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WD SanDisk Portable SSD - Faster Workflow for Photographer & Videographer

If you are a photographer who shoot RAW photos and videographer who shoot slow-mo and 4K footages, and drone user like me who shoot 4K, HDD storage is one important thing that you shouldn't neglect. So if you are like me, shoot tons of photos and videos every day and night, these new gadgets might fit in and ease your daily life.
Western Digital Corporation (WD) recently launched two new portable SSDs in Malaysia, the My Passport Wireless SSD and SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD. [What's SSD? SSD is Solid State Drive that offer you faster storage/reading speed and much more durable than the normal HDD. You may want to read more about SSD vs HDD
I used the earlier version of My Passport HDD and glad that they now come up with the SSD version for My Passport. I am actually more excited for the launch of SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD as not only the storage is smaller in size, it is much more durable than HDD and easy to bring along as your travel gadget. No one want to bring along…

'Flavours of Berjaya' - Cookbook That Makes You A Better Chef

As a person whose cooking level is only at the level of preparing non-soggy 'maggi mee tambah telur', perfect half-boiled eggs, and sunny-side fried eggs, I believe with this new cookbook that I received from Mr. Hanley Chew, I will become a home-chef yang 'berjaya'! All right jokes aside, I am here to share something with you who like to cook.
'Flavours of Berjaya' is the first cookbook by Berjaya Hotels & Resorts (BHR). 17 chefs from Berjaya Hotels and Resorts in Malaysia and overseas have contributed their signature recipes to be featured in this cookbook. Other than sharing their secret recipes, these chefs also share some foolproof cooking techniques that have been tested and perfected from their years of experience in preparing local favourites and international cuisines for our discerning hotel guests.


Organised by MacpiePro and co-organised by MSR, K-WAVE 3 Music Festival returns in just after 7 months! FTISLAND, EXID, MONSTA X, AOA, JEONG SEWOON, WJSN and BOYFRIEND are bringing the wave to Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam on 18th August 2018 from 8pm! 
The festival, which has been held outdoors for the last 2 consecutive years, is moving indoors this time around to bring fans closer to the 39 idols that made up the 7 acts for non-stop excitement for more than 120 minutes!
K-pop fans aged between 15-17 years old (born in year 2001 to 2003) get to experience the festival at only RM34. The same age group who are already Mcalls fans get to catch the wave for almost FREE by redeeming an Entry Package, which is only subject to RM4 Processing Fee.
Access to the festival comes in an Entry Package (Concert Ticket + Processing Fee + Mcalls Y33 SIM Pack) with prices ranging from RM34 to RM498. ALL Entry Packages are available thro…

【Photo】Brother Of The Year in Malaysia IOI CIty Mall #BrotherOfTheYear #BrotherOfTheYearinMY

As promised, if this YouTube video reach 50 likes within a day, I am posting more photos taken at IOI City Mall. #BrotherOfTheYear VIPs including Director Witthaya Thongyuyong (also known as Vithaya Thongyooyong)Nichkhun Horvejkul (Nichkhun), Sunny Suwanmethanont (Sunny) and Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya). They have arrived at Malaysia few days back to promote the movie #BrotherOfTheYearinMY.
The event held at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya was free admission and fans already start gathered at the main stage area since early. I wonder they were here for Sunny, Yaya, Nichkhun or Director Witthaya? Before BOTY stars arrived, emcee Jacky from XUAN did a game to choose 6 lucky audience for a chance to interact with the casts. Besides that, there were 10 lucky winners who won the contest and got the group photography session with Yaya, Sunny, Nichkhun and Director Witthaya.

【Photo】Brother Of The Year in Malaysia Press Con #BrotherOfTheYear #BrotherOfTheYearinMY

Hello guys, today's blogpost is gonna share tons of photos taken at "Brother Of The Year" Malaysia Press Conference at Le Meridien Putrajaya (right beside IOI City Mall ). As for news coverage, Yahoo Newsdid a very good coverage so you may refer to it for better understanding. For Chinese coverage, you may check out

