The Dissolving Finger Plant!

A story continue from my affair with my lecturer
After Dr. Adeline and Li Ern left, me and others wandering around Subang parade.
Kah Shin bought a present. James bought a very useful pen and I saw something I really like

!~The Pitcher Plant~!

They have the tube shape pitcher plant

The dark red one
In Coraline(2009) there will be frogs coming out from the plant.

This is another species - Drosera

The red tentacles are actually the "catcher" that trap the bug
The tentacles will role along the prey it get.

Here is a video

And the cute one!
They were just growing in the tiny little cup

They can eat bugs

And when they grow bigger they can do this!

This is the very cute one Venus Flytrap @ RM 8.00 per vase

So, if you are interested go to Subang Parade these day to buy one of the Pitcher Plant from the guy in the picture above!
He will give you discount when you say my name =D

K la I am just kidding ;p

Thanks to Ev Ooi for suggesting the title =)
So guys, please remember the name of this plant
Pitcher Plant @ 猪笼草


  1. LOL..!! when i saw ur link pop up on my page i was surprised to see the title! wah didn't know d plant really makan finger like that wei..ganas!

  2. [EVo]
    Haha, I have wrote about this below another post. But then after your advice decided to separate it and put some video inside.

    Thanks for the advice esp. the title~! haha

  3. cool! murderer plant! killer! i saw the video, poor bugs...

    so, i prefer all the restaurant to have this plant, so that the plant can eat the flies. hahaha!

  4. I think I shd get 1 and put it on my dining table =D

  5. Nice! Now i only know got this type of plants..haha! Thanks for sharing. =)

  6. [Cofee Pei pei]
    Haha good idea~! =D
    But I guess they still cant fight over the blue light electrical killer

    It need a lot of water and sunlight ;p

    [Joshua law]
    You are always welcome =)

    [Ewin Ee]
    You play yoyo also cool ar =D


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