Maxis 4G Bloggers Blaze Amazing Race with #TeamShark!! #Maxis4GBLoggersBlaze

Epic way to win watermelon eating contest! #Maxis4GBloggersBlaze 

Morning registration for Maxis 4G Bloggers Blaze
It was a very early morning for me as I was rushing from Melaka all the way to The Curve for Maxis 4G Bloggers Blaze. I was late and my cute team member +Chee Ching even tweeted asking where am I hahaha. Sorry for being late guys as I wasn't in Maxis 4G blazing speeds ;p

Vernon, Chee Ching, me and Daphne formed #TeamShark
I was assigned to #TeamShark together with macho sunny Vernon, cute comic artist CheeChing and pretty singer Daphne. We have a very fierce team name but actually we all cute and kind heart hahaha.

Team briefing before amazing race start
Each team was form by 4 blogger members and given a smartphone which pre- installed with Maxis 4G SIM Card. I played with the phone and gotta say it load really fast when I watch video through YouTube. We were allowed to use only the given smartphone to complete all task.

QR Codes stickers on all the green and white balloons
1. QR Code Can to get your vehicle
Our first task was really easy, all we need to do was to download "QR Code Reader" onto our smartphone, scan and find the hidden QR Code on the balloons that leads us to the next destination. After just third try, our member Daphne manage to find the right QR Code!! I still remember she was shouting and running with joy and dragged out some other balloons haha.

Yay to #TeamShark for being the first one to find the right balloon!!
It was a good start as we #TeamShark was the first one to find the right balloon and redeemed the car to travel to our next challenge station!! Thanks Vernon for driving and we used 'Waze' Navigation apps for the fastest route to Sunway Lagoon for the next challenge!! Thanks to MAXIS 4G fast network we found the route and direction in swift speed =D

Selfie with all the team members while on our way to Sunway Lagoon!
The journey to Sunway Lagoon was smooth as 'Waze' taught us the fastest way to reach there. We avoided some traffic jam and skipped an accident area all thanks to the quick traffic reporting using 'Waze'. Thanks to Maxis 4G blazing speed too so that Waze always update with the latest traffic info.

Trying to get the shortest time on 'Drag Racing'  Mobile Apps

2. 'Drag Racing' @ Sunway Lagoon
We reached Sunway Lagoon within an hour and our next challenge was to download 'Drag Racing' game onto the smartphone and have a virtual race to get to the finish line in shortest time. We downloaded the 25MB mobile game within just 30 seconds and I gotta say Maxis 4G is really really fast =)

Unfortunately, we were too rush until we forgot to upgrade our racing car to get better racing score. I guess that's when we lose some point.

Running all the way down through the escalator
#TeamShark was in great spirits running all the way to the next challenge 'Go Kart'. We said  tons of "Excuse Me" all the way down there to cut the queue and trying to reach there asap.

Selfie with CheeChing while running to 'Go Kart' Racing zone

#TeamShark getting ready for Go Kart session
3. Go Kart @ Sunway Lagoon
In this challenge, we need to capture a few photos of us racing with the go kart and upload to Google+ before the game coordinator give us a pass sign. We split to two groups and take turn to race on Go Kart. It was fun to race with it but I guess I was too worry about overturn while speeding all the way from the starting line. Hopefully I can race better next time =D

Me and CheeChing on the race track - captured by Vernon =D
After completed it, we then run back all the way up to collect our next challenge. It was really tiring especially when we need to 'climb' all the escalators. This explain why my legs are sore now...

MadMonkeyz Indoor Bouldering Gym | Maxis 4G Bloggers Blaze

4. MadMonkeyz Indoor Bouldering Gym @ Wangsa Maju
Our next station is to do bouldering at MadMonkeyz which located at Wangsa Maju. I guess the reason why Maxis choose these locations (Sunway Lagoon, The Curve, Wangsa Maju) is because these are some of the areas installed with Maxis 4G coverage??

We need to record a video up to 45 seconds of team member doing bouldering challenge to get the flags and put it back later. Then we need to upload it to Google+. At first we almost fail the challenge as I first took only photos of team members climbing the wall. Luckily I manage to record it before they complete the challenge hehe.

My turn to put back the Maxis 4G Flag *check that ass* LOL
I still remember Daphne almost give up on this challenge when she heard we need to do bouldering. She show us her hands and said, "You see my skinny limbs, how to climb?!".  But amazingly, our team manage to complete this challenge in quite a short time and it was really funny when I saw CheeChing doing her best swinging from one side to another side of the wall. Just imagine CheeChing formed the word "大" between the walls. Her legs were barely touching the surface!!  We were so scared that she falls but she never fail to impress us!! Good job #TeamShark!!

That happy and excited face after we manage to finish this challenge in such short time.