Special VIP who arrived in Malaysia that day are Director of #BrotherOfTheYear Witthaya Thongyuyong (also known as Vithaya Thongyooyong),  Nichkhun Horvejkul (Nichkhun), Sunny Suwanmethanont (Sunny) and Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya) .
Knowing that there are many people who want to see more photos of Director Witthaya, Nichkhun, Yaya and Sunny. Here's an exclusive post for you guys! #BrotherOfTheYearinMY #BrotherOfTheYear 
Remember credit or tag @tianchad when you share the photos. I am here to share the love and I hope you guys can share the love in a lovely way too. Or else next time I wouldn't be encourage to share these photos anymore right…

DANCING AURORA IN ALASKA JUNEAU | 16澶╅樋鎷夋柉鍔犵磪瀵剁煶鍏富铏熼兊杓+鍔犳嬁澶ф礇纾北鑴堜箣鏃 16 Days Alaska & Canadian Rockies Tour

【鐢盙D鐙鍛堢幇鐨勪笌Owen鍙跺墤閿嬩竴璧锋帰绱㈤樋鎷夋柉鍔】16澶╅樋鎷夋柉鍔犵孩瀹濈煶鍏富鍙烽偖杞 鍔犳嬁澶ф礇鐭跺北鑴変箣鏃呯粓浜庡渾婊¤惤骞曞暒!姝ょ▼鏈118浣嶄翰鐖辩殑娓稿涓璧峰害杩囪繖娈典汉鐢熶腑闅惧繕鐨勬梾绋!鐜板湪灏辨潵鍥炲懗涓涓嬫垜浠竴璧锋梾琛岀殑灏忓皬鐗囨鍚!鍦ㄩ偖杞笂鐪嬪埌鍖楁瀬鍏,鍧愮洿鍗囨満鍒伴棬鐧婚湇灏斿啺宸濋洩灞变腑澶箻鍧愭粦闆嫍鎷夐洩姗,鍚冮樋鎷夋柉鍔犲笣鐨囪煿de。濡傛灉鏈夌湅瑙佷綘浠殑浜叉湅鎴氬弸鍒繕浜唗ag浠栦滑杩囨潵鐪嬪摝!
Golden Destination's 16 Days Alaska and Canadian Rockies Tour with Malaysia Celebrities, Owen Yap has finally come to the end. It was an unforgettable moment to travel with total of 118  lovely passengers, I do hope that we all had a very memorable and enjoyable travel experience throughout these 16 days!  It was definitely a special trip to document down as much precious moments as we can together.

My First Ceramic Workshop @ Thirty3Eleven with Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S

In conjunction with launching of Xiaomi new smartphone with ceramic design - Mi MIX 2S. There was a ceramic workshop organized at Thirty3Eleven, a ceramics label founded by interior designer, Lee Ee Vee. I find it quite refreshing way to explore and learn how to make ceramic, it is also a fresh new way to explore new gadgets too haha. So below are some photos taken during our exclusive ceramic making workshop. 

【Brother Of The Year】 Sunny, Nichkhun & Yaya Meet & Greet in Malaysia this 3 July

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT GUYS! If Sunny Suwanmethanont (Sunny), Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya), and Nichkhun from 2PM KPOP Idol group is someone that you would like to meet in person. Don't miss out these TWO events!

The movie "Brother of the Year" is finally coming to Malaysia so IOI City Mall and GSC Malaysia is having these special event to let you meet Sunny, Yaya and Nichkhun in person! There are TWO different event on the same day
Brother of the Year Mall Appearance - Yaya, Sunny and Nichkhun @ IOI City Mall   (Free Admission)Brother of the Year Mall Meet and Greet @ GSC Mid Valley                                       (RM40 for movie ticket, T-Shirt,  pop-corn and drinks)

【Photo】Hungary Film Fiesta 2018 @ GSC Pavilion KL ft. Faiz Subri

Hungarian Film Fiesta 2018 had taken place at GSC Pavilion KL from 7 to 10 June. If you are a football fans you would definitely love their free screening. Courtesy of the Embassy of Hungary in Kuala Lumpur, four titles were screened for free at the film fiesta, which are “Pusk谩s Hungary“, “Barca’s Untold Legends”, “Brazils” and “6:3 AKA Past Plays Itself”.

