Ruumz Happy MWR Judges @ Upstair The Loft

Lets start with a photo of the smiling judges =)
Hardly can see face of Ms Lu right?

Here is a closer one~
Ms Lu Jing Shia and Sarah Lian :)

Below is collage of the MWR finalist showing us their talent.

First one, performance of Reuben and Kalveen

I thought it will be "I love you babe" but it was "Merry christmas"?

I still remember Raessa's Flip-phone joke

Here comes another collage
Ellie sang a song and Amanda show us how to finish a pint of beer in err...10 seconds?

Jing Cong dancing again, girls do like cute guys ar? Same to Jonathan!
I remember Jonathan keep shouting "I love you!" lol

Kingston giving speech in different slang

Pearlyn Sin trying to persuade her "dad" to let her participate MWR competition
The "Get down there" trick works! No idea what is it? Watch this video =)

Derek Yap tried to rap but I guess he is too anxious and the mic got some problem. Therefore Joey G stand out with his rap

Ever want to travel back to time or teleport?
Let see Dicky's Time Travel dance in lifetime!

Kamen Liew teached Joey G japanese languange to help him ask a Japanese girl out

Turns out Naomi, one of the ruumster burst out laughing ;p

Umar Shahir is teaching us how to get body shape like his.
Demonstrating abs exercise.
He can be a good personal trainer ya, any girl interested?
If yes, find him in ruumz here

I am really impressed with what Rachel Beh can do using her both hand.
she can draw and write using both hands! =)
What else can she do using both hand? Joey G gave a hint

For more photo please wait till I upload on Facebook and Picasa Album ya.

Next up
Ruumates Catwalk with RipCurl and Acer Notebook

Stay tune for this!!


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