Bumblebeez @ A Night In Rome

Have you choose which RedKen Hairstyle that you like?
Have a look >here<

I like this photo of Bumblebeez =)

After the Redken Hair Show and time out for a while
Here comes the lucky draw
Two buckets of Heineken for 3 lucky draw coupons

Marion with the lucky draw-er

"Hmm how I wish I can win it for my boyfriend"

One of the lucky guy

Another lucky guy
If not wrong I remember it is a watch, an expensive watch!

Managed to take photo with Liang You-Cheng when Xeroz reminded me

Since Bumblebeez is going to perform soon I went near to the stage
Didn't waste a chance to take photo with Marion Caunter and Joey G again =D

You got it! Heineken!

I saw the famous bloggers too =)
KY, Audrey, Tey Cindy

KimOng with the sexy dress

Since we all standing too long we decided to sit outside.
This is when I met Joyce the KinkyBlueFairy
*I should get BB cream for my panda eye...*

I learned new tricks from Xeroz while drinking Heineken

When he cheers you on top of the bottle
First thing to do is prepare to drink it all!
As for first timer like me
I can't drink fast and that's how I wasted half bottle of Heineken
There is always first time ha?

This is the cute-posed YengYeng aka Sarita

If you want to know the guy who won full sponsored UEFA Champions League Final @ Rome
He is the lucky one!!
1 out of 6 he is the only BIG football fans
So he really deserve it!

Big prize has been given away, Heineken finished.
But Lapsap came out only when we leave Hap Seng Star Mercedes-Benz Autohaus...
Nevermind we go Mamak Stall ;p

Let the Xeroz Couple posed for ya
*Joyce Tedoen, she can pose!!*
*Perhaps need some alcohol first XD*

Xeroz manage to take out the Heineken tag without ruining it

Ends up Nicole envy and try to put it on
So the riddle for today:
Does Nicole manage to wear that Heineken Tag back? =)


  1. nice fashion show, compatible with Edi Art Fest :-p

  2. OIIII...

    WHAT LAAaaaa....

    KEK SIM LIAO... this post ady so lama, i couldnt recognise its me. i tot im the one in white dress tim (referring to Marion Caunter)...

  3. [cklim]
    Edi Art Festival?
    I have no idea what it is ar
    But got some idea from you oledi =)

    Wah seems like your ego boosted very high since start having facialS wor!

  4. oh, it is the short form, stands for edinburgh art festival, the largest art festival in the world, i went there last time, but for me, it's just normal cultural show :-p


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