All four movies were being screened in their original Hungarian language, accompanied by English subtitles. You may read more at CinemaOnline
Today I would like to share some photos taken during the Hungarian Film Fiesta 2018 Launch on 6 June 2018. Special guests including H. E. Attila Kali (Ambassador of Hungary to Malaysia), H. E. Gyorgy Szollosi (Ambassador of Hungarian Football Tradition and Affairs) and Malaysian Professional Footballer Mr. Faiz Subri.

My First Iftar in Putra Mosque during Ramadhan

As a photographer who love to explore new places and culture, I am going to share my FIRST Berbuka Puasa/Iftar (Break Fast) experience in Putra Mosque right in Putrajaya, Malaysia. All these were unplanned as I was there to find interesting architechture in Putrajaya and take photos of it by just using my mobile phone. It was for #DayAndNight and '12vs12' mobilegraphy challenge.

【VLOG】Our Prewedding Diary 鎴戜滑鐨勫鎽勬棩璁 | 鏂板琚皬鎬吔鏀诲嚮?!

杩欐槸涓鐢熶汉鍙仛涓娆$殑涓滆タ,鎵浠ユ垜鎯冲垎浜垜浠琍rewedding濠氭憚鐨勭粡楠屽暒。鍏跺疄涓鏉ュ彧鏄负浜嗚褰曟垜浠咯鐨勭敓娲,浜屾潵鏄笇鏈涘垎浜竴浜涜兘甯埌鏈潵鎯崇粨濠氱殑澶у。褰撳ぉ鎴戜滑鍘籉RIM KEPONG鎷嶅鏅,娌℃枡鍒版湁灏忔吔鏀诲嚮鏂板,鏁翠釜杩囩▼杩樿洰鏂伴矞鎼炵瑧浣嗕篃鍏跺疄鎸虹疮鐨。涓嶈繃杩樺ソ鎽勫奖甯Winz涓庡寲濡嗗笀SueAnne鎮夊績鐓ф枡,鎴戜滑鎵嶆病閭d箞绱,涔熷笇鏈涗箣鍚庢湁濂界収鐗囩湅鍟。
杩欎竴娆¤鎰熻阿LaFame Bridal Mansion璁╂垜浠甫#RBBUNNY鍏斿瓙涓璧峰幓鎷嶆憚,涔熸妸鎴戜滑鎷嶅緱缇庣編鐨 (鏈閲嶈鏄柊濞樼編涓藉暒),涔熻璋㈣阿鏂板鍥犱负濂圭┛楂樿窡闉嬪湪鏍戞灄閲岃緵鑻︾殑璧板姩,鐒跺悗鍙堣鎬吔鏀诲嚮。鍒朵綔杩欓儴褰辩墖璁╂垜瀛︿範浜嗕笉灏戞柊涓滆タ,鐢Adobe Audition甯綘鍒朵綔涓涓嚑涔庢棤缂洪櫡鐨刅log Music Loop闀胯揪鍗佸垎閽, 鐢ARCTIME涓嬪瓧骞曚篃蹇簡璁稿。
鎴戜滑鐨勫鎽勬棩璁 OUR PREWEDDING PHOTOSHOOT DIARY | 鏂板琚皬鎬吔鏀诲嚮?!

鍠滄杩欓儴褰辩墖鐨勮瘽,鍙互鎸塋IKE鍜孲UBSCRIBE。鎯崇湅鏇村濠氭憚BTS鐓х墖鍙互鍘绘垜鐨勯儴钀芥牸 鎸囧畾鏂囩珷
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Malaysia's First Onyx Cinema LED Screen in Golden Screen Cinemas #OnyxGSC

GSC and Samsung has worked together and have this brand new revamped cinema hall for better movie experience. GSC Mid Valley Megamall Hall 11 is the first in Malaysia to have LED Cinema Screen for a different movie viewing experience. The other day watched Jurassic World #myfallenkingdom again, find that the screen showed more contrast, more even screen brightness regardless of which corner you seat, even subtitles also looks sharper 馃槀#OnyxGSC For now, you just need an extra RM1.50 for a much more comfortable movie seat and it's for you to spot the differences for yourself to watch movie with this new screen. Now I wonder how it looks like when I watch #BigBrothersfeaturing #DonnieYen馃槑 Gotta a watch a few more movie twice to comment more PS: Thanks for the lucky draw~馃檹馃檹馃檹

