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Our Melaka+Muar outing at Valentine's Eve

First, I would like to say I am still single if the title misleading you ;p (Eventhough this is my purpose, wakaka) Why am I so free as Valentine's Eve should be working day? Because I managed to get two days off from my supervisor. I told him that I want to meet my friends before they go back to Taiwan again. And he approved my leave application!! Isn't it wonderful?! Thanks again Kenny ;p Basically, my friends planned to eat "Bak Kut Teh" @ 肉骨茶 in the morning but I overslept Same thing happened today and I late for work... I wake up late that day because I waiting for my friends to call me as he is fetching me. Since he is not calling me, I will just lying on the bed. Then after it is 11 AM, I felt something wrong and sms-ed him. No answer, so I just called him and only know my DIGI's line not working that morning... But look at the brightside :) I have slept more because of DIGI's faulty ;p So, I enjoyed my meal at home and prepared to go DreamBox @

Back to Melaka before Valentine's Day

On 11th of Feb, I was going back to Melaka with my two pretty friends :) One is East beauty while another one is West's beauty ;p We only manage to reach Melaka @ 12 AM ++ midnight And go to the Sri Tasik Utama Mamak a.s.a.p. because we have friends waiting there~ Most of them are going back Taiwan soon. So this is the last gathering before I manage to see them next year, or next++ years. We chat we drink we joke we eat I still remember the "Pipette's Joke" that Jing Hong and Zhao Jing innovated ;p Which is something that Yong Kuan don't like. Without notice, we chat till it was going to be morning. So we went back and took a rest for the next day's event I wish all my fellow friends in Taiwan study hard !! And coming back next year kay? :)

Tian Chad's CNY Chu Si "初四" @ Dataran Pahlawan (Melaka)

The fourth day of CNY @ Chu Si (初四) Didn't go to visit relative or friend's house and just resting at home Dad ask if we want to hang out with him. Why not? We went to Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka Wandering around and stopped by a so called "Thai Wadee" Foot Massage Shop We picked the 30 minutes foot massage package First, your feet will be shampooed and washed before going to the massage hall This is to prevent the foot massage servant knock out by the smell of people with "Hong Kong"'s feet. Then, you will enjoy the foot massage for 30 minutes. You can ask them to press harder if you don't feel much pain. According to what my dad said, all the massage servants are Chinese and not using the Thai's Massage Technique. But still feel great after the massage :) My sis is so happy that they provide extra service beside massaging foot Which is the removal of old + hard foot skin Girls do really need this because wearing high heels will form thick

Tian Chad's CNY Chu San @ at The Jetty (Melaka)

After "SM3Y Amigo Gathering Event" end on 9 something We are having second round Now I got 2 place to choose Either the " Uncle John Cafe " or " THE JETTY " It is hard to make a decision because we are splitting into two groups At last, I have chosen ... THE JETTY Why? I have no idea...Just follow my six-sense It has been a long time I didn't visit THE JETTY Initially it is famous of the cheap K-Box Now it is famous of A r e n a , the lounge bar/pub/clubbing place It seems like all people from Pure Bar drooling to this place Everyone was queuing outside the entrance and B a l i C a f e Already full House when we were there I took a photo with W e n J i e while we deciding a second option :) One of our lovely SM3Y couple At last we decided to go to the cafe/bar passing through the K-Box The place there was full too but we managed to find a table :) W e n J i e and D a n n y posing for me naturally :) Taking Picture while we

Tian Chad's CNY Chu San @ Amigo (Melaka)

SM3Y + SM3R Family Group Photo!~ (Captured by Tai Khim) This is the continue of my CNY "Chu San" at Melaka This is another SM3Y gathering schedule on third day of CNY after the first gathering on CNY Eve @ TKL Venue: A migo @ Melaka Raya Time: 7.30 PM Should the art being inverted? There is a story behind the "福" word This is the only food photo as the cast today is SM3Y ;p It has been a year/years I haven't seen my classmates especially those studying at Taiwan. It is happy to see them there :) Below are some photos of those who attending the gathering Really appreciate those who dropped by that night ^@^ Please enjoy the picture flood ;p (@.@) expression captured! ;p We are actually having a pseudo-group photo session by moving from one table to another I wasn't in there as I was the the cameraman :( This is the disadvantage of bringing your own camer a what Session ended! Ren Xuan and Foo Sheng were "fighting&qu