My Nikon D800 in Nikon Service Centre now...

Emo blue
Traveling to Macau was pretty good until something happened to my camera... My camera mirror suddenly can't flip up itself and all the image has become as below... Immediately my trip become so blue...
Internal mirror can't flip up it self
I was doing timelapse video of the morning scenery outside my hotel room. The sun was rising hence the cityscape will definitely looks good in a timelapse. Unfortunately my camera has this error at the wrong time... I was really sad because we were planning to go to Macau Tower but it broken before I manage to make it to the tower. Sigh... It is like your 'wife' suddenly being taken away yo... *I guess only photographer understand this feeling*

Looking back... actually it is time to service my camera too... I've been using my camera a lot and it went through a lot of adventures with me already. Just look at all the scars it got.  Luckily D800 has a good built which can resist all these scratches.

Scar and scratches on my Nikon D800
If you ask me why I never taking care of my camera, you could be right. But since I know what my camera are capable of and those scratches are actually well sacrificed for great images. There has been times where I missed out precious moments because I wasn't fast enough to take out my camera from the bag. So instead of carrying it out gently from the bag, I tends to pull it out as fast as I can so that I won't miss out any moments.

My Nikon D800 rubber grip loosen too

It is actually normal when you notice your rubber grip become loosen and start to fall off from your camera. Just remember to service your camera when you got spare time shooting nothing. As for me, I was forced to service my camera immediately since it can't work properly anymore.

Yesterday sent my camera to the Nikon Service Center in Menara PKNS, PJ and Paul, the guy who warmly greeted us said we can only get back the camera after Hari Raya. That's when I feel even more down because I will be camera-less these few weeks.

Looking at the brightside, my Nikon D800 didn't become faulty on the first day I went to Macau. At least I have manage to capture 2 days memories in Macau and my girlfriend still have the compact camera Sony RX100 with her. And at home  I still have my Nikon D90 with me.

So yeah, life isn't perfect but that's what makes your life interesting and appreciate good thing even more. I hope that it won't take too long for Nikon Malaysia to repair my D800. On a side note, the photo that I captured for friend in Penang has won a competition for her. Here's the picture:

If you want your family and love moment being captured beautifully, just buzz me or send me an email and wait till my camera come out from the hospital yo. Till then, hopefully the repair fees won't be expensive!! Photography aint cheap hobby loo.

Yet I still love it 

Grand Lisboa @ Macau

Stay tune for my photo post about the colourful city of Macau. I definitely love shooting the cityscape and hotel interior in Macau. Be more patient and pray for my D800 ya!! Thanks =') 

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