7 Things I've Learnt from British Council English Class

How to take good selfie with Petronas Twin Towers
Hello Kuala Lumpur!!

Harlo guys!! It's been months I went to British Council for my English Class and I would like to share my experience here. Basically, British Council is not only a good place to learn English, it is also a place to make new friends from all around the world too. I've met friends from Iraq, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan and many more friends from different working field. That's where I increase my culture knowledge through their personal sharing too, thansk to friends from Iraq! Later I am gonna share some tips with you too.
Ever since I start taking English Class at British Council, I've visit Kuala Lumpur City more often especially PETRONAS Twin Towers. Instead of waiting for the class to start, I will always drop by KLCC to take some photos and to improve my photography skill. That's why you can see more photos of KLCC recently on my blog haha.

Her name is Asia and she is happy to be in Asia, Kuala Lumpur!

Like recently I've bumped into a backpack traveler when I was shooting the sunny scenery of KLCC. She asked if I can take a photo of her using her compact cam. Since my #TCFisheye can make it looks better, I volunteered to help her take some photos and send to her later. After that we chat for a while like asking where does she stay in KL and where she heading to after this. I am glad she love this photo and now I made a friend from Poland! I gotta say that I've become more confident in communicate with stranger after taking class in British Council because you are basically doing what you've practiced in the English Class.

Many real-life topic for you to choose from in British Council's myClass

In British Council's English Class, you basically learn how to use everyday English with real-life topics and practical language tasks. I like to travel around the world (who don't like?!) and I think "Let's go on holiday!" will fit my needs as it demonstrate on how we can tell stories about our holiday or even learn how to make a complaint/request for a refund for a nightmare holiday. It was fun teaching by Teacher Sam Poole =) My another favourite teacher is Harpeet Kaur because she always maximize the time for us to learn as much as we can during the 1 and a half hour class.

"Engaging in meaningful conversation" - British Council
Here's one of the classes I've been to. I've learned more on how to engage in a more meaningful conversation instead of just saying "Today weather is hot, isn't it?". Because with that question you will just get an answer "Yes/No" and everything stopped there. I found that another advantage of taking this class is of course guy will learn a better pick-up line when they meet someone they fancy hahaha!

I've forgot to take photo during my English Class because you gotta pay full attention in interacting with others. But here's a video that really sum up what happen in my class. Just that my class is at night and their class is during day time instead.

Adult Learners - Full-time courses at British Council Malaysia

Basically these are what you going to learn if you are taking British Council's myClass. The time is flexible as you can always choose which class to go for. Other than that, you have free online exercise to do as well.

Here's one of the class room I always hang out at

A selfie with my favourite teacher Harpreet Kaur
My assessment result 

Every 10th lesson you took, the teacher will formally assess your progress through a speaking task in class and upload your grades to the website for you to log-on and check. After every 20 lessons you can book a session with a counsellor who will give you one-to-one guidance on your progress so far and what you can do to improve. At the end of 90 hours of study you will receive a certificate.

7 Things I've Learnt from British Council English Class:

  • More confident in speaking and listening. Not afraid of starting conversation with strangers
  • Learn how to speak more fluently and calm in real-life situation. No point rushing words without people understand what you are trying to say
  • Pay attention when people are talking to you. This shows respect to them and yourself as people are more willing to listen to you too.
  • Practice makes perfect. The more you speak the more fluent you can speak. Just don't be afraid of saying something wrong in class as the teacher and friend will assist you
  • Learned essentials words and phrases to say what you want in common real-life conversation
  • Better pronunciation to help you speak more naturally
  • Make new friends!!

I gotta say I might not improve much on grammar knowledge (since I didn't manage to attend their FREE Grammar Clinic class yet) but I definitely learned many new and common english terms that we use during a conversation. Most importantly, I am more confident in starting a conversation with stranger and it is always fun to make new friends from all around the world!! If you want to improve your English in a fun way, do consider British Council!! For more, visit www.britishcouncil.my/myclass-english or www.britishcouncil.my/english/part-time-course

PS: Parking in KL is not cheap but there is a special parking rate for British Council students. If you drive to British Council, just head over the open-air parking right beside Wisma Selangor Dredging and mention you are there for Briting Council's English class. You will only need to pay RM4 for the parking.

Last but not least, here are some photos taken during my visit to KLCC. Enjoy!! 

PETRONAS Twin Towers and Fountain Symphony
Always love sun-flares shining through KLCC.

PETRONAS Twin Towers with rainbowish fountain symphony at night

#TCSelfie with PETRONAS Kuala Lumpur and Suria KLCC. I love it!!
Maybe I should share tips on how to take good selfie with friends and beautiful scenery in next blog post?? Only if you guys ask for it ;p

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