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Samsung GALAXY Gear Review & Price in Malaysia #TCReview

Since the first time I heard about Samsung GALAXY Gear I was curious on how useful it would be to be part of my daily life together with a smartphone like Samsung GALAXY Note 3. Let's check out how does a Samsung GALAXY Gear looks like would ya??
Samsung GALAXY Gear basically is a smartwatch that can do more than a typical watch can do. Other than showing you time and weather at place you are located at, it also allows you to make or answer call directly through the smartwatch. Honestly, I still can't accept myself to answer call through the watch as it makes me feel weird talking to a watch while everybody around you can hear what you say through the speaker embedded to it. Unless you wanna show off that you can do something that James Bond 007 can hahaha
Samsung GALAXY Gear has a smart 1.9 MP Camera
There is a 1.9 Mega Pixel camera embedded at the watch strap. I am quiet amazed with the photo quality that the camera can produce. Photo looks good enough even under low lights.…

Awesome 'Havoc - Joe Flizzow' Music Cover #MalaysiaBoleh

Good afternoon guys!! Before listening to Elizabeth's unique twist to Joe Flizzow's havoc, feel free to listen to the original version and then proceed to the music cover done by Elizabeth Tan =) I love her voice and the way she change the melody into something that's more soothing like Yuna and ZeeAvi's music but with her own style. 

HAVOC (Official Lyric Video) - Joe Flizzow featuring Altimet and Sonaone 

I've been repeating this video for several time so I thought why not I share with you guys as well?? #MalaysiaBoleh and  I hope Elizabeth can do more awesome music covers or even her own original song soon. Jia you!!

If you are wondering, Elizabeth Tan is a Chinese but there shouldn't be any selective favouritism based on her race.  As long you are a talented Malaysian, I am supporting you to pursue your dream =) If you know any other talented music YouTuber, share their YouTube link below so I will feature the one I am impressed with!!

Last but not least, fe…

Avril Lavigne Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur 2014 @ Stadium Merdeka

The Punk Princess is coming back to Malaysia for her The Avril Lavigne Tour 2014! Her latest Album AVRIL LAVIGNE with hit singles such as "Here's to Never Growing Up", "Rock n Roll", and "Let Me Go" - all charted the Billboard Hot 100 and "Here's To Never Growing Up", is currently the album's hit single.

Catch her concert live on Friday, March 14, 8.00pm at Stadium Merdeka! So hurry and get your tix from AirAsiaRedTix before it is sold out!

This concert is brought to you by AMC Live Group.

The Avril Lavigne Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur 2014 Date : Friday, 14 March 2014 Time : 8pm Venue : Stadium Merdeka Ticket Price : VVIP - RM488 VIP - RM388 ROCK ZONE - RM358 PARTY ZONE - RM168 FUN ZONE - RM88

Avril Lavigne - Let Me Go ft. Chad Kroeger

Tickets are available through Official Ticketing Agent - AirAsiaRedtix from 28 December 2013. Feel free to check out for …

Taste Better Durian Puff is now RM10/box @ Sunway Pyramid... #DurianPuff

Ever since I tried the durian puff  from Taste Better outlet in Sunway Pyramid, I fell in love with the taste and that time still consider affordable at RM8/box which contain 6 pieces of durian puff. The main reason I like this durian puff is I can squeeze the whole puff into my mouth and enjoy that tasty durian filing when you chew on the crunchy puff with smooth durian filling.

I still remember few months back I buy it at only RM8/box and it is cheaper if you buy 3 boxes at one at RM20 (save RM4). When I visit Taste Better again at Sunway Pyramid on Christmas day, it seems like they have increase the price from RM8 to RM10 per box (RM2 increase is a lot!!) and there is no more promo if you buy more than 3 boxes...

On Christmas day, Taste Better in Sunway Pyramid was having 3 boxes for RM25 promotion (during 24-26 Dec) and I said to myself, "I better buy 3 boxes sekaligus now as in future I can't afford their expensive durian puff anymore. Imagine last time you buy 3 boxes …

'Volkswagen On Tour' at Queensbay Mall, Penang #VolkswagenOnTour

Last weekend me and girlfriend had a short trip to Penang as I have a photoshoot on the island and will proceed to celebrate girlfriend's dad's birthday in Ipoh afterwards.  It was a super sunny day during my visit to the Penang Island but it never stops me from exploring delicious food here. 
I