Astro B.yond Bloggers Night @ Modesto's

On the night of 13 January 2010, Astro the generous party that treated over 200++ Malaysian bloggers to witness Malaysia's First High Definition Television Commercial for Astro B.yond during the Astro B.yond Bloggers Night at Modesto's Desa Sri Hartamas. This was a special event hosted for the Malaysian bloggers.

With the availability of HDTV now, Malaysian are keens to watch TV Shows in High Definition too. Therefore, Astro B.yond the first ever High-Definition (HD) broadcast in Malaysia, was launched in 11 December last year and featuring 5 awesome HD Channel - ASTRO SuperSport HD (Channel 831), HBO HD (Ch 431), National Geography Channel HD (Ch 573), HISTORY HD (Ch 575) and followed by ESPN HD (Channel 832) in January 2010.

Astro B.yond will change our TV viewing experience with richer colours, picture-perfect clarity and cinematic surround sound(Dolby Digital Technology). Along with this, a new and improved Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) designed for better viewer interface will be introduced.

As the technology infrastructure and hardware around Astro B.yond is future-ready, more innovations will follow. Such as recording TV show to an external hard drive directly through these button!

In addition, Astro B.yond introduced the Facebook game "Murder in the Details" that is now on the Astro Facebook Fanpage.

Log on to the Astro Facebook fan page, for details on how to participate in this game. Spot the clues, gather the evidence and you might just be one of the 10 lucky winners of the Astro B.yond sets with 1 year FREE subscription to Astro B.yond and a 32" LG HDTV.

Not forget to mention that we bloggers present also played on ground version of Murder in the Details and the lucky winner (Eric Yong) walked away with Astro B.yond sets with free subscription to Astro B.yond until December 2010 and a 32" LG HDTV.

The lucky winner Eric Yong~!

Even though our team didn't manage to win through this game, Astro is generous enough to give out TWO same set of prizes (1 year free Astro B.yond subscription + 32" LG HDTV) to the best two posts that blog about this event.

So here I am. Blogging In Details from now on just to try my luck~!!

On 7.13PM 13 January 2010, me and Nicole reached Modesto's to attend the Astro B.yond Bloggers Night. First of all must thanks Nuffnang and Astro for the invitation as they gave us a chance to witness the premiere of Malaysia's First HD TVC for Astro B.yond. Including a chance to win awesome prizes!

First met with Aanont. He makes me feel that the event will be formal
Perhaps because of "Deal or no deal".

Without waiting Mr. Henry Tan, Chief Operating Officer of Astro gave us a speech after Aanont introduce him. "It is undeniable that bloggers are game changers", said Hendry Tan. I am agree with him =)

Did I tell you guys I like to watch National Geography ? How can I not loving it in HD? Everything will become so detail and fascinating in HD.

After the speech here comes the premiere of the Astro B.yond TV Commercial in High Definition (HD). (Picture thanks to Nicole)

This is the version that I have recorded previously to share with you guys.

Not HD? Thanks to Astro who is on the track of this internet era and uploaded the HD Version of this Astro B.yond TVC on Youtube~!

PS: Please click the HD button at right bottom for best viewing experience

Besides the TVC, 12 bloggers were selected to share with us about their new year resolution and what they think about HD.

Beautifulnara,,,, ShaolinTiger,and Tziaaa

Let see what are their New year Resolution in 2010:

(Video courtesy of AstroMalaysiaTV)

My New Year Resolution is to wish everyone gets better in 2010. That night Modesto's served us Malaysian bloggers a bunch of tasty food to fill the stomach. I like the spring roll very much =)

During dinner we are able to See, Hear, Feel and Experience the rhythmic drums performance performed by the colourful drummers! Yes, we are allowed to Touch our food ;p

"Long live HD! Long live Astro B.yond!!"

After we have fill our stomach, we the present bloggers are elligible to play this on ground version of Murder in the Details game to win the Astro B.yond 1 year FREE subscription along with a 32" LG HDTV~!

HuaiBin was the emcee for this game

We were ought to form a group consist of five bloggers and work together to find the murderer. That time we don't know yet the lady who give us pen and paper was the killer.

This is the tool (Magnifying Glass) given to help us find the clues from the pictures located all around Modesto's.

"The killer is wearing red blood splattered from the murder", one of the clue from the portrayed picture. (Picture credits to ShaolinTiger)

After a period of time, a group of smart detectives (Eric, Terence, KY, Horng, and ShaolinTiger) has successfully found the killer and the truth was revealed.

