Inspiration or Plagiarism? #TCRandom

昆明圆通寺 YuanTong Temple in KunMing City
昆明圆通寺 YuanTong Temple in KunMing City
Social media has been changing so quick that sometimes I feel like I can't keep up with the speed. Sometimes I just wonder if I should just continue follow their rules and play the game? Or just stop chasing after what seems to be the right thing that everyone going after. 

For example, the sky looks so dramatic in the picture above but does it really represent what we saw in real life? The original photos is actually with overcast sky and it looks dull with blank white space on top. Photoshop and even mobile apps nowadays can easily replace the sky for you with just a few steps. That's how IT nowadays change the games and standard on what is so called a good image.

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'Getting inspiration online' sometimes is just a better name of plagiarism 

We've seen people getting "inspiration" online from the internet, finding out where they shoot the photos, which DSLR/mirrorless camera and lenses they use to achieve that result. Some are kind enough to share the knowledge, while some just keep it to themselves because that represent their identity. However you can't stop people trying to get the same shot like yours because you are producing something good enough that people wan't to plagiarize/duplicate.

I wouldn't say you shouldn't do that because that's actually how I learn to improve my photography and videography skill. It's just that instead of copying what everybody has done, why not think of something else that bring-it-to-the-next-level or create-something-different? Just like the Keke/Kiki Dance, it is a great way to show your dancing skill. Instead of just showing your dance move, some video editor are smart enough to change the ending of the video (car crash toward the dancer, which is possible is reality) and that video became viral.

All I can say is, I am trying to bring my travel photos and videos to the next level and I am highly influenced with what I saw online. Sometimes by just scrolling on the instagram for good travel photos, it consumed time so easily that a few hours flew by. In the end I have a lot of photos added to my collection but I didn't spend enough time to create content.

Okay, actually this is just another #TCRandom post that I want to remind myself stop spending too much time getting all the inspirations*. Sometimes you've already got the knowledge and idea, but you gotta start taking action to really try it out and create the unique content that represent you. If you finally manage to achieve the same result that your inspiration did, do remember to credit that person properly as a sense of respect. (PS: Do make sure that you are creating something different and better instead of  the exact same thing that represent him. Does this make sense?)

I hereby like to say thank you to all the good travel photos and videos I saw from Instagram. People like @asenseofhuber, @tkdnxv, @jsnjnr, @izuddinhelmi inspired me on photography, and awesome people like @jswongfitness inspired me on fitness. Undeniable, awesome YouTuber like Peter McKinnon and Casey Neistat are both top YouTubers who inspired me in a way. Who else? It is for you to find out guys, just check out my Following list =)

This post is to remind myself not to create misleading/unreal travel photos because I know I will definitely be disappointed if I saw a beautiful beach from the internet, but in reality it is an overcrowded place with tons of tourists and rubbish piling up on the sea/seashore.

Hope you guys have a great weekend ahead. I kinda miss the old blogging time where I just share what's in my mind so that I can look back anytime. Below is the original photo taken during my recent trip to Kunming 昆明 in 圆通寺 YuanTong Temple.

Comparing photo above and this one, WHICH DO YOU PREFER?

Stay tuned for the upcoming post as I will share Top Things To Do In KunMing, recommended  activities, food or Kunming landmark that really deserve your attention.

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