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TC Recap: October 2009

What happened in October 2009? I have dyed my hair for the first time and most are good comments from friends. Blogged about my "Save Our Seahorse Trip" which happened long long time ago in April. You can see the whole SOS series at the sidebar. It is good to see Men's Uno Malaysi a start organizing Model Competition for all Malaysian to join. We can see that all 12 finalist are selected t by passes through tough challenges. Which ends up a nice final event that I've attended. Wrote a post about Krrunch time with Pringles . All thanks to my friends helping on it =D My first time dyed my hair to brown color Do I looks like Bad Boy since then? Back to April's SOS trip, we need to cross the river to go to the mangrove Getting through the mangrove area with lots of challenges and at last reach the border between Malaysia and Singapore This is a broken Dugong's Skull which met death hit by boat's motor Thanks to my friend especially YengYeng and LiErn for

TC Recap: September 2009

Summary of September 2009 is here, I only choose some posts to share because I wanna make it short. This month as usual, attend more events and watched one of my favourite movie - The Ugly Truth . Yes I met Marion Caunter this month ;p Met Marion Caunter and JoeyG @ Heineken Champions League Party RedKen HairShow @ Heineken Champions League Party A lot of super-duper unique hairstyle Met bloggers too KY , Audrey , Tey Cindy Meet Project Alpha Season 1 Malaysia Bloggers @ Adidas RoadShow Mid Valley Attended P1 special 15Malaysia Screening @ GreenPacket Took pict with HoYuHang =) As requested, the "so po" lady standing beside is Nicole *wakaka* The Ugly Truth Screening by SONY Picture Part of the bloggers who have dinner together =) Blogged about the launch of DiGi Music Saw All-American Rejects Concert Tiger T Music Festival where lots of music artist dropped by Some from Taiwan, HongKong, Thailand +++ Short circuit and fire occured in the middle of the concert

TC Recap: August 2009

August 2009 is the month where I start guest blogging at LG Blog Malaysia .That's why I have lesser blog posts since then and hoping readers will drop by there to read what I share. Seriously, I share different thing at LG Blog and do go there pay a visit~! =) During this month I have won an iTouch [by luck] and attended more events than movie screenings. Due to body+mind+soul over exhausted I still have lots of event[with lots of pretty ladies] haven't blog about it, probably starting from next month I will able to clear all the due posts~! First time went to Envie Club for Bloggers event [No detailed post yet] Won lucky prize [iPod Touch] from Hyundai . Thx Xeroz and friends for redeem it for me! Dig It All Music Even t which haven't blog about. I like Dirty Vegas Some performance by the Most Wanted Ruumate Finalist FHM 100 Most Wanted Woman [Haven't blog about it] Rachel Beh -One of the winner for Ruumz Most Wanted Ruumate contest [MWR] Derek Yap as the male M

TC Recap: July 2009

Hello all, I wonder if you guys still remember I was doing a recap for year 2009. I have almost forgot about it if no one remind me =S. So here it is recap for July 2009! Watch a lot of free movies and kinda colourful life I had during this month. Went to the #1 Pipit Wonderful Market which display Malaysian Artist's Handmade PS: Tons of artsy stuff and pictures~! Don't Miss it! I was there to help my little BIG Eye sister - DearBear3 BioCareer Fair 2009 which somehow ends up as Utarian meet up spot =D On the same day, me and friends went to "A Night In Rome" Seriously I wasn't there for Marion Caunter ;p When there are new stream of Facebook quiz, this one is the most funny one. I can get 50-50 on gender. Equally metrosexual wei. Joined "Which Hyundai R U?" contest and couldn't win the travel trip for friends But ends up won a lucky prize [iTouch] =D Met Nadia and Hunny Madu for the first time @ Shout! Awards RoadShow and also Natasha, Capri