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The Ugly Truth (2009) In e@curve

Presenting you Malaysia's version "The Ugly Truth"
*Fail..* ;p

We go earlier that day because Nigel Sia, who is the guy gave me a pair of tickets said we all can meet for dinner @ Station Kopitiam
End's up become a huge gathering =D
-Picture courtesy of Nigel Sia-

Made a collage instead of 6 individual photo
Top right - Wern, Nicole and Ange
Bottom Right - Yatz and Nigel
Top Left - Joyce Tedoen
Middle - Mon Wei

I like people who posed freely like below =)
Before the movie met with fellow coursemates
Nicole, Ming, Me, Caryn and Ange

So what is it about The Ugly Truth? A lot of curse words has been censored of except "fcuk"
Luckily it was slowly accepted in M'sia movie nowadays or else the 1 and a half hour's movie will not show longer than one hour!
Still it is rated as 18 PL

When is the truth become ugly?
When he say you are a control freak
When one person did something wrong and you are giving the right advice.
When he said you are nagging too much
When she said you are just coward to leave her instead of telling her how you really feel

What's new in this movie?
The vibrating lingerie

What bout the actors?
The hysteric female actor - Katherine Heigl
The charming guy for the ladies - Eric Winter
and the bad guy that really talk wild - Gerath Butler

After all rating:

This is a movie like "The Proposal" for you to have a great laugh and something romantic + dirty la.

Remember, laugh is a good cure for stress =)
So watch it~!

Last but not least, thanks to Nigel Sia and SONY Pictures for the movie!!

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