I’m Addicted to Olay Game. Very Indeed!

"Is your skin hungry for fairness??"
You can get both fair skin and a chance to win many great prizes by playing this flash game
OLAY Find Fairness Game

Since I was tagged by StevenBoy and I am interested to win prize
There I go!!

I am now at the City of ParisNotice the lady on the bottom right?
She is the Avatar I created as only female character are available
Big eye small mouth and a short hair. Looks unique enough? =)

There is always a helpful OLAY Lady that will serve you
She help me enjoy and get used to the game very fast =)

When you go to Paris, there are 6 different mission that you need to go through
  • "Shopping Mall" - Specially for Shopaholic. Need to have good sense of direction on where to go
  • "Restaurant" - Find what are the ingredients to cook a dish and must have eagle eye when playing this game.
  • "Party House" - For night life lover. In the club it is very colourful with the lighting and drinks and you need to match them well.
  • "Park" - A place for you to do exercise and get a healthier body. Sooner or later can become a dancer too.
  • "Metro" - A path that you must go through under the sun. Use sun-block when necessary. Avoid the smoke, wind and other nature elements.
  • "Super Market" - Where varieties of items are available there. How to buy the required item in shortest time.

Here is a screen-shoot from all 6 missions

This is one of my favorite - "Party House"
"Let's play the colour!"

After you have completed 6 mission you will greeted by this lady
If you're not satisfied with the current score you still can challenge the missions again and again

There is actually a suit case for you to keep accessory and outfits
Maps, Photo Album, Passport, Clothes and Olay Natural White

This is the photo album that keep photos taken during the journey of Paris

This is my photo collection of all the six place
Did you saw Paris Tower and and Hot Air Baloon? =)

When you are on the street, you can actually gain some tips by greeting the Parisian around the town
They will give you beauty tips and fashion tips
I am totally agree with "Wearing too much make up will degrade you"

And if you are lucky enough you can get free outfits and accessory~!
I got a white pants from this Parisian

This is the default outfit of my avatar
Now she looks normal

At last on today I manage to collect all the free outfit and accessory~!!
All black, Classy, Cute and Sporty outfit

Pure white, Elegant, Cook and Trendy outfit

Airhostess, SnowWhite, Stripe and Cool brown looks

Total 16 different outfits
Which one do you like??

I already forgot how many times I have talk with the Parisian to get those outfit and accessory. Does this show that I am addicted with OLAY Game enough? ;p

It is like solving the puzzle as we dun know how the outfit looks like until we got the whole set. Every set of outfit got 5 different accessories, guess how many times I need to talk with Parisian to get the outfit?

I joined this game since 3rd August and only manage to gather all the collection today.
While today is the last day to submit entry for
Nuffnang exclusive OLAY Blogging contest!

In extra, did you know that if you drop by Giant you can actually get Olay Natural White at cheaper price?
All you have to do is receive the discount through email.
Only available @ http://www.findfairness.com

Here is my final score after passed all 6 mission
Current score is 9307 only and I am trying harder to get higher score!!

Why? Because the prizes are too attractive and I want to win an iPhone 3G or a Sony CyberShot DSC T900~!
What if I not able to win the Top 2 prizes? Look at the brightside!
I still able to get Olay Natural White product set for my parents ;p

Now I would like to tag 5 of my friends:
Nicole Chua, Adele Chow, Melody Fen, Tzia and my sis DearBear3
I challenge you girls to beat my score =)

Olay Nature White is fill with Triple Nourishing Vitamins [Pro B5, B3 and E]
create animated gif

Ever dream of becoming a lady with fair skin?
Try Olay Natural White start from today~!

Or else, win the Olay Natural White product by playing OLAY Find Fairness Game
*finger crossed*


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