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UTAR Little Gathering @ Pacific Coffee IOI Boulevard

My first time visit Pacific Coffee Company Puchong IOI Boulevard. The place has changed a lot especially after OverTime and The Library start having business there. It is even harder to find parking now.

Luckily the ambient is still very nice when you are inside Pacific Coffee Company.The loud music from The Library won't be able to penetrate through. Therefore it is still a good place to meet up with friends have chit-chat.

One thing not so good is they close the shop quite early, 11PM will be their last order and air conditioner will be switched off. That's the way they tell the customer to leave.

But still, nice to meet everyone today. HuiSan, PickSan, ChunJin, Nicole, BoonThiam and the boss YeeKai. The gathering is a lot happier with YeeKai's joke lol. Hope everyone keep on fighting for their dream~! Good to have you guys as friends =D

Time for me to sleep now as tomorrow will have another video shooting session early in the morning~! If you don't want to get stucked in the infamous LDP jam, you can either wake up as early as 6am or after 9am then only go to work.

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)