15Malaysia Exclusive Screening @ GreenPacket

Last Friday (4th Sep 2009) went to 15Malaysia Special Screening + Buka Puasa Event
These are the foods available for usSarah Lian @ Chic-Kut-Teh in "Halal" was there too

Ah Wern with her HoneyDew

After the free dinner, we are ready for the show
Packeteria @ M Floor while the Screening is held at the Auditorium

There are 15 different style of passes that we can get.
Only "Duit Kecil" is mine and I still lack 14 other designs~!

So which are the 14/15 videos that we watched that night?
All except Rojak as the best is always keep until last =)

The first 15Malaysia Screening organized by P1W1Max

Below are fellow ruumsters
Eklern, Wern and Nicole

Me and Simon Seow

Guess who is talking with James Chong?

Emcee of the night - Nick Chhan

After watching first seven short film of 15Malaysia
We had a short break and decided to go to the rooftop

Happy Burthday to Nick especially this year as he is celebrating his birthday on
9th of Sep 2009 ~!

As usual after I've took photo with James Chong

He will pay the favor back =)

Farez with Arsyan behind

Nicole, Azni and her husband

So what is Chia Wei doing there?

This is the jump shot he snap for us =)
SimonSeow, Me, Jeremy and Jonathan
*Jeremy like renoma* XD

So 15 minutes just passed and we are backed to the auditorium
I didn't recognize Benji Lim until I re-watch "Meter" at home
Below is the video

Until now the most talkative and funny short film is "Meter"

Very fast we finished all 14 short films and left "Rojak" by Suleiman Brothers
Will need to wait till 16th of September to watch this.
So for those who missed this special screening we still able to watch the last one together ;p

After the movies, photo snapping time!
Jennifer - sama sama Malaccan

To be surprised Ho YuHang, the director of "Potong Saga" was there too =)
I laughed when he start talking. This is because he talk just like the guy in the short film of 1Malaysia.
He is acting himself!
Ho YuHang is really a funny guy!! =D

Arashi asked for a signature from YuHang

What's more?
I took photo with one of Namewee's friend
Either Teh Heong Khoe, Jimmy Lim, or Chee Cheong Hoe
I still remember YuHang said, "Wah, see? You're popular now!"

Please don't miss "Potong Saga" =)

Since Arashi missed the RoofTop, we went back up again
It is really nice to be up there =)
WeiJie, Arashi, me and YaoZhang

A photo for him =)

Now ruumz is organizing contests courtesy of 15Malaysia.
They have "Share & Win" and "Shoot & Win"

If you want to win a Mac Book pro
Shoot a film on what Malaysia means to you!

The winner will be decided by the directors of 15Malaysia
Noticed there is one empty Director seat for you? =D

Since I dunno how to shoot film
I will just participate the "Share & Win" Contest
All we need to do is share the 15Malaysia video and the top 3 refferer win these~!

Are you interested? I am~!

Do you know by just watching a video you will able to help me grab back a new laptop~?! Yes! It is true~! So.. please watch it at least once b'cos your view is counted as votes for me~! I am sure you will like these video and I still prefer "Chocolate" by Yasmin Ahmad =D

PS: I am at Rank 4 now, to secure top 3 I need your help! So...Please kindly click it watch it~!
You won't lose anything by watching 15Malaysia Short films~! Thanks ^@^


  1. Aww thanks for coming Tian Chad :) Thanks for the b'day wish as well and the pictures. Cheers!

  2. [Nick Chhan]
    You and other ruumz crews did a great job for this event ar =)
    You are welcome and....cheers!


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