Tian Chad's 1st Nuffnang Cheque and more~!

No censor required right?
First time got money online wei XD

I should have post this long long time ago but I just didn't go back hometown to get it

Basically after one year blogging my earning only start with this much.
But hey at least it pay when you blog at the same time right?? ;p
Good news is I can cash out this month again but just to wait longer time because each cash out cost you RM1 for the cheque and transaction fees

Look at the brightside~!
Besides Nuffnang earning I actually got a lot of FREE stuff through blogging~
Only one or two are lucky but most are result of hard works kay? ;p

iPod Nano from Chipster Superstar
*Put much efforts in select and cropping the photo + story line *

LG Arena KM900 from LG Blog Launch Party Post
*Use more than 2 days to write this post*

1st Rank [Rm1,500] from KFC Flava Roast Contest
*First cooperation with friends (Ange, Nicole and Jian) to join contest*

iPod Touch from Which Hyundai R U? and my friend [Xeroz] redeemed the prizes for me
*Read his post you will know more about Hyundai~!*

But what are the similarity of all the contests?
It is all somehow come from Nuffnang~
Either Nuffnang Ads or Nuffnang's Blog

Talking about Nuffnang Blog I have got a lot of FREE premiere screening tickets from there too.

So, why don't you join Nuffnang now? XD

Thanks again to Nuffnang!!
It is Nuffnang~! It is "Real Good"~!

After all I also need to thanks my friends who supported me in contest and keep on reading my blog.
You know who you are and I really wanna thank you~!

This month, I am now joining another contest to win Acer Laptop
Hope to gain your support by just watching a video from 15Malaysia
*No need vote no need sign up~*

Thanks and really appreciate~!!


  1. Quote: "After all I also need to thanks my friends who supported me in contest and keep on reading my blog.
    You know who you are and I really wanna thank you~!"

    Then u know what to do larh...*evil grin*

  2. omg first cheque already so much money!! so nice!! grats ya! :)

  3. [Nicole]
    Yeap that's why I wanna sell the iTouch fast to treat u all back ar. Wanna help me sell it? Minimum RM760~ Extra u earn
    *This is a great benefit for friends ;p*

    [Wen Pink]
    After one year only cash out ar ;p
    Thanks for the gratz~

    Thanks~ marc marc

  4. congrats to you to took you 1st cheque from nuffnang, i still have a long long way to go T_T. & you are really pay so much of hardwork to join the contest, after join the ruumz & kfc one i also going to pengsan already.

  5. Wow~ You really won lots of prizes and cash!!! So envy you la! XD Your hard works all paid off! ^^ Congrats!

  6. omg.. first cheque and not bad!!!

    envy envy..ahha.. hope you get more next round!!

    can't wait for mine.. =p

  7. Wei... congrat... wah... got RM113... my nuffnang still RM13...lolx...

    Nice 1 bro... keep it on...

  8. Wah! U really a winner! *Salute*

  9. Congratz! Yea right, there's nothing to be censored! No 1 will rob you bcos u earn that money. Haha. =D

  10. [Zheng Yang 琤洋]
    Haha thanks~!
    It is a good start for you =)
    I also will pengsan when joined those contest ar. Just that you couldn't see ;p

    Yeah hard works do pay off ^@^ Thanks!

    Thanks for the wishes~
    Wish you got your soon too~!

    Thanks Steven~
    Remember I started blog more than 1 year already ;p
    Btw, you are having a good start~!

    Thanks Prof. Lim ;p

    Haha, paiseh paiseh
    *salute back*

    It is~! I hope there will be another digit sooner or later~

    Thanks Kristin =D
    Without reader's support I won't earn that much too hehe


    Thanks again to all who drop by my blog and congratz me ;p
    Really appreciate that~! I will do better as long as I got support from you guys!


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