Pay Fong 98th Anniversary Class Decoration 培风中学九十八周年校庆布置

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培风中学九十八周年校庆 Pay Fong High School 98th Anniversary

Today I am gonna share tons of photo of the art decoration including 2D and 3D art creations from my juniors in conjunction for our 98th school anniversary. It has been a tradition for every Form 3 and above classes to decorate their classroom and held a funfair. Different class will have different themes and games.

Went to a sharing session/talk at 5th floor to meet up with some friends. They are all Pay Fong graduands if not wrong.

We have North, South, East, West block and this is the South block. First time saw three classes collaborated to have connected wallpaper. Looks like theme-park for me.

Totoro can fly, with umbrella

Spirited Away 千与千寻 by Hayao Miyazaki

Subway in the classroom

"HALO HALO baby you know I can't hear a thing"

Comfortable bed in a Hotel classroom

Domokun World with multiple facial expressions

Haunted House - the darkest room that you can barely see anything. Got spider and fake head hanging around.

Err... Hello Kitty's calligraphy? Sorry to the fans lol

推鸟鸟 @ Push the Birdy
Funny booth name, you can push the 'bird' 4 times for RM 3

Inside Europe Old Street you can find all those desserts that...

All hand made desserts like this!

我们这一家 - Cute wallpaper but looks like haven't finish painting the wall

The Waterfall with water running along the wall

A cute corner to take your photo with their WANTED decoration

The SpongeBob - this is the most looks alike and nicest 3D sculpture among all other class. Unfortunately they are lacking of stuffs inside the class.

Transformer 3 Premiere is coming soon! Megatron coming out from the wall. Want this?
They can actually use the metallic/shining paint to make it looks more outstanding =)

The infamous Angry Birds - Bursting out from the wall and have fire farts wtf
The class' decoration is very colourful.

2D shooting games. Shoot the piggy!

Help your golden eggs put on hat

Went to the art house and featuring this two arts. What can you see from this piece of drawing?
You saw a monster giraffe or a couple?

He...or she...? With a pair of 'senget' boobs/moobs

Visited the library, found an antique typing machine
How much does it worth?

Feel free to visit Pay Fong Library's blog and Facebook page:
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In conjunction of Pay Fong 100th Anniversary, Pay Fong is collecting all those skectching, notes, or photos that you feel like wanna share with and let it be part of the book to be published.

Email your material to payfongcentury[a]gmailcom. If you have any questions regarding this please contact the respective person through this email too.

All right time to share my photo with friends and teacher that I've met that day:

Ah Sir - English Teacher

One of the favorite/popular teacher in the school

Picture with friends and teacher

Took another pict in front of the school just for memories-of-school-in-year-2011

Does your school have annual anniversary celebration too? Don't mind to share with me =)

Personally think that last year decoration are better than this year. But anyway, all the best to every junior who is graduating soon, facing the upcoming exam every month and dedicated teachers who had contributed so much for the school and continue doing that. Good luck and best wishes to all of you! Happy 98th anniversary!

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