Game coordinator make sure we've upload our video to Google+

Another group photo after we've finished MadMonkeyz Bouldering Challenge!!
Good job guys!!

Driving back to The Curve #LikeABoss to the finish line for the last challenge!!

If I am the judges I will definitely give #TeamShark extra marks for the cute drawings~
CheeChing is so talented as Vernon look exactly like that minature ;p

5. Get Dirty and Messy with Watermelon
I believe this game is the most challenging although it is the easiest among all. Three members need to finish all the watermelon without holding using hands. Team leader will help us by holding the watermelon. I gotta say that I've meet my quota for watermelon this year after this challenge.

Vernon's OMG look when knew this challenge gonna be messy lol
Do you believe if I say my jaw was dislocated as I was trying so hard to open my mouth as wide as possible to gulp down the watermelon?? It did happen but glad I manage to push it back to the right position, just like what NickCheung (who act in Unbeatable) did to his dislocated arm. *krik krak*

The squashed watermelon with juice spilling everywhere

The most gentle team during the Watermelon Eating Challenge
I believe this was the toughest challenge for the female bloggers as this could ruin their makeup. I still remember some of the bloggers wear rain coat during this watermelon challenge. Some of the team really gentle but Team Stallion really stand out among us all *ouch my face*

To really win this challenge, you gotta sacrifice your look and really give in all you have to 'clean up' the watermelon. Just like what Rebecca from Team Stallion did to become the fastest team who completed the challenge. Check out this video below no how she finish the watermelon in blazing speed!!  Just like Maxis 4G!

How to win watermelon eating contest! #Maxis4GBloggersBlaze
*Warning: Watermelon juice might splash on you if you wear 3D glasses*

Team Stallion really gave it all out to conquer this challenge!!
*jumping in victory cheers*

That's the moment I think, Team Stallion really eager to win and I shall immediately throw a trophy to her before she continue to smash another watermelon hahaha. You really gotta watch the video!!

Interviews going on after we completed all the challenges
While judges counting the scores, I believe most of us were too full for lunch being served at Laundry Bar. *All thanks to that big slice of watermelon*. Interviews going on between bloggers and Ben (the energetic emcee) sharing about what we like about this amazing race. I personally like the bouldering at MadMonkeyz the most as it is very challenging and fun at the same time.

Picture with Ben Ashaari

My cute team members Daphne and CheeChing

Everyone was nervous during the winner announcement

Team Leopard won the 1st Runner Up which consist of an iPad Mini, a Maxis 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Modem (MiFi)
*so awesome*

Team Stallion won the Grand Prize which consist of Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and a Maxis 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Modem (MiFi)

Without further a due, winners has been announced and both Team Leopard and Team Stallion has been crowned as the winners of Maxis 4G Bloggers Blaze Amazing Race. #TeamShark was sad because we didn't win anything although we arrive quite early at the finish line. But seems like the marks only counted on how well we perform during our challenge and I believe other teams do quite well especially the watermelon challenge.

Anyway, Maxis 4G Bloggers Blaze was an amazing event as I get to hang out with tons of energetic Malaysia bloggers and complete the challenge together. Although #TeamShark never win we still manage to bond our friendship so that we can do better in the next amazing race!! *RAWR with spirit of #teamshark*

A group photo of all bloggers who joined Maxis 4G Bloggers Blaze

Through Maxis 4G Bloggers Blaze, I've got the chance to try out the speedy Maxis 4G LTE network. Download apps was fast, watching YouTube was really really fast, now I only need to worry about the data plan quota as everything seems to load with blazing fast speed!! After travelling from several locations (from The Curve - Sunway Lagoon - Wangsa Maju), it seems like Maxis 4G coverage is functioning very well in Klang Valley area. You may want to check out Maxis 4G coverage area here, not only in Klang Valley area, but also available at East Malaysia including Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.

Enjoy Maxis 4G coverage with these smart gadgets

You can now enjoy Maxis 4G with these 4G LTE devices including (iPhone 5S/5C  , Samsung GALAXY Note 3, Samsung GALAXY S4 LTE, Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 8.0" and also the 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Modem (MiFi)). Do you know that with the 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Modem (MiFi), you can become the hotspot and enjoy high speed surfing on the go with up to 10 different devices? I wish I could own one and share with my friends!!

Once again, thanks Maxis Malaysia and Nuffnang for giving us this opportunity to have fun together with a bunch of bloggers. Looking forward for the next amazing race as I wanna win some awesome gadgets to pair with the fast 4G LTE!!

For more information about Maxis 4G LTE, visit Maxis Homepage.

Reason why I belongs to #TeamShark 
If you can see my efforts of open my mouth as wide as a shark to gulp down that watermelon. (the moment I had my jaw dislocated) Give me a thumbs up!! If not, thumbs up for Shannon!! Muahaha!

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