Jom Beria Beraya: WIN Vespa When You Buy New Laptop

As a photoblogger who travel frequently, I do need my working station as mobile as it can. If you ever wonder, other than editing photos on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone (currently using Note 8 and Galaxy S9 Plus), I have been using the HP ZBook Studio G3 for all my photo editing/processing and especially video editing for my YouTube Travel videos. As for storage, I am using WD My Passport Portable Harddisk and planning to upgrade to their SSD series soon. (Safer to use SSD nowadays as it become much more durable, affordable and smaller in size).
As a user of HP laptop for years, I would like to share this Raya Promotion that HP Malaysia has organized. Other than getting RM100 shopping vouchers form Zalora, KFC,Petronas, Watsons or AEON, you can grab a chance to win Vespa too! Broom broom with style in this coming Raya~

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at FRIM Kepong & LaFame Bridal Studio

Finally! We had our prewedding photoshoot done with the team from LaFame Bridal Studio in SS2.  Courtesy of LaFame, we were one of the lucky winner to win Lafame’s Best Couple Search Contest in conjunction of 1st anniversary. Thanks to the support from all my friends and family, we won an indoor photoshoot session and later decided to upgrade to include outdoor photoshoot session. Every couple who are planning to get married can read this post as I will share my experience and perhaps some helpful tips for you to get ready and find the right pre-wedding bridal house, including gown selection, make-up artist, photographers and things included in your package. 
People say I can shoot my prewedding because I am a photographer myself, I think I will able to do it too BUT it takes a lot of efforts and preparation to make it possible. I can't just use my #TCFisheye to do the #TCSelfie all the time right? Haha! If we travel alone, I can still depends on tripod to help use take group pho…

【PHOTO】Million Loves in Me 瀵垫垜 Press Conference in Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Here's a throwback to the recent event I've documented through my camera. Although it was just a press event and media interview. It is crucial to capture their precious moments too. With that, it won't makes you feel 'it-is-just-another-press-event' or boring. At least that's what I like to deliver to the eyes who look back at these event photos.

Guests of Honour includes multi-award winning actress Lo Koon Lan缃楀啝鍏, lead actor John Y 铏炴棩鏂, producer Kenny Chan, supporting actor Wilson Lee 鏉庝紵鐕 and supporting actress Ruby DFaye 鐙勫. The session involves each of the cast member sharing their experiences and thoughts about the filming process.

It was Million Loves in Me 瀹犳垜 Press Conference held at Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur. I always love their lobby's decoration with a vase of living orchids at the center of the hall. It just looks amazing and compliment the hotel's interior. I hope you'll enjoy the photos:
#瀹犳垜 #瀵垫垜 #缇呭啝铇 #铏炴棩鏂 #鐙勫 #rubydfaye #鏉庝紵鐕 #…

Samsung 2018 QLED TV - New Era TV for Modern Home

Ever since I have an own space together with my love one to decorate, other than thinking of which refrigerator, washing machine and furniture that is suitable for our place. A TV with minimalist and modern design is what I am looking for. Hence when Samsung sent me an invite to check out their latest 2018 TV series, I had to go just to experience it myself. 
Departed from home as early as 9am, followed up with close to an hour journey to Black Box, Publika for Samsung 2018 QLED TV launch. Glad that the traffic wasn't that bad.

Hungarian Film Fiesta - FREE Screening @ GSC Pavilion KL | 7-10 June 2018

The Launching Ceremony of the Hungary Film Festival will be held on the 6th June 2018 (Wednesday), and the Film Fiesta FREE Screenings for the public will be opened from June 7th – 10th June 2018 at GSC Pavilion KL. Tickets for the Hungarian Film Fiesta can be redeemed for FREE from GSC Pavilion KL ticketing counter from 11am, May 31 (Thursday) onwards, on a first come first served basis. 
This year, Mr Gy枚rgy Sz枚ll艖si, Ambassador of Hungarian Football Tradition and affairsconcerning the heritage of Ferenc Pusk谩s. Mr Sz枚ll艖si is currently the editor-in-chief of the leading Hungarian daily sport newspaper Nemzeti Sport and the Hungarian edition of FourFourTwo football magazine, is also known as the authorized biographer of Ferenc Pusk谩s, one of the world’s greatest footballers ever. 

