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TC Recap: June 2009

Let see, June of 2009is a month of me having some contest, lucky to get the rewards, attend few more events [ruumz and Nuffnang], visited new night clubs [Sanctuary, The Loft Upstair, HQNine]. Definitely a happening and fruitful month! Most Wanted Ruumates @ GreenPacket RoofTop The moment I meet most of the contestant =) Went to Henessy Artistry @ The Loft Upstair and first met with Caprice and Amirah Picture with Caprice and Starz Angel . For more picture Click HERE Participated in Nuffnang KFC Flavaroast Contest with Nicole , Xeroz and Ange Which eventually become our first time won cash prize with great team works =) Thank you guys for the votes! Went to Nuffnang Tiger Stand Out Party . Yes I brought my tiger along which made by my sister-DearBear3 =D And had a panty hose fight with KennySia. I still remember the greasy feel =.= Have little gathering with UTAR friends at Boston Mont Kiara Check out their decoration and ambient. Click HERE Used my creativity and patient to

TC Recap: May 2009

Paiseh, I am slow at doing recap post, January 2010 going to end soon but now only I recap May 2009. Feel like giving up but once I started this I ought to finish it too. My grandma always say "做事要有头有尾" , agree? Remember, click at the description link when you are interested at that particular post =) PC Fair in April 2009 have more belle compared to recent PC Fair Met Angella from ruumz booth in PC Fair Also the leng lui Tzia Had little outing with secondary school's friends @ Sakei Sushi KLCC [WenJie, JiaLing and Ah Wee] Made a video for Chipster Superstar Contest and won an iPod Nano - Thanks Ellie , Eugene , and Shaz Click here to watch the video. [PS: I am still selling the iPod Nano, anyone intereted?] Managed to watch Coming Soon with pretty sister even though lost our movie ticket TC Poser @ Dragon-i Attended Nicole's Birthday with bunch of girls PS: All are my coursemate, so choose Biotech if you want to know more girls ;p UTAR Biotech '08 very

TC Recap: April 2009

If you guys haven't know yet, the description under the photo is also link that bring you to the respective post. So do click on the title that might had attracted you =) April is the month where I first met Marion Caunter @ Earth Hour 2009 And it was my last met with Yasmin Ahmad too @ Earth Hour Went to Mid Valley for DCIM Velocity Angel Contest , saw Amber Chia Eva - One of the Velocity angel The Velocity Angels with Cheongsam Velocity Angel in elegant dress , guess who is the winner? Nuffnang Music Bash Grand Event @ Maison Hsiao Fan made me on FHM Magazine My first and last Silva Method Seminar Maybank online fraud which is still going on, becareful guys! NewYork NewYork Deli @ One Utama See the real person David Archuletta perform @ Sunway KLCC PC Fair @ April 2009 Hope my recap post will revive a few of these link on my blog =D