Why I Like It Longer

First of all, I gotta admit there are disadvantages for me not knowing how to use Photoshop or even Adobe Illustrator. Therefore my blogpost will never ever look so nice like theirs. Let's visit their blog post kay? Chingz, Tallboyz. I can say both of them could be the winner =)

Since I am not pro in Photoshop/Illustrator, I will try my best to use picture and illustrate the reason(s) why I like it longer. Let me ask a question first. When you see the picture below, what did you notice??

Padini? Brand new shirts? Or three models who has lean long body?

Picture credits to Arch Lancer

First I saw the guy's abs [working hard on it =S], then I noticed the female models' sleek long leg. That is one of the reason I like girls with long leg. For example, Marion Caunter? Haha! You can put your favourite model picture as your wallpaper. Doesn't it looks great? =D

To really know why I like "it" longer. I would really need to have "it" and try "it" myself. I wonder if it is luck/fate for me as I have manage to "get" a REAL LG Chocolate BL40 from a very generous buddy for me to review the phone. Thank you very much!!

PS: However I don't own it and I still need to return it. Let see why I like it longer.

With its long elegant body, I totally agree that LG Chocolate BL40 is the model among other phones because of its long body. Ratio of 21:9, resolution of 800 x 345 pixels( 4 inch Full touch screen)

Here is the local model that I have found for LG Chocolate BL40. She was happy and thought that it was chocolate bar at first glance =D

"Wah my Valentine Present is Chocolate~! Life is Good~!" *slurp*

Doesn't it looks like a long Chocolate Bar for you? Do you wanna bite it? Please don't bite him =)

As for ladies out there who love Kris Allen, you can have a full long portrait of him on the long LG Chocolate BL40~!

If you like plants you can put picture like above as your wallpaper too. The 4" Panoramic screen was protected by tempered glass and scratch proof. So your plant is always under protection.

One more reason I like it longer is because their interactive game. The screen is long enough till you can actually play games with friend opposite each other. That's so cool!

One player on left, one player on right.

Not to mention her fast performance and cause no lag although she has longer screen. All thanks to the Touch Screen Accelerator

There are more reasons for me to like it longer. If you are a social media addicts like me. I am sure you are using Twitter/Facebook on mobile phone right? For example, you can have longer Twitter Stream, Facebook Status Update and more detail with their long display.

Longer screen means less scrolling. Nice!! No more tiring hands

Again, with their long screen + Qwerty keypads. It is easier for you to type SMS/E-mail or even surf the web. Suitable for everyone including big thumb guy. In addition, no more sore eyes looking at the big screen.

Same to internet browsing, I can even have better internet surfing experience because LG Chocolate BL40 provides Internet full browsing 7.2Mbps HSDPA/WiFi. Can view whole webpage on wide screen without needs to magnify and scrolling much.

For people who likes music , you can even play piano on LG Chocolate BL40~! Yes, the whole long board of music nots on piano is in the thin sleek phone~!

There are more applications for you to explore as it has gorgeous flash-base 3D UI. The graphic effect is really awesome.

Before I manage to review one by one. I already need to return the LG Chocolate BL40 to my friend as he like sit too. How I wish I can have it longer~!

Even SNSD Girls band,which is also one of my favourite artist group [not to mention they speak in Malay saying that "I like Chocolate love". Don't trust me? Watch the video below and pay attention after 00:37.

SNSD Chocolate Love MV

Yeah, I "suka" too~Haha!

Even though the chance of winning is low, I still hope that I can gain my wish by winning back a new LG Chocolate BL40 and have it longer~!

PS: ["Suka" = Love in Malay]

Here is the present that I give to all Kris Allen fans during this CNY + Valentine's Day!! Wallpaper specially for LG Chocolate BL 40. [ 21: 9]

Life is good~! Thanks Nuffnang and LG~!
Happy CNY and Valentine's day~


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