Sepang Gold Coast Carlsberg Beach Party [Part 2]

Here comes part 2 of Carlsberg 'Where's the Party?' at Sepang Gold Coast. You can read my Carlsberg Party [Part 1] here. After check in the hotel and put on sunblock we decided to check out the beach as there were outdoor games for us to explore and have fun! You can collect points by playing all the games as at the end of the day you will have mystery gift! The prizes get better if you have more points =)

It was great to see the sweet couple here, again!
Patricia Sue-Lin Knudsen and Joey G =)
Last time met them together at MACY Charity Sofa Creation event and this time they are the emcee for the party!

This couple was posing for the cameraman but buggy car that we sat on disturbed them while passing by. Ops

Here's the photo captured - The pretty and handsome

LinkThe first game we exlored "Bumper Race"
2 players bumping race to the end and the fastest player that reach the other side win.

Met Marcus and Denise again after Genting Highland Single to Mingle event

"Step Up" - You will be tied on a huge rubber band and need to step up and ring the bell as much as possible. Beside this booth is the "Wild Wild West" shooting game.

Me and friends went to the 'Chill-out Area' as they are providing foot massage there. Pedicure and Manicure at another place. Shiok one =)

'Fortune Teller' - You can go for it as there are people telling you your fortune by using numbers, or even information through iPad apps. But anyhow, Destiny In Your Hand and you choose what you want to be. Don't depends too much on the result that he/she foresee ya.


I had a temporary tattoo. Thanks to the artist for helping me to take photo haha!

Had foot massage session too. She has been working here for 3 years ++ in Seremban
She ask me, "How old are you?". I answered, then she said, "Wo lao le, jiao wo jie jie"

Anyway, she reminded me of my relaxing trip to Phuket. It is cheap to have foot massage there.

"Ride On"- ride the scooter and try to pass all platform to get points. Many people fail this badly but Justin pass it at ease.

Glad to see photographer buddy Ken again =) He can take nice photos!!
Sorry to hear that he lose one of his DSLR lens while taking photos at the beach. If you happen to find it, please contact me at tianchad86[2]gmail[dot]com.

'Wash-N-Go' - The easiest game to play as you just need to walk through the path Water-Shampoo-Water-Blow dry then you earn game points! Al you have to do is just to get wet and earn points!

Some of the DJs that are going to perform at night had a bath session here too.

Soap +++

Walking further saw this "Pac Man" game. Basically this is the physical Pac Man game with you wearing the mascot and try to collect as much balls as you can.

What are they pulling?

"Pick-Me-Up" - Total 8 people pulling one person at a time to help him collect as much balls as he can. Must work as a team to get high score. Poor friends who pooling him up.

Here comes the Zorb Ball

"Zorb Zorb" - Two "water-hamster" running in the pool of water trying to push opponent out of the field. You do feel really helpless when you keep falling down after climbing up for so many times. *splash splash*

A photo with the Calrsberg Crew and friends =)
Kevin, Zoey, Chunky Munky, Justin, Rebecca, Kelvin and me!

Next up, the "Head-On"!!
It is okay to see people slide with the float to bang the Carlsberg bottles. But it just so funny to see people suddenly halt on the slide without banging any bottles. Need to put more soap and water I guess~

Spot the naughty Carlsberg Crew that shoot his partner instead of the player =D

"Dunk Me" - The game that I saw in video numerous time but this time I can really play with it. You have three shoot to dunk your buddy into the pool.

Met Kate Lee there at the 'Dunk Me' booth

Ends up she was dunked to the sea haha

Another couple photo captured and featured on this blog post~!
Kate and Sam

Had a group jump shot at this awesome backdrop
Zoey Lai has the most awesome+epic face.
Thanks to the guard for this photo.

Kennyhyn, Naomi and Raj Aria enjoyed their moment at the infinity pool of Golden Palm Tree Hotel. Unfortunately I don't have time for the pool this time as the party is going to start soon! Went back for a quick bath instead of dipping inside there.

Had another jump shot while waiting for buggy service ~

Happy-go-lucky Carlsberg Crew posed for the camera =)

The one and only one scenery photo captured at Sepang Gold Coast


Wanna get bounced?
Stay tune on my Carlsberg 'Where's the party?' [Part 3] to see more party photos!!

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