When Touch 'n Go SmartTAG beep 3 times...

I was charged RM45++  on my Touch 'n Go although I should just pay RM3.10 only ...

I still remember the first time I get this Touch n' Go card since I start working in Puchong and LDP has become my usual must-pass-route to Sunway Pyramid/1 Utama Shopping Mall. Later then I got myself a SmartTAG when I was in Genting Highland for Doraemon showcase as they were selling it at promo price RM110 instead of RM120. That's where I did my customized Touch 'n Go card with my favourite photo too.

The main reason I got myself a Touch 'n Go card AND SmartTAG is to save my time travelling especially when I am in town which full of Toll stations. If you haven't know, fifteen national highways, the bulk of them in and around the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, are to increase their toll rates from 50 sen to as high as RM2 from Jan 1, 2014. This is a very bad news especially for us who living in the city.

Maybe this is what the real BN's "Janji ditepati" mean - (B)arang (N)aik/ (B)ad (N)ews

1. What is SmartTAG?
It is the acronym for “Sistem Membayar Automatik Rangkaian Tol”. It is a vehicle on-board unit that works in combination with the Touch ‘n Go card and enables user to pay toll with drive-through convenience. 
It is a battery-operated electronic device that receives and transmits the information between the Touch ‘n Go card and the tolling system at toll plaza using infrared as its communication medium. 

2. What is the price of a unit of SmartTAG?
The SmartTAG will be sold at RM120 per unit without Touch ‘n Go card.

3. Where can I purchase the SmartTAG?

It is available from all our hubs at KL Sentral, Bangsar South and Wisma Nufri, Johor Bahru. Alternatively, customers can also purchase SmartTAG at "Kaunter Khidmat Pelanggan Touch 'n Go" at selected PETRONAS stations and all Customer Service Centre along highways.

5. What are the benefits of using SmartTAG?
Eco friendly - The use of infrared is safer to our health as compared to microwave technology. It also does not cause interference to the communication frequency.
Fast Transaction Time – vehicles using SmartTAG lanes doubles the speed of normal Touch ‘n Go lanes.
Value for money – time is money. Customers can breeze through the toll plaza without having to wait in queue. There is also less wear and tear on your vehicle’s tyres, brakes and power window.
Flexibility – Customers can enter using SmartTAG lane and later exits using Touch ‘n Go lane and vice versa.

I guess everybody know what it means when SmartTAG beep once right? It means your transaction has been detected and done; If your SmartTAG beep several times (more than 3 times) continuously it means your battery is week and you should change the battery as soon as possible before you get stuck at the toll station and honk by the car behind you.

So what does it means when your SmartTAG beep exactly THREE times?
It means you are entering through a toll station that will give you ticket that measure your travel distance and charge you accordingly. So if your SmartTAG beep THREE times it means the toll station didn't manage to detect your SmartTAG/Touch 'n Go Card'. So what you should do is to let the device to scan your Touch 'n Go card again or else when you exit at the next toll station, you will be charged the MAXIMUM amount of travel distance no matter where you from.

This was what happened to me today, I droved pass a toll station at the SmartTAG and my SmartTAG beeped 3 times. I was wondering if my battery was low but it shown that my battery level is still high (Your SmartTAG will show H1/H2 which means battery level still good; if show L1 it means you should change your battery already). So I thought maybe I should reload my Touch 'n Go since left RM5++ only. 

I reloaded RM100 into my Touch 'n Go card before I exit at the next toll station and guess what? The toll decided to charge me bloody RM45++ since they stated that I don't have a 'Drive-in' record that show where I came from. It could be from Penang/Johor or somewhere further. That's the moment I shouted "F*ck F8ck Duck!!" for losing RM45 just because the SmartTAG cannot be detected during my entrance through the toll.

So yeah, if you wonder why your SmartTAG beep 3 times, make sure to reload your Touch 'n Go card and get ready to be charged tremendously during your exit.

PS: Come to think of it, I think the toll station that I droved by did not have a barrier at the SmartTAG route when I drove by. You are naughty Toll Malaysia!!

Epic way to win watermelon eating contest! #Maxis4GBloggersBlaze 

If there is a piece of watermelon in front of me now, I am gonna smack it like what #RebeccaRocks did. There goes my RM45!! T.T

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