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Prepare Marrakech Tea in just a minute with Nescafe Dolce Gusto

I love mint flavoured food especially the Chocolate Mint Ice-cream in Baskin Robbin, but what about hot drinks with mint flavor? Recently I've got myself a box of Marrakech Tea and I like the taste immediately when I try it for the first time. You may wanna read my previous post as my girlfriend prepared lovely breakfast for me and it is best paired with this cool-mint Marrakech Tea.
Today I wanna show you how easy it is to prepare a cup of Marrakech Tea for yourself and also your friend who drop by your house. Instead of photo, I will show you a step-by-step-video instead. Played with different lighting during the photoshoot so hope you like it!

Maxis Waze Contest to win Samsung GALAXY S5 and Petronas Petrol Vouchers!

Looking to make your Raya celebrations extra special this festive season? Take part in the Maxis Waze Contest for Raya and get rewarded for using the Waze app during the journey back to your hometowns. With this contest, customers have a chance to win big by collecting special ‘Maxis pins’ spread nationwide at all major routes as well as town and city roads. The contest, which is open to all Maxis and Hotlink customers, will run from 25 July to 3 August.

Top 10 customers who submit the most unique codes each day will win a Samsung Galaxy S5 and Petronas petrol vouchers worth RM200
By the way, Maxis also have this ‘Raya dengan Gaya’ Device Offers that let you save up to RM1,300 on the latest smartphones such as the HTC One (M8) and Samsung Galaxy S5. There will be additional discounts from RM100 on all other smartphones this Raya =D This contest is really awesome especially for you Maxis user who are a frequent Wazer!! I didn't travel much recently but hopefully I can find some Max…

I wanna #LiveLifeLoud at Epic@UK!

Do you remember I blogged about The Epic@UK Music Tour?? Thanks RED Apps for the reminder as I manage to create a video entry for this contest today(last day). Hopefully I will able to win this EPIC Music Tour to UK!! The Killers, Bastille, Sebastian Ingrosso and many other awesome artists, please let me see you there!!
Do check my video entry below:

I Choose Hotlink RED Escape: Epic@UK 
Between Epic@UK and Epic@Japan, I choose to go to UK because they have most of my favourite music artist there!! I've seen the artist lineup and Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, Bastille, The Killers, Paolo Nutini, Lily Allen, Train and many more will be there in V Festival!!

Since today is already the last day, I do hope that my last minute entry will able to help me win this unforgettable trip. I will definitely make this an EPIC #LiveLifeLoud Musical trip and share live update with you guys if I am lucky enough!!

PS: I promise I will behave in Hylands Park
"Look at the brightside…

Selamat Hari Raya! Rendang Ketupat Mari!

Image would like to wish all celebrants:
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin

and of course Happy Holiday!
Hola guys, I hope you are enjoying all the rendang, curry and ketupat =) Don't forget to drink more sirap and water to combat the hazy weather =) Thought of want to do fireworks timelapse but just remember my camera still in the workshop and the weather wasn't that good for night photoshoot either.
Feeling lazy when I got a few advertorials to rush during this festive season. *Today I don't feel like doing anything* Bruno Mars flu attacking   That's why here's a short post to wish all my muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya and non-Muslim friends happy holidays!! I shall work harder to get pocket money and fund my second camera body loo.
Till then, stay tuned for my Macau Travel Photo Story. It is gonna be amazingly #TCFishEye =) Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? You can subscribe to TianCha…

My Nikon D800 in Nikon Service Centre now...

Traveling to Macau was pretty good until something happened to my camera... My camera mirror suddenly can't flip up itself and all the image has become as below... Immediately my trip become so blue...

Coming Weekend to Macau!! 3D2N can go where?

Ruins of St Paul's Cathedral, Macau
That's right!! I am going to Macau this weekend and it will be a 3 Days 2 Nights Trip (20-22 July 2014). I believe 3 days won't be enough to explore the whole Macau but I will try my best to capture the beautiful side of Macau. Just hope that the weather is good enough with big blue sky and not that hot during our visit. As you see from picture above, Ruins of St Paul's Cathedral is one of the place that I would like to visit and take a #TCSelfie.

WIN" The RED Escape Music Tour" to Epic@UK & Epic@Japan #LiveLifeLoud

After the epic Taylor Swift Concert in Malaysia, Hotlink RED Apps continue giving out even more awesome and priceless experience to you now. There will be a series of fully sponsored trip to The RED Escape Music Tour in UK, Japan and you won't wanna miss this if you are a huge Jay Chou fans in Malaysia!!
Best thing is both flight and accommodation  are  fully sponsored including festival passes for both days to be won!! Continue read below to know which artist to go for. I would like to go to UK for sure to listen to The Killers. They are awesome musician!! You can check out some footage recorded using my little camera at The Killers concert last year in Malaysia.

