Carlsberg Beach Party @ Sepang Gold Coast [Part 1]

Around 10am reached Bukit Jalil Carpark as everyone who are invited to Carlsberg "Where is the party?" will be gathered here. During that time no one know where we will be sent to party but all the party people are dare enough to come here! I am sure you guys are not disappointed right? =D

Registration for everyone and got an RFID tag with RM20 deposit.

The RFID tag is the passes for us to the party and linked to respective Facebook account. It is for the game on the beach later.

One of the lady who was helping us to register.

All these buses sent us to the secret party location. Some people guess the party location is Sunway Lagoon, Port Dickson or even Sepang Gold Coast.

Our lunch - KFC

ChunkyMunky the 'tour guide' did make the trip to Sepang more fun for everyone. Played ice-breaking game to remember every other media in the bus. He and his buddy are funny too.

After 1 hour++ we've reached the party place - Sepang Gold Coast's Golden Palm Tree!

Was welcomed by big bunch of Carlsberg crews!! Awesome feeling for sure =)

Checked in Sepang Golden Palm Tree Hotel

From L to R: DJ Maxine Hardcastle, DJ Charlotte Narni, DJ Ms. Pink, York Spencer [Marketing Director, of Carlsberg Malaysia], Soren Ravn [Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia], Gary Tan [Sales Director of Carlsberg Malaysia], Kenneth Soh [General Manager of Luen Heng F&B Sdn. Bhd.], DJ Catherine McQueen, DJ Sam Cooke, DJ Kellie Acreman.

We were briefed in the media room where Carlsberg's Managing Director, Soren Ravn, brief us about the brand relaunch of Carlsberg Beers. According to Soren Sepang Gold Coast was chosen as the secret place because it is only 2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur. Carlsberg also revealed all 6 DJs who are going to perform that night:

DJ Charlotte Narni
DJ Maxine Hardcastle

DJ Sam Cooke
DJ Ms Pink

DJ Catherine Mcqueen
Kellie Acreman

One of the media asked why no hunk DJ playing for the night. Haha!

Harlo DJs

DJ Kellie Acreman grabbed my attention the most =)

Hua Chee and Rebecca Saw are some of the invited media

Can you see how the DJ are so interested to Hua Chee's fashion?

Everyone were grabbing chance to take photo with all 6 gorgeous DJs. So do I!

Luckily I wasn't that short or they had lower their height when wanna take photo.

The media is the first to arrived and followed by all party animals~! They had warm welcome by Carlsberg Crews, Soren Ravn himself and the host of the day Joey G & Patricia Suelin Knudsen!!

Carlsberg is generous enough to have all the party people staying in Sepang Golden Palm Tree Hotel. The room is spacious and definitely can fit lot more people than I thought! Will share how's my room looks like in video [Upload later]

There were many outdoor games awaiting us at the beach.

Time to get wet!

All right Part 1 of Where's the Party by Carlsberg has end. What happen next? Stay tuned for next post~! You can see more photos on Carlsberg Facebook page now!

Carlsberg Beach Party @ Sepang Gold Coast [Part 1]
Sepang Gold Coast Carlsberg Beach Party [Part 2]
Carlsberg Awesome Beach Party @ Sepang Gold Coast [Part 3]

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