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Guess Where Were We?

Where did I go and do today? Let the story begin. There are kids who wake up "early" to go out with mom for lunch. Still dizzy I guess.

There are some who woke up earlier and stay healthy + active. We had some fun with just eye contact lol

Went to bookshop and saw some kids that are eager to learn
When I was young I would rather stay in the forest to find spider.

When you thought he was alone,

Actually he is not

By the way, there is a reason I name this fish Nicole

Sometimes you can't see the spark of life,

Until the sky turn dark

This is RedButtockz@Wern, she might look stunned

But never fail to have this look

Together = Happiness

AirAsia can just fly us to any place where we can relax
*Was trying to focus the boy and ends up have diff result*

Selected some photos and creatively randomly wrote a story to compile today's trip. If I can always travel around the world, snap some photos and share with everyone, without need to worry about monetary issue. That would be a heaven for us! =D

Looking forward for more travel trips and hope travel+photography could be part of my career~! Happy TGIF everyone~!

PS: If you are from KL, I guess it is easy to guess where were we, right? =D

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