I love music, but I love live music even more!! Instead of just me joining, I wanna share with my readers too so that you grab this chance and win it =) Really hope that I can shoot more concert this year!!

7 Things I've Learnt from British Council English Class

Harlo guys!! It's been months I went to British Council for my English Class and I would like to share my experience here. Basically, British Council is not only a good place to learn English, it is also a place to make new friends from all around the world too. I've met friends from Iraq, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan and many more friends from different working field. That's where I increase my culture knowledge through their personal sharing too, thansk to friends from Iraq! Later I am gonna share some tips with you too.

My Weekend Lovely Breakfast - Did it the Moroccan Way

Weekend #Throwback: So here we are at the beautiful @gardensbythebay for the first time!! Perfect background to do #TCSelfie!!
Good morning Monday!! Did you watch FIFA World Cup 2014 last night?? Hope you manage to get MC or rest enough to start your day =) Congratz to Germany by the way!! Last weekend was a relaxing one because I've decided to take a break from my work just to enjoy this weekend together with my girlfriend. Ever since we travelled to Singapore together, I noticed that we should do this more often as it really feel good especially when you travel together with your special one. It is a blissful Sunday because my girlfriend prepared a full course breakfast for me muahaha!!

[Review] The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown 《鐙鍐虫垬涔嬬粓鏋佷竴鎴》#TheLionMen2

“鍥《鏂板叺姝d紶》绯诲垪浜烘皵鐖嗘定鐨凙h Boys鍘熺彮浜洪┈,浠婂勾鍒濊繛鍚屾仼甯堟鏅哄己,寮烘敾鏂板姞鍧¤春宀佺數褰辨。,鎺ㄥ嚭浠ヨ垶鐙负涓婚鐨勫姩浣滅墖《鐙鍐虫垬》。鐗囧晢鐮搁噸閲戝埗浣滀笂涓嬩袱闆,绗竴閮《鐙鍐虫垬》1鏈堟柊鍔犲潯涓婃槧,鏀炬槧棣4澶╁氨鍒涗笅119涓囧厓鐨勭エ鎴夸匠缁,鐧讳笂璐哄瞾鐗囩エ鎴挎鐨勫啝鍐涘疂搴。闅忓悗2鏈堜簬椹潵瑗夸簹涓婃槧浜﹁幏寰椾笉淇楁垚缁。鑰屽嵆灏嗗湪7鏈17鏃ヤ笂鏄犵殑《鐙鍐虫垬涔嬬粓鏋佷竴鎴》寤剁画绗竴閮ㄧ殑鏁呬簨,璁茶堪Mikey(鐜嬩紵鑹グ)鍜孊abyface(鏋椾繆鑹グ)鍦ㄨ垶鐙垱鎰忔瘮璧涘悗,涓庣嫯绁(寮犳櫤鏉ㄩグ)鎵浜х敓鐨勭(鎿。鑰岀嫯绁炲彂鐜癕ikey瀵瑰皬闆(绋嬬牃绉)鎬鏈夌埍鎱曚箣鎯,涓嶇瀵逛粬浜х敓鏁屾剰。鍏勫紵鎯呬笌鐖辨儏,涓ゅ洟鎴愬憳姣旇禌鏈鍚庤皝鑳界櫥涓婂啝鍐涘疂搴...” Last week I attended the press screening and press conference of The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown 《鐙鍐虫垬涔嬬粓鏋佷竴鎴》 at GSC One Utama and Neway. All the cast including Jack Neo 姊佹櫤寮 , Chen Tian Wen 闄冲ぉ鏂, Tosh 寮犳櫤鏉 , WeiLiang 鐜嬩紵鑹, Maxi 鏋椾繆鑹, and Bunz 鍖呭皵鐞畐as there for the event. Earlier in March I was at Genting Highland for "The Lion Men" premiere and you may wanna read my previous coverage here: 鐙鍐虫垬 The Lion Men Gala Premiere @ Genting Highland & Personal ReviewThe Lion Men 鐙鍐虫垬鏉ラ┈閫犲娍,浼楁紨鍛樺皢鍑哄腑浜戦《棣栨槧绀煎強褰辫糠瑙侀潰浼 #TheLionMen "The Lion Men 2: Ultimate Showdown" 《鐙鍐虫垬涔嬬粓鏋佷竴鎴》 - 7鏈17鍙 鍏ㄩ┈涓婃槧

What If The World Get Upside Down?? #LatteCaramel

What if the world get upside down?? Have you ever thought of it? Instead of imagine guy and girl invert their roles in life, here's a twist of my photography by just invert the photos I took. Above photo is actually a photo of Banjaran Ipoh Retreats where the reflection of the mountain was formed on the misty hotspring. Does it look interesting for you? =) If yes continue read more!

