Murderer 杀人犯 (2009)

Ling (Aaron Kwok) is a self-assured Police Chief Inspector. He solved numerous difficult cases, has a flawless track record, and is nominated for a major promotion. He has a gentle wife, an adorable son and a posh lifestyle. In every sense, he is as enviable as he is successful. His perfect life takes an abrupt turn when, on one of his operations, he faints and wakes up to discover his short-term memory is damaged, and his top colleague mercilessly killed in the same building. Ling's colleague is the third victim of a cold-blooded serial murder. Each time, the victim dies a slow death in unimaginable pain. At the height of his life, Ling encounters this most vicious murderer in Hong Kong's crime history. He must catch the killer at all costs. But as Ling sifts through the clues, he finds that all the evidence point towards himself!

This is the happy face before watch Murderer (2009)
*Amanda in pict*

She was trained to pose whenever she spotted a camera, esp jloi's DSLR ;p

Went to eat at Station Kopitiam at e@Curve
Nigel Tee, Jackie Loi, Nicole Chua(msxeroz) and me

For your information, Taiwan also sell "Rubber" Made in Malaysia
That's why "Malaysia Boleh~!"
Play safe with the Malaysia's "Rubber"
Wern, Amanda Lew, Samuel Chew, Joshua Law and Max

Taking not much photo this time and these are the only photo.
Me, Zues and OBC

If you want to watch Murderer, please don't be late.
As there is some you-should-not-miss scenes XD

Eventhough Aaron Kwok already age 43, he still look young in this movie and Ning Chang is a pretty + cool lady since I first know her from "白色巨塔" TV Series

Everything goes fine with the starting of story line until you got a familiar truth about the murdering case. Especially when there is one scene where the bad guy is selling off others people's baby. I laughed most at that part.

But there are certain gross scene that appear in this movie, make sure you don't miss it as it really leave you an impression for at least one night.

So in conclusion, if you like to see how Aaron Kwok do his act you shouldn't miss this movie.
As he really did a great job in showing what he feel and the evil inside.

Because of the children, Sonny I deduct a lot of marks
His voice doesn't match at most of the mouth synchronization!
Rating: 6.5/10

In FHM Most Wanted Woman people like Chong Sister

This time 2 ladies volunteer to be the models for Murderer Screening
I now presenting you the Chua Sister
*Nicole Chua and Wern*


  1. Eh..Chua Sisters look very pretty eh..Can i have her phone number?


  2. Haha! Play safe with the Malaysia's "Rubber"...LoL~ Nice post! ^^

  3. [wen pink]
    We did ask you to take photo together ar
    But you don't want ;p


    Are you sure you are not related to Chua Sister?
    Your writing looks familiar! haha

    Thanks =)
    Remember, play safe!

  4. LOL~!!

    I'm one of the murderer, how come my identity reveal so fast!!!


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