【PHOTO】Million Loves in Me 瀵垫垜 x SPCA Ampang Charity Pledge

《Million Loves in Me 瀵垫垜》 paid a visit to SPCA Ampang, Selangor and here's some of the captured moments. The cats were all so relax sleeping and wandering around, while playful dogs in the compound awaiting us human to come play with them. Million Loves in Me 瀵垫垜 made a total amount of RM5000 Charity Pledge to SPCA Ampang at the end of the event.
I would like to say thank you to John 铏炴棩鏂 for the opportunity to document this journey. Thanks Ruby鐙勫 for recommending me to them too! It was indeed a very meaningful documentary photoshoot for this event. The past few sessions were good too as I get to learn a lot from 缃楄佸笀 缃楀啝鍏 about how to act well in the character as an actor.  For now I would like to share some of the moments captured at SPCA Ampang. The SPCA environment has got much better if compared to last time and I am glad they have a strong team of people maintaining that place.

#瀹犳垜 #瀵垫垜 #缇呭啝铇 #铏炴棩鏂 #鐙勫 #rubydfaye #鏉庝紵鐕 #寰楀鐢靛奖 #awardswinningmovie #鐢靛奖 #milliionlovesinme #SPCA

【CONCERT】PENNY TAI LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2018 - “THIEF” ASIA TOUR 鎴翠僵濡 璐 浜氭床宸″洖婕斿敱浼 [椹潵瑗夸簹]

After circling around different cities in the continent, Penny Tai is finally “stealing” her tour back home! Organised by The WonderLand+ and NeverfallPenny Tai “Thief” Asia Tour Live in Malaysia 2018 is breaking into Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur on 11 August, 8pm!
The Taiwan-based Malaysian songstress is taking the stadium stage in her homeland for the first time, it is set to be her largest solo concert in Malaysia. To mark this long-awaited concert, there will be a ticket launch on 27 May, 12pm to 6pm at the concourse of Sungei Wang Plaza. Penny will appear at 3:30pm to meet her fans, which marks her first public appearance in Malaysia after some time. She will also be signing the tickets purchased on that day.


It was such a beautiful Monday morning in Malaysia to welcome such cute, handsome yet talented two boys from South Korea and they are IM YOUNG MIN and KIM DONG HYUN from MXM.
MXM is a new K-POP Idol group under one of the famous Production Company in South Korea, Brand New Music, were both Produce 101 season 2, former members and they have been chosen to form MXM last year. 
The name MXM reportedly stands for both ‘Mix and Match’ and press conference was hold at Ritz Carlton Hotel morning and lets check it out their this interesting get joyful interview together. 

Redang Island Conservation Day 2018 @ The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort

It is always great when I can do something to preserve the nature. Last two years I've joined the Tioman Island Conservation Day (TICD 2016 & TICD2017) by Berjaya Tioman Resort and it was fun where I get to explore the underwater world and contribute to conserve the nature at the same time. This time they are having their first conservation project at Redang Island.

During the press conference, I was amazed with the underwater drone that can capture 360 view of the underwater world. They will use this technology to document the conservation project and I hope to see the final outcome. Due to tight schedule that I have, I am not able to join RICD this time. However, I do hope it won't take too long for me to go back The Taaras again and help check out the conservation program! I miss the friends (and turtle Jojo) there!
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort will be having a conservation day in April 2018 to preserve the islands …

【Event】YouTube Video Making and Editing Workshop | Nikon Malaysia

Last weekend (21 April) I've attended the YouTube Video Making and Editing Workshop organized by Nikon Malaysia. There were two speakers who shared their knowledge that day - Low Chin Siang (IG: @chinsiang117), founder of Motion In Style and Danny One 娓╁姏閾 (IG:@dannyone).  The workshop was held at Nikon Center Kuala Lumpur, which now named as Nikon Experience Hub Kuala Lumpur. This is also the Nikon Service Center in Bukit Bintang, KL. Feel free to check out this place photographers~

As a Nikon photographer, it was very new to me to use my camera for videography. Hence it was good to learn from other Nikon users who has been using Nikon camera to do videography. It was a beginner class about videography hence I've learned most of the knowledge that Chin Siang has shared. However, he has taught me the proper work flow for videography and reminded me some of the basic theories that I've some how forgiven; Things that I've learned from DannyOne is the "Three P" …