Harlem Yu I Wanna Give You World Tour 2014 in Penang 搴炬緞搴 2014 鎴戣缁欎綘涓栫晫宸″洖婕斿敱浼 - 妲熷煄绔

“闊充箰椤界”鍝堟灄搴炬緞搴鍗冲皢鍓嶅線妲熷煄,浠ュ叏鏂扮殑鍚勪汉宸℃紨涓庢瓕杩烽椆缈诲ぉ!鏆岃繚姝屽敱鑸炲彴澶氭椂,搴炬緞搴嗗繊瓒充簡“涓冨勾涔嬬棐”,鑷劧鎯冲湪杩欐鐨勫贰婕旇垶鍙颁笂涓娆″敱涓。浜茶嚜鎷呬换姝ゆ宸℃紨闊充箰鎬荤洃鐨勫壕婢勫簡宸插湪鍐呭湴澶氫釜鍦板尯鎴愬姛涓惧姙澶氬満婕斿嚭,杩欐瑕佸湪妲熷煄鐨勮垶鍙板睍鐜拌嚜宸辩嫭鐗圭殑闊充箰椋庢牸,涓嶅繕缁欓┈鍥芥瓕杩峰憟鐜颁竴鏅氱殑绮惧僵婕斿嚭。 姝ゆ搴炬緞搴嗗皢鐢ㄥ敖鍗佸叓鐣鑹,缁欐瓕杩峰憟鐜颁竴涓畬鍏ㄤ笉涓鏍风殑鑷繁。杩欎綅“缁艰壓澶у挅”涓嶄粎浼氬甫鏉ュソ鍚殑, 鏇翠細甯︾粰瑙備紬濂界湅,濂界帺鐨勯」鐩。闄や簡浼氶噸缂栨瓕鏇插拰闊充箰鎬,搴炬緞搴嗚繕瑕佹妸浠栧弬涓庤繃鐨勭患鑹鸿妭鐩拰浠栦富鎸佽妭鐩殑妗ユ铻嶅叆杩涘幓,璇稿绮惧僵鐨勭患鑹烘ˉ娈典篃浼氬湪婕斿嚭褰撳ぉ鏉ヤ釜“鐜板満live 绉”,璁╂紨鍞变細鑸炲彴鐬棿鍙樿韩缁艰壓婕旀挱瀹。 搴炬緞搴2014鎴戣缁欎綘涓栫晫宸″洖婕斿敱浼氭鍩庣珯灏嗗湪10 鏈11 鏃,鏄熸湡鍏,鏅氫笂8 鐐,浜庢鍩庡浗闄呬綋鑲茬珵鎶鍦篠PICE Arena (PISA)鐬╃洰鐧诲満。杩欐槸鍝堟灄鍦ㄦ鍩棣栧満涓汉澶у瀷婕斿敱浼涔熸槸杩欐宸″洖鍦ㄩ┈鍥界殑绗竴绔! 搴炬緞搴2014鎴戣缁欎綘涓栫晫宸″洖婕斿敱浼氭鍩庣珯鏄敱AMC Live Group鑽h獕鍛堢幇。

[Giveaway] 《鐙鍐虫垬涔嬬粓鏋佷竴鎴》 THE LION MEN : Ultimate Showdown @ GSC Mid Valley [10 July 2014]

Date : 10 July 2014 (Thursday) Time : 9.30PM Venue : GSC Mid Valley

Harlo guys, if you are fans of The Lion Men here's a good news for you. Courtesy of MM2 Entertainment, is giving out 5 pairs of movie tickets to be the first few lucky fans watch The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown together with the casts and director.
*Cast attendance: Jack Neo, Chen Tian Wen, Tosh , WeiLiang, Eva Chen, Maxi, Bunz. *鍑哄腑鑹轰汉:姊佹櫤寮,闄冲ぉ鏂,寮犳櫤鏉,鐜嬩紵鑹,绋嬬牃绉,鏋椾繆鑹,鍖呭皵鐞
Scroll down for giveaway details!!

[Contest] Win Exclusive Autographed Jersey by Messi, Maradona and Pele!! #LiveLifeLoud

Yo guys, if you are Hotlink and RED Apps user I bet you have seen so many giveaway from their RED Apps #LiveLifeLoud Giveaway right? This is where I won my Taylor Swift Live in KL Concert tickets and you shouldn't miss it!! I just wanna share with you this giveaway that you can win exclusive jersey autographed by Argentina football legend including Messi, Maradona and Pele!!Each of these exclusive jersey worth RM2750 each yo!
Now here’s your chance to win! Click 'Claim' and show them how much you know about Messi and get every inch closer to winning the signed Jersey! If you have successfully claimed, you are in the running to win! Wait for the next notification to claim again to get closer to winning the Jersey. 
Contest mechanics:  Level 1 - 100 claims released, first 100 to claim will move on to the Level 2.Level 2 - 50 claims released only to the 100 who have claimed. First 50 to claim will move on to Level 3.Level 3 - 20 claims released only to the 50 who have claimed.…

[CANCELLED] A Great Big World Live in Malaysia 2014 [7 August 2013]

[UPDATE: 26 Jul 2014] It is with much regret that The WonderLand+ hereby announces the cancellation of the A Great Big World Live in Malaysia 2014 which is supposed to be held this coming 7th August at KL Live, Kuala Lumpur.
In view of the recent fatal tragedy of MH17, The WonderLand+ and Artist with heavy heart, have reached a mutual decision to cancel the show as part of our respect to the nation who is mourning over the unfortunate tragedy that has hit us all. The show, as part of a routed tour in Asia, could not be postponed to a later date within the near future period, as a result, opted to be cancelled.Full refunds shall be made to fans who have purchased tickets after the Raya holiday, from Monday, 4th August onwards through TicketPro. For more info, kindly contact TicketPro at +603-78807999.
Harlo guys, have you heard before this song called "Say Something" by Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World? The good news I would like …

2014《閲戣濂》5寮哄叆鍥村悕鍗曟彮鏅 NTV7 GOLDEN AWARDS 2014 TOP 5 NOMINEES UNVEILED

ntv7 Golden Awards 2014 will be broadcasted to all Malaysians on 20th September, LIVE from Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC). And before the night arrives, the Top 5 nominees were unveiled at the press conference, bringing us a step closer to crowning the winners. I would like to congrats all Top 5 nominees and wish you all the best in winning the awards!!

Back for the 3rd year, the prestigious awards ceremony that draws together the brightest, most dazzling and talented stars, while recognises and honours the outstanding works of those who have contributed passionately in the Malaysian Chinese TV industry, will continue its pursuit of excellence and quest in driving the industry to greater heights.

Flower Macro Shot using HTC M8 Camera. I'm satisfied!

As a photographer, the first thing I looking forward from a new smartphone is of course their camera. I got this HTC M8 last week and gotta say it has an interesting Duo Camera at the back of the phone. Now let's check what are the specification for HTC M8 Duo Camera and Front Camera.

Duo camera
Primary camera: HTC UltraPixel™ camera , BSI sensor, pixel size 2.0 um, sensor size 1/3”, f/2.0, 28mm lensHTC ImageChip 2. 1080p Full HD video recording with HDR videoSecondary camera: capture depth information
Front camera
5MP, BSI sensor, wide angle lens. with HDR capability, 1080p Full HD video recordingGallery with UFocus™, Dimension Plus™, Seasons, Foregrounder, Image match
Ever since HTC phone got this UltraPixel Camera, it never mention how many mega pixel it can capture anymore. According to GSMArena, the Duo Camera is actually 4 MP creating 2688褏1520 pixels images. So far I have not done any night time photography/using their flash yet. But this post is to showcase some photo taken u…

Sponsored Video: My Grocery Shopping Will Be Different Now

Hello guys, today I would like to share part of my life as a fulltime blogger and photographer. I've always enjoy the extra freedom that I got by doing this job and I will always go out and buy my groceries from the nearest supermarket. I always have the thought that I must self handpick my fresh fruits and vegetables as I can see it with my own eyes. This is of course to ensure that I am happy with my purchase =)
However, sometimes I do caught up with a few jobs (including photography) at once and I gotta spend the time wisely by spare out some time from my usual routine. This is when I go to online groceries shopping. It is really easy and most importantly I don't need to go out and carry all my stuff back as they will deliver right to my doorstep.

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ZALORA 15% Discount Voucher exclusively on

Here's Zalora Discount Voucher Code (ZBAPX8H) that applicable for not just Daniel Wellington Watches, but ALL new and latest fashion wear in Zalora Malaysia. You can now buy Daniel Wellington watches and other fashion apparels from Zalora Malaysia at 15% off!!