Apparently the female killer (XinXian) can't withstand his boyfriend(HuaiBin) betray her by having a monogamy relationship with another guy (Robb).

This is the result of a guy betraying his girlfriend for another GUY

We can really see everything in greater detail with Astro B.yond. I used the Astro B.yond HD cursor then found the fly in the pitcher plant.

What would I see if I use Astro B.yond HD Cursor and hover it to the bottom left of this picture? I will find the "Sour Grape" of Eric Yong for winning the game.

Could the "Sour Grape" hiding among this crowd? =D

If you have the spirit of detective and are keen to find it out, you must join this Astro B.yond new Facebook Game "Murder in the Details" that is now on the Astro Facebook Fanpage.

"Murder in the Details"
on Facebook

To win, collect all 10 clues in 60 seconds and identify the killer as fast as possible in another 60seconds. I smelled Durian and lot more evidence using the Astro B.yond HD Cursor.
I still have 3 more evidence to find!

You will be given an autopsy report after finish looking for evidence. [I wonder if it is the same autopsy report for everyone]

Then you need to figure out who is the killer in 60 seconds!

Who's the killer - The Noisy neighbour, Business Partner, Fruit Farmer, Secret Lover, or the Frustrated Wife?

Oops... I guess I am disclosing too much details for this Facebook Game "Murder in the Details" !! So how can you not grab your chance to win this game? I have helped you a lot~! Click HERE now!

How I wish I am an Astro subscriber to win this game~! (T&C applied)
PS: I don't have Astro ID so you still can be one of the 10 lucky winner!!

Customers who wish to experience Astro B.yond and access the HD services have a choice to sign up at an additional service fee of RM20 per month and a commitment of 12 months.

Customers will get the new B.yond box, new smart card, new outdoor unit dish, HD Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable and new remote control. New set-up installation fee will be waived in exchange for the existing box.
Besides that, customers can sign up for Astro B.yond on or call the Astro Customer Hotline 1300 82 3838. Hurry up, while stock last!

During this Astro B.yond Bloggers Night, it is not only for us to witness the premiere of Astro B.yond TVC, but also for bloggers to mingle with each other. There are many bloggers who attended this event, and here are some of the bloggers that I manage to take picture with.

Jojo Struys - Talented Tip tap and toe celebrity with our "patented" pose =D

See me and Jojo at Project Alpha Adidas Roadshow
Oh ya! Project Alpha Season II is coming already! Stay tune on their YouTube Channel

Last but not least, thanks again to Astro and all Nuffies (who dressed in red) for giving us the first time pleasure to watch the premiere of Astro B.yond HD TVC and also a chance to win the 32" LG HDTV + 1 year FREE Astro B.yond Subscription~!

How I wish I can get a HDTV standby for my grandparents =D
They won't need to squint at the small screen anymore~!

In addition, who don't want to watch AVATAR in HD? =D


  1. Your pictures are okay what. I'm not sure if it's the camera you're using but shutter speed is important in environments like this. :)

  2. Woo..32inch LCD tv with astro beyond set is coming to ur hse now.wakakak..gambateh.

    If u win, remember invite me for world cup finals and i wanna watch national geographic too!

  3. ceh.. never take pics with me also :( hemph!! i am not leng enough laa...! btw, i hope u r better now from ur dengue fever!

  4. Good effort man, very long post.
    Event looks awe but we never got invited as usual. See u one day mate, happy new year!

  5. [Nikel Khor]:Yeah, one of the reason that make me attend event =D

    [Danny Foo]: I am using compact camera =) Can't really perform well during night. But luckily got a fast shutter mode preset in it.

    [Nicole]: Woo, if Nicole is the representative from Astro telling this then I sure damn happy =D

    If win it is sure to invite you~!You are welcome anytime =D

    [Wen Pink]: Aiks, I saw you were surrounded by a bunch of guys. Then I don't want to disturb your happy moment ma. Haha!

    Thanks for concern, I feeling better now~

    [眼淚]: Hmm,sorry your advertisement comment need to be removed ...

    [superwilson]: Haha thanks for the comment. A lot effort needed to try my luck to win that.

    I guess they've changed the way to give out events invite. Even to win movie ticket also harder. I would like to meet you one day too~! Cheers!


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