides a smoother drive, resulting in reduced engine wear and tear.

Understanding the challenges of cost and the increasing standard of living, the car is affordably priced, guaranteeing as well increased fuel-efficiency besides eco-friendly emissions. Added features such as Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Dual SRS airbags are also in place to enhance the safety of the driver.

What's your dream car? I am sure there are many car models running in your mind now but I know that Proton Saga FLX can save you money with greater fuel efficiency with CVT.

The New Proton Saga FLX 1.3L that gets better

PROTON Holdings Berhad launched the new Proton Saga FLX 1.3L not long ago; a new model enhancement to its Proton Saga model, which provides consumers with greater savings on fuel consumption and smoother drive with the use of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) technology.

Now, with the new Saga FLX 1.3L, the best selling model got even better. Following PROTON’s earlier announcement in June declaring the successful development and integration of the CVT technology with its CamPro engine, the automatic variant of the new Saga FLX 1.3L utilizes the CVT, as opposed to the conventional Automatic Transmission (AT) gear.

Here are some photos of the new Saga FLX:
Proton Saga FLX Front View

Proton Saga FLX Rear View

Proton Saga FLX Side View

Trendy headlamps, Side Mirrors with LED Indicators, Classy Rear Combi Lights and Chic Interior Design.

The utilization of CVT technology has a far reaching impact to the consumer. Other than the fuel saving, the smoothness and reliability that CVT provides allows the engine to run at an optimum level, thus resulting in less engine fatigue and improving its long term durability.

The Proton Saga FLX 1.3L Executive variant comes with a list of added features, notably driver and passenger air-bags along with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD).

How bout the interior of Saga FLX?
I pay attention to both the exterior and the interior design of a car. I need comfortable cushion for both driver and passenger. It must be spacious and at least have a USB/CD Player.

It is good to know Proton Saga FLX have the Steering Audio Controls. I can just easily tune the music while driving my car. The design is modern for me =)

Audio Head Unit with USB, MP3 and AUX Port, Electronic Power Windows, a 5.3m turning radius that makes u-turns and parking a breeze. Your car door can now open wider too.

A 413-litre boot capacity that's enough for 60 footballs. Really good for road trip, traveling and also during moving to new house! =)

Proton Saga FLX does have spacious cabin and spacious boot capacity. You can place your stuff at the user-friendly compartments too.

Full specification of Proton Saga FLX
*Click to enlarge*

Proton Saga FLV Price List 2011

The Proton Saga FLX is available in a new colour - Elegant Brown, in addition to the existing options of Tranquility Black, Genetic Silver, Solid White and Blue Rock. It is priced between RM 38,598 and RM 44,998 and is now available for bookings and can be viewed at all Proton showrooms nationwide.

Here's some wallpapers for collection and dream car purpose:

Proton Saga FLX Wallpaper 1600 x 1200

The Proton Saga FLX is a car that delivers more than what we can expect. Most features in Proton Saga FLX are usually found in a luxury car, with good quality, efficiency and safety too. I am sure proton saga FLX suit youths like us =D

Log on to to book a test drive at the showroom and discover more on the latest Proton Saga FLX now!

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Hi Singapore F1 + Mysterious Blogger!

Still remember the first time when I was at Singapore's Helix Bridge it was raining heavily!! This explain the plain sky and shiny road.

Helix Bridge & Marina Bay Sand @ Singapore

Merlion was so pretty that day

Gonna get some "shower" from Merlion

Visit Clarke Quay for the Tricky Ice-Cream seller

Check out how's my coffee shop business doing
*pun intended*

And to find if the "Magic Bears Tree" is still there!!

Thanks to Nuffnang and Proton I am visiting Singapore again!
Well, I will definitely not missing Singapore F1 - 2011 Formula 1 Night Race
Guess who is going together with me to Singapore Grand Prix?? =D

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*broom broom*

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