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[Photo] Bird and Squirrel Like to Eat Papaya

It is a bird, a black bird, with red eye, can do black magic too!

Just kidding...Some people do believe black cat or black bird brings you bad luck. However, I don't really agree with it cos I didn't get caught by bird shit ;p

Spotted this bird when I just back home from an event I guess. She got a red eye with fully dark feather. Haven't heard her tweet before. Besides the bird I also spotted other animal as well. The place where I standing was like animal's paradise.

Spotted squirrel eating papaya. Previously it was eating by the black bird with red eye.

Here is a closer and brighter look after adjust the contrast, Can't use flash because it might frighten it.

The squirrel has sharp mouth and this is the moment he leaving the tree.

Last but not least, green leaves under the sun lights as my ending =)
Please comment? =D

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)