One of the current hottest South Korean girl group, TWICE is ready to get your heart shaking through their fantasy park at TWICE Land! Organized by iMe,TWICELAND ZONE 2 - Fanstasy Park in Kuala Lumpur will be held on 28th July (Saturday), 8.30pm at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam.
The ticket prices are as below: FANTASY ZONE (free standing) – RM638VIP STANDING (free standing) – RM688VIP (Numbered seat) – RM688CAT 1 (Numbered seat) – RM568CAT 2 (Numbered seat) – RM468CAT 3(Numbered seat) – RM388
*All tickets prices are inclusive of 6% GST but excluding RM4 processing fees

TWICE "What is Love?" M/V


Today I went to the HomePro Warehouse Sale in Puchong and would like to share some of the sales happening in there. Do go there early as it was crowded even on the first day. There are tons of household item on sales so do check out the one that you like.  If you are like me preparing for new house, go check out HomePro Jualan Gudang 2018 in Puchong.
Be the first 800 visitors to redeem FREE GIFT worth RM39.90 and have FREE water and ICE-CREAM at the warehouse sale! There were Flash Sale happening from time to time so just grab what you think is worth. I got myself a mirror for bathroom and towel hanger. Have fun hunting for household item at a good price ya!

Ever Think Of Rearrange Your Instagram Feed?

Have you ever wonder how does Instagram photos looks like on your blog? Today I tried to embed some photos on my blog but I can't stop when I start scrolling down my Instafeed for more photos. 
So I took this opportunity to check back how I shoot and post the photos on my Instagram. I was looking for photos of strangers that I took when I met during travel. Some are people with stand out personalities through their outfit, some are couple that I stumble upon and I can feel the love and bonding between them, but most of it is about that sincere and happy smile that I try to preserve through time. So the moment you continue scrolling down you will see a lot of faces (maybe some love) that I posted from time to time. 
Now that I look back at it, I feel like I still don't have the consistency on my instafeed. So if I do have a chance to rearrange my feed of Instagram for portraits only , this will be how it looks like. Would you let me know what you think at the comment section b…

【Photo】 Le French Festival 2018 Launching @ GSC Pavilion KL #lefrenchfestival

It is another year of Le French Festival 2018 (French Film Festival 2018) at GSC Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and I am honored to shoot for this event. Love the activities that the Embassy of France and the Alliance Fran莽aise in Malaysia have organized this year as I had a taste of Bagad de Lann Bihou茅 pipe bands who performed right at the front of Pavilion KL.
C'est la vie! / Le Sens de la f锚te (2017) - Trailer (English Subs)
Courtest of GSC Malaysia, I was shooting for Le French Festival 2018 Launching and watched a fun movie C'est la vie! / Le Sens de la f锚te showcased in the cinema. Nicely decorated food by PAUL Pavilion KL and drinks by Martell. Not forget to mention the happy guests that was easy to photograph. I love their smile!
Special guest including Siti Saleha (Malaysian actress) and YAM Tengku Zatashah Sultan Idris Shah (President of Alliance Francaise de Kuala Lumpur) has attended Le French Film Festival 2018 launching of the night. Let's scroll down to check out so…

Genting Highlands Winch Balls Light Show - SkySymphony in SkyAvenue

Recently I went to Genting Highlands (yes with 's') for a three days two nights trip with family members. Since the 20th Century Fox World Malaysia Outdoor Theme Park is still under construction, including the Indoor Theme Park too. There really wasn't much things to do other than enjoying the cooling weather and drinking Starbucks at night, or feeling wealthy by shopping for branded cloth apparels at Genting Highlands Premium Outlets. They do offer great deal up to 60% discount at certain branded store if you've asked me.

As a person who love music, technology and free entertainment, I would like to share with you the new light show installation located at SkyAvenue, it's called the SkySymphony. You can watch these light shows for free every hour starting from 10am till midnight. I've recorded all three different SkySymphony Light Shows and you may just watch the videos below:

Genting Highlands SkySymphony Light Show

Airlink Annual Dinner 2018 @ Chuai Heng Banquet Hall #XINHAI

【VLOG】Airlink Annual Dinner 2018 #XINHAI
It was 渚掓梾娓 Airlink Annual Dinner 2018 at Chuai Heng Banquet Hall, Kuala Lumpur. First time attend their annual dinner, and there were these huge and juicy chicken drumsticks being served during the dinner. 鍒板簳鏄 Baki 杩樻槸 May Ho鍚冪浉鏈鍚稿紩浣犲憿?

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【EVENT】Huawei P20 Pro Launch In Malaysia & My Thoughts About It | RM2599 & RM3299

On 2 Apr 2018, HUAWEI Malaysia unveiled the much-anticipated HUAWEI P20 and HUAWEI P20 Pro. The HUAWEI P20 Pro features the world’s first Leica triple camera and both devices include unprecedented AI advances, combining technology and art to bring to life a groundbreaking smartphone experience.
HUAWEI P20 and P20 PRO PRICE IN MALAYSIA(Pricing and Availability):

Model Version RM HUAWEI P20 4GB + 128GB RM2,599.00 HUAWEI P20 Pro 6GB + 128GB RM3,299.00

The HUAWEI P20 Series will be made available on 6 April 2018 locally.
During the event, you will able to see some comparison of Huawei P20/P20 Pro with the Apple and Samsung smartphones without naming the model specifically. They do look impressive especially on the 5x Hybrid Zoom that allow you to take clear photos from far. Night photography photo also seems convincing from the display. However, if you want an accurate comparison between Huawei P20 series smartphone with other brand of latest smartphone like iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9+, the be…

【EVENT】SNICKERS Oats Launch in Malaysia @ KL Journal Hotel #SnickersOats

SNICKERS bar now has new ingredients added to the original formula. Instead of just the rich chocolate, caramel and nutty taste, now they have OATS in it! As a photographer myself, I do prepare snacks like this in my camera bag in case I need it during a long day. Now the Snickers bar with Oats definitely make it some how healthier right? Haha!
Fore information on SNICKERS Oats and their online contest: Snickers Official Facebook page : Snickers Official Hashtag : #SnickersOats #SurviveTheLongWait
Courtest of the event organizer and Snickers Malaysia, I as the official event photographer is here to share with you more photos taken during the event. There were media friends, bloggers and social media influencers a.k.a. KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) who attend this Snickers product launch. I saw familiar faces and it was a fun event to document because of them who are outgoing for the game and challenges. All right, I will let the photos tell the …

YouTube & Video Editing, Food Styling Photography Workshop with Nikon Malaysia

Have you ever wonder how to make video using your DSLR? As a DSLR Video creator myself, I also need to continue learn from professionals and enthusiasts who are using the same tools to create photo and video. I would like to share with you guys TWO upcoming photography and videography workshops organized by Nikon Malaysia. 
You will able to learn how to make YouTube video using Nikon DSLRs and edit it accordingly. This YouTube Video and Editing Workshop will have Low Chin Siang (Instagram: @chinsiang117) and Danny One 娓╁姏閾 ( Instagram: @dannyone) to guide you in this topic. 
A post shared by Motion in Style Cinematography (@motioninstyle) on Jan 26, 2018 at 5:11am PST The Wedding of Alvin and Khesin. Cinematography: @motioninstyle 
VLOG: 鑸囨潕鏄囧熀鏈夌磩 | 鏈夋晠浜嬬殑涓鍊嬫梾绋 | dannyone

【Photo】Czech Republic Film Festival 2018 Malaysia Launch @ GSC Pavilion KL #CRFF2018

The Czech Republic Film Festival 2018 #CRFF2018 took place at GSC Pavilion KL and GSC Mid Valley from 22 to 25 March. The inaugural ceremony, followed by the screening of 2017 movie of 'Barefoot', was held on March 21st, 2018, with the presence of the Minister in Prime Minister´s Department, Datuk Joseph Kurup. The tickets for all the festival´s movies were fully redeemed even before the Festival started. 
2nd Czech Film Festival 2018 Movie Trailers

A total of five award-winning movies have been selected for the film festival: “Adela Has Not Had Supper Yet”, “Barefoot”, “Kooky”, “Angel of the Lord 2” and “The Seven Ravens”. The movies of Czech Republic Film Festival 2018 was screened for free.
Courtesy of GSC Malaysia, I was there to capture precious moments of the event and would like to share with you guys today =)

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