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Sending My Bestie to KLIA

Rewind back to April 19th A day after Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra Feel tired while wake up in the next morning Go to meet KokCian, my bestie @ TmnCahaya Went to Starbuck to get my very first "power-boost" The Dark Berry Mocha Frappuccino This is just the right time I need it :) I like berry, that's why I like it! Thanks for the treat :) Saw a Japanese Uncle sit besides us and sleeping while listen to the audio. He was suppose to watch the movie but end up doze there KokCian let me choose one of the bookmark he bought from Korea. It is nice!! Had a good chat with him at the Starbuck :) Later then, we go to meet KokCian's babe >> JeanHan They are the lovely couple since Form 4 til now~! LDR do works~ We went to have lunch at foodcourt nearby because we lack of time to go to better place A paparazzi of me XD Time to take more photo with friends that not usually see everyday! The pretty JeanHan And the funny JeanHan~ Poke her to smile brightly ;p Again a coup

SM3Y @ Sakae Sushi (KLCC)

This post should have posted up in March!! Accidentally skipped this post because I didn't name the picture folder correctly... But now it is up, sorry for WenJie and others waiting so long ^@^" In mid of March Me , WenJie , JiaLing , and Ah Wee meet up @ KLCC for lunch Walk around the cafeteria then decided to lay our butt at Sakae Sushi While waiting Four person had their green tea Saw the same foods rotating on the belt Nobody want it ha! Double picture~ First, ChiaLing 's appetizer arrived :) The "Shark Fin ++ Egg Toufu" Then , Wen Jie 's Chicken Katsu Don arrived ;p Must take a lot of picture as not much opportunity to meet up you all! ~ Then Ah Wee' s ______ Katsu Don also served *Anyone able to fill in the blank?* Here comes my C o l o u r f u l M a g u r o T a t a k i D o n Please forget about my stubborn hair looks Not forgetting JiaLing 's Gyu Don ! Ah Wee still look the same compared to SM3Y(2004) While as for me I did change a lot Som

"Impossible is nothing!" - I'm Mark's 马克杯

" 没有不可能 @ Impossible is nothing!! " At last he is coming out now :) I have received this "I'm Mark" Cup @ 马克杯 from friends back from Taiwan Initially asked Ru Fen 's help to buy for me but then it became my birthday present! :) Thanks a lot to my beloved friendS! This is the box layout The design of the cup is inspired from 杨丞琳's Adidas Advertisement This time it is Mark to be the cast The "Working Man @ 上班族" VS "Artist @ 艺人" "我的肝 @ My Liver" instead of "我的心 My heart" And "Anada" instead of "Adidas" Logo is similar but not the same So Anada won't be sued by Adidas la? ;p Do you like it? :) Yes, I like it very much~! "我的肝 激励我前往不可能" "My liver encouraged me to make it possible!" *Picture retrived from - * This is a nice Chinese blog, do pay a visit :)

Renderuous Steak Garden @ 相见欢西餐

I need to go back Puchong on the day after Valentine's Day So reluctant to do so... I took the Melaka-KL bus and go back together with Jia Ling Basically we were both tired and sleep all the way on the journey After arrived Pudu I took STAR to Station Taman Cahaya To get my car back which has been abandoned at Jean Han 's aunt house for few dayS ;p Luckily I still remember where i put my car and I called Jean Han where can we meet to do COD for my BIOMEDICS 55 It is actually a box of tinted contact lenses :) Which provides UV blocking!! (*Important for contact lens user!*) At last I managed to contact with Guo Jian as Jean Han was busy. (ops) I went to Jusco to meet him and we "lepak" at Starbuck for a long time Talking about what I am doing and what he is planning to do Thanks for the Starbuck treat :) Later on, we go to find Jean Ha n as it was almost her time to punch the card. I somehow become the "bulb" and went to Renderuous Steak Garden @ 相见欢西餐