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New Project After Sold Hyundai iTouch

Yay! Yesterday manage to sell out iPod Touch from "Which Hyundai R U?" Contest!
I have written a blog post specially for this Hyundai contest too!
>>Click Here<<
Since the price of iTouch had dropped from RM949 to RM 779 recently
Qatrun manage to buy it at RM680

Furthermore this is my first time selling out prizes that I got from contest.
A special photo for my buyer =)
Qatrun and Zahir
*Saw the curiosity of the people standing behind? XD*

Thanks Qatrun =)
Now I got the funds to treat my team member who participate in the Hyundai contest together. [Especially Nicole + ZJ, Ange and her sis]
And the money to change my car tyres, bumper and broken back lights.
I got one question, how much do you need to change the tyres?
I've surveyed "GoodYear" and it cost RM120/ea

There are still much more stuff for me to repair and renew...Yikes!

So...Here comes my another Contest Project
The chance to win this game is by getting support from all my friends and blog readers =)

Do you know by just watching a video you will able to help me grab back a new laptop~?! Yes! It is true~! Your every view is counted as votes for me~! I am sure you will like these video and I still prefer "Chocolate" by Yasmin Ahmad =D

With this new laptop and free broadband I am sure I would able to blog at anyplace
and this mean I will have more updates~!

Last few weeks I went to 15Malaysia Exclusive Screening organized by ruumz and manage to watch all 15 short films except "Rojak"

And below are all the 15 films~!

Potong Saga by Ho Yuhang Chocolate by Yasmin Ahmad The Tree by Amir Muhammad House by Linus Chung Halal by Liew Seng Tat
The Son by Desmond Ng Lumpur by Kamal Sabran One Future by Tan Chui Mui Slovak Sling by Woo Ming Jin Gerhana by James Lee
Meter by Benji Lim & Bahir Yeusuff Duit Kecil by Johan John Healthy Paranoia by Khairil Bahar Lollipop by Nam Ron Rojak by Suleiman Brothers

PS: Did I mentioned if you watch all 15 short films = 15 votes for me?
Once the video start playing you have already casted a vote for me and no need to finish it.
Therefore, do watch it everyday and you could help me win this game~!!
Thank you all!

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