Samsung GALAXY Gear Review & Price in Malaysia #TCReview

Samsung GALAXY Gear
Since the first time I heard about Samsung GALAXY Gear I was curious on how useful it would be to be part of my daily life together with a smartphone like Samsung GALAXY Note 3. Let's check out how does a Samsung GALAXY Gear looks like would ya??

Samsung GALAXY Gear basically is a smartwatch that can do more than a typical watch can do. Other than showing you time and weather at place you are located at, it also allows you to make or answer call directly through the smartwatch. Honestly, I still can't accept myself to answer call through the watch as it makes me feel weird talking to a watch while everybody around you can hear what you say through the speaker embedded to it. Unless you wanna show off that you can do something that James Bond 007 can hahaha

Samsung GALAXY Gear 1.9 MP Camera
Samsung GALAXY Gear has a smart 1.9 MP Camera
There is a 1.9 Mega Pixel camera embedded at the watch strap. I am quiet amazed with the photo quality that the camera can produce. Photo looks good enough even under low lights. This camera can also record a 15 seconds length of video as well.  Some of you may ask if this watch will invade privacy as it somehow looks like a spy watch because of its camera capability. To prevent that happen, Samsung actually limit the setting where whenever you press the shutter on the camere (through touchig the screen), a non-mutable shutter sound will come out from the speaker. So supposingly you can't secretly taking other people's photo in the LRT without catching any attention.

However you can hack this default setting easily and start snapping photos sneakily by covering the speaker using your finger. Therefore it is inevitable in future that this kind of smart watch will invade somebody's privacy. Unless Samsung come up with something better to resolve this issue.
Samsung GALAXY Gear  watch lock
I didn't get used to the Samsung GALAXY Gear watch lock at first as it give me a feeling that it is not that secure. However after using it for so long, the watch lock didn't loose and nicely locked on your wrist.

Samsung GALAXY Gear Speaker at the watch lock area
Samsung GALAXY Gear's Speaker on Watch Lock
The speaker is located near the watch lock area and I personally think it is not placed at an ideal place as I will need to redirect the sound by turning my wrist/the watch so that I can hear people talking clearly. Hopefully the speaker can be placed somewhere near the watch strap in future edition of Samsung GALAXY Gear.

Samsung GALAXY Gear Charger and also NFC identifier to synchronize the smartwatch with your smartphone

Charging port at the back of the Samsung GALAY Gear
Do not lost your Samsung GALAY Gear Charger 
This little capsule-like Samsung GALAXY Gear charger need to be keep properly as it function as the linking device between your smart watch and suitable smartphone. Instead of limiting it to Samsung GALAXY Note 3 only, the Samsung GALAXY Gear is now able to synchronize with more Samsung Smartphone (Eg. Samsung GALAXY S3). Therefore if you don't need an S Pen (in Note 3), just buy Samsung GALAXY S4 or link it with your Samsung GALAXY S3.

Charging ports behind Samsung GALAXY Gear
Samsung GALAXY Gear Battery Life
After using it for quite some time, I usually need to charge this smartphone every 1-3 days. If you only use it as a simple watch that display time without synchronize with your smartphone, it can last very long; To make fully use of Samsung Gear, you shall link it to your smartphone through Bluetooth as it can automatically show you notification of new message/social media update or use to answer call without need to pick up the phone inside your pocket; If you are heavy user who using the Pedometer (a fitness app) and also the Camera frequently, you will need to charge your smart watch  quite frequently as the battery capacity is only 315 mAh. Just imagine this watch has 1/10 of your smartphone's battery capacity.

If you don't mind charging your Samsung GALAXY Gear every 1-2 days. You can get use to it very fast while enjoy the new technology lifestyle. Answer your phone like James Bond and looks cool with it haha

Samsung GALAXY Gear - Can make calls, tkae photos, weather monitor, S Voice, Pedometer, Voice recording and many more
Samsung GALAXY Gear can do more than just reporting time
Samsung GALAXY Gear is a smart watch that allows you not only to know the time, it also allow you to take photo/video and answer calls as well. Other than that, you can use the S Voice  and play music through your watch as well. You can personalize your Samsung Gear by install some compatible application like LINE, Twitter and some other fitness apps that can make your watch even more powerful and capable to do more things.

Samsung GALAXY Gear - Retail Price in Malaysia is RM999

Conclusion after using Samsung GALAXY Gear for a month++
Samsung GALAXY Gear no doubt is something new in this gadget world by allowing you to do more than just checking out the time. The good thing about Samsung GALAXY gear is that you can surprise and even amaze your friend on what your smart watch can do. Take a picture/video using the watch and track how many steps you walk today. Basically, it is a new gadget for you to show off to your friend and make them say, "Wow what a nice watch!!" or "Wow this is dangerous as it can be a spy cam!!"

There are several things that can be improved in this Samsung GALAXY Gear smart watch. Solely water-splash-proof is not sufficient for me as I am an outdoor person and I worry that water/sweat might damage the gadget; Other than that, if you start using this smart watch, you must get use to charge it within 1-3 days just like you charge your smartphone everyday. I hope in future charging smart watch can be as easy as placing on top of a wireless charger. Let's hope the next version of Samsung GALAXY Gear smart watch can have these improvement included to make it more attractive!!

The Samsung GALAXY Gear is currently available at all Samsung retail store at RM999. You may get it for FREE as part of the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 bundle set from certain telco in Malaysia.

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