[Giveaway] 《狮神决战之终极一战》 THE LION MEN : Ultimate Showdown @ GSC Mid Valley [10 July 2014]

《狮神决战之终极一战》 THE LION MEN : Ultimate Showdown
THE LION MEN : Ultimate Showdown

Date : 10 July 2014 (Thursday)
Time : 9.30PM
Venue : GSC Mid Valley

Harlo guys, if you are fans of The Lion Men here's a good news for you. Courtesy of MM2 Entertainment, TianChad.com is giving out 5 pairs of movie tickets to be the first few lucky fans watch The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown together with the casts and director.

*Cast attendance: Jack Neo, Chen Tian Wen, Tosh , WeiLiang, Eva Chen, Maxi, Bunz.

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The Lion Men 2 - Malaysia Official Trailer

因《新兵正传》系列人气爆涨的Ah Boys原班人马,今年初连同恩师梁智强,强攻新加坡贺岁电影档,推出以舞狮为主题的动作片《狮神决战》。片商砸重金制作上下两集,第一部《狮神决战》1月新加坡上映,放映首4天就创下119万元的票房佳绩,登上贺岁片票房榜的冠军宝座。随后2月于马来西亚上映亦获得不俗成绩。而即将在7月17日上映的《狮神决战之终极一战》延续第一部的故事,讲述Mikey(王伟良饰)和Babyface(林俊良饰)在舞狮创意比赛后,与狮神(张智杨饰)所产生的磨擦。而狮神发现Mikey对小雨(程砚秋)怀有爱慕之情,不禁对他产生敌意。兄弟情与爱情,两团成员比赛最后谁能登上冠军宝座...敬请期待! 

《狮神决战之终极一战》 THE LION MEN : Ultimate Showdown
Gala Premiere @ Genting Highlands
You can try your luck to win tickets to The Lion Men 2 Gala Premiere at Genting Highland too. But I am giving out tickets to you who wanna watch it one day earlier together with your favourite cast and director yo!! So join now!!

Earlier this year, Jack Neo launched a lion dance theme action movie in Singapore during Chinese New Year “The Lion Men”. In collaboration with the original cast of the highly successful “Ah Boys To Men”.
The Lion Men are back on the silver screen, for the conclusion of Jack Neo’s two-part lion dance-themed project. The first part of The Lion Men opened in January and made $1.19million on four days release in Singapore aboard the top spot of the Chinese New Year movie blockbuster. In February, the movie was released in Malaysia and have achieved very good box office too.
“The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown” releasing on 17th July picks up where the first movie left off, which is right after Mikey (Wang Weiliang)’s and Babyface (Maxi Lim)’s superb performance in the first round of the competition. Shi Shen (Tosh Zhang) becomes jealous of Mikey, especially after he discovered Mikey’s feelings towards Xiao Yu (Eva Cheng). It makes Shi Shen more determined to beat Mikey at the championship. Brotherhood or love, who will be the champion? Stay tuned!

[Giveaway] 《狮神决战之终极一战》 THE LION MEN : Ultimate Showdown @ GSC Mid Valley [10 July 2014]
[Giveaway] 《狮神决战之终极一战》 THE LION MEN : Ultimate Showdown @ GSC Mid Valley [10 July 2014]

[Giveaway] 《狮神决战之终极一战》 THE LION MEN : Ultimate Showdown @ GSC Mid Valley [10 July 2014]
Date : 10 July 2014 (Thursday)
Time : 9.30PM
Venue : GSC Mid Valley

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