Pay Fong Calligraphy Gallery Art House 培风美术馆

This Pay Fong Calligraphy Gallery Art House 培风美术馆 was launched in April 2010 but I only figured out this place during my visit to school 98th anniversary. Personally think that this place is nicely renovated for calligraphy and arts.

I can't write these but I can capture these nice calligraphy in photo to be preserved =)

The longest calligraphy in the art house

There are big bunch of Chinese calligraphy for you to admire. Wrote in different style and different composition. Do pay a visit to Pay Fong Calligraphy Gallery Art House 培风美术馆 when you go to Pay Fong High School =)

You can read the article about 培风美术馆 here [Chinese version]


What do you think about this version of Hello Kitty ??
It's a pink Hello Kitty Adult in Cheong Sam wtf

Gonna share some of the class decoration in conjunction of Pay Fong 98th Anniversary in the next post. Stay tuned!

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