Destiny in Her Hands 断掌 @ NTV7

Destiny in Her Hands @ 断掌

Following the success of “Footprints in The Sand”, which has garnered great response from loyal viewers, ntv7 will be airing another new local Chinese drama series – “Destiny in Her Hands”. This 30-episode feminist-themed drama, filled with love, kinship and family conflict is set to air starting 9th June 2011, every Monday to Thursday, at 10.00 p.m.

Steve Yap, Joey Leong, Jeanette Aw, Jess Teong, Ernest Chong in Destiny in Her Hands PC

With confidence and strong will, anyone can determine their own future rather than depend on fortune-telling derived from palm reading. “Destiny in Her Hands” tells the story of a woman whose broken lifelines on her palms foretell bad fortune for her; however she strongly believes that fate is held within her own hands. Despite all the challenges and the stigma that she needs to go through, she never gives up.

Jeanette Aw 欧萱

The 30-episode drama spans across several eras, from the 60’s to the present day. Singapore’s popular actress, Jeanette Aw, who shot to fame after starring in the hit drama “Little Nyonya”, once again plays another challenging role as main character, Luo Jin Yu. In the drama, she plays various challenging roles, from a 20-year-old girl to a 46-year-old middle-aged woman, from the 60s right up to the year 2011. In the story, the character went through elopement, pregnancy, abortion, domestic abuse as well as infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

The husband and wife in "Destiny in Her Hands"

Mother and Daughter

Joining the lead actress is a talented cast line-up made up of local actors Steve Yap, Jess Teong, Ernest Chong (Best Supporting Actor for Golden Awards), Joey Leong, Goh Wee Ping, Monday Kang, Moo Yan Yee, Mers Sia, Tate Chan, Soo Wincci and others.

Wang De Cheng married with Lou Jin Yu

This drama marks the first collaboration between Steve Yap and Jeanette Aw, who play the roles of husband and wife in the story. Steve Yap plays Wang De Cheng, an assertive, prideful and violent man who often beats his wife, Luo Jin Yu. Ernest Chong plays the challenging role of Luo Jin Yu’s son, who suffered from meningitis, causing brain damage and leaving him with a stunted mentality.

Ever since Luo Jin Yu was born, she was destined to live an extraordinary life. The eldest daughter of Luo Jin Hua and Li Xiu Zhi (Jess Teong), with three younger brothers and one younger sister, her mother gave birth to her during a misfortune where her house was burnt down. Her mother had no choice but to give birth to her in a theater. When her father discovers that Jin Yu has broken life lines on her palms, which is a sign of bad luck, he blames all their miseries on Jin Yu. Jin Yu is not loved by her parents. Due to her poor family background, she is forced to stop schooling during her secondary school, and to work at a factory to earn money. She is often forced to give most of her hard-earned money to her mother.

Jin Yu grew up with her childhood friend, Wen Qi Bing, and she dreams of building a happy family with him in the future. However, one of the workers in the factory – Wang De Cheng (Steve Yap) – likes Jin Yu and starts pursuing her. Jin Hua agrees to marry Jin Yu off to De Cheng, so that he can use the bridal price to pay his debts. Jin Yu tries to protest by asking Qi Bing to elope with her, but he ends up bringing her parents to persuade her. Due to her disappointment with Qi Bing’s action and the begging of her parents, she finally agrees to marry De Cheng, not realizing that this is the beginning of her miserable fate.

Something happened...

After marriage, Jin Yu tries her best to be a good wife despite ill treatment from her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. However, after De Cheng opens a car repair factory, he started to change into a prideful, selfish person due to the bad influence from his friends and starts cheating on her, even going as far as to infect her with a sexually transmitted disease when she is pregnant with her first child. Jin Yu thinks of getting an abortion as she is worried about the impact of the disease towards the development of her unborn child. Her mother-in-law, Qiu Lian, tried to repair the relationship between the husband and wife to persuade Jin Yu to keep the child. Jin Yu finally gives birth to a lovely baby boy, Jie Ming (Ernest Chong).

What is she trying to do?

Jie Ming however becomes a mentally-challenged child after contracting a high fever due to Qiu Lian’s neglect and De Cheng’s superstition. When a fireworks factory near their home explodes, De Cheng tries to abandon Jie Ming. It was then that Jin Yu decided that she will not suffer in silence or be maltreated anymore. She decided to stand up and fight for herself and swears to never give up on Jie Ming.

She later makes use of her talent in writing and starts working in a local daily where the assistant editor motivates Jin Yu to become an independent woman and that she can pursue her dreams. Later on, through Li Hua’s introduction, Jin Yu meets a Hong Kong scriptwriter and under his guidance, she becomes a scriptwriter.

Jin Yu also has a daughter, Shan Shan (Joey Leong), who is treated as a lucky star by her father and pampered since young. Shan Shan is jealous of her brother because Jin Yu pays him more attention, resulting in Shan Shan often rebelling against Jin Yu.

Jin Yu later joins the Chinese Opera troupe and meets a middle aged man named Cheng Ru Hai (played by Goh Wee Ping). They get along very well because of their common interests. In the meantime, De Cheng starts an affair with masseur Mo Ding Xiang (played by Brenda Chiah) and the adultery was discovered by Jin Yu. Jin Yu completely gives up on her husband and decides to divorce him.

Will Jin Yu able to decide her own destiny?

Many years later, Jin Yu decides to accept Cheng Ru Hai’s love but later on, Ru Hai finds out that he has lung cancer. In her depressed state, Jin Yu eventually starts to believe that it is the pair of broken lifelines on her palms that led to such a miserable fate. Will she finally break down or will she pull through in forging a better life for herself?

Airin Zainul, Group General Manager of ntv7 & 8TV, says, “Destiny in Her Hands is another quality offering from ntv7, set in the 1960’s right up until present day. The well-crafted drama portrays how the main character is ahead of her time, choosing to believe in herself and setting her own destiny rather than crumble under the naysayers."

She continues, “As with all our local dramas, viewers can expect lots of riveting moments. Rivalries between two generations, complex relationships and above all, the belief that one will triumph against all adversities, are among the chief ingredients that make Destiny in Her Hands not to be missed.”

Airin adds, “We would also like to thank Pensonic for their collaboration with us in making this show a success.”

Pensonic, one of the country’s largest manufacturers and distributors of home electrical appliances, collaborates with ntv7 in this drama and sponsors billboards in four different locations – Klang Valley (Jalan Kewajipan and LDP-SS2), Penang (Wellesley School), and Johor Bahru (Jalan Tebrau/ Jalan Kuning/ Pelangi Shopping Complex) in a joint effort to further promote the show.

Being a leading and premier media brand for Chinese viewers 4+, ntv7 continues to provide viewers with fresh and appealing programmes. Currently airing is “Footprints in the Sand” and according to AC Nielsen survey, the first ten episodes of the drama reached 11 TVR. In other words, an average of 583,000 mass Chinese viewers watched the show. One of the highest ratings to date is when the fifth episode was aired with an average of 13 TVR, meaning 687,000 viewers in the mass Chinese viewership category watched the show. It is estimated that nearing the final episode, there will be even higher ratings.

Don’t miss the new local Chinese drama series: Destiny in Her Hands, starting 9th June 2011, Mondays to Thursdays at 10.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. at ntv7, the Home of Feel Good. For more info, log on to or

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