Nuffnang Glitterati Plus Badminton Day #gplusmy

Badminton, a familiar yet unfamiliar sport for me. My current skill is just you pass the shutter to me and I will try to pass it back. No striking or any skill that I learned on how to win a match. Maybe that's what happen to a nerdy guy like me? Tsk tsk

Nuffnang Glitterati Plus had a Badminton Day last Sunday @ New Vision Badminton Academy and I initially decided to go there just to take photo of them playing. In the end I need to play too because there were 3 courts available for us.

If can't find New Vision Badminton Academy on your GPS or MAP, find Jalan 13/1 on Blackberry's Google map. The academy is just behind Jaya 33.

Didn't know Tim and Nick will come. And didn't know they have talent in playing badminton too

So I start snapping photo when they started playing

Firdauz striking the shutter

There are so many kids training in the hall. Warm up is a must before exercise

Sha @ Teh Tarik Memoirs with his signature I-am-ready-pose

Running forward+backwards

Timothy's winning smile. I still remember he keep "hahaha hahaha" when play with Sha.

Nic try to catch the shutter

Tim's friend, Gin is a good badminton player too =)

When you have muscle cramp, this is something that you should let your friend to do.
Allow them to stretch your leg.
Let see when will Sha upload the video when he is free ;p

No group photo in my camera this time, so stay tune on Sha's blog =)

The sport that I like the most is swimming. Should we organize a water sport outing next time? Imagine all the bloggers wearing _________ and __________~ it will be a good "cuci mata" outing! ;p

More photos of Nuffnang Glitterati Plus Badminton Outing @ Facebook!

Update: Since Sha is not hesitate to upload his muscle cramp video, I will share it here!

The Teh Kaki DiTarik Moment
No he is not crying! Hope he is not sending someone to kill me for sharing ;p

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Elwyn~! said…
Great post~! Can I steal the photos from FB and also do a post for myself ? Hehehe. I really LOL when I read "It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die~". Really funny post~!
Allison said…
hahaha yes yes do a water sports outing.. me love water sports :)
Tian Chad said…
Yay you are the first supporter! =D
Tian Chad said…
Of course Elwyn =) Got watermark already ma ;p
Good that you enjoy reading it lol
Ahm2480 said…
i am so happy.. join this aktivity.. tq tian chad capture my foto.. hehehe.. i just want 2 copy my foto..hehehe
Tian Chad said…
Welcome =) I actually don't know how to pronounce your name, do you have an easier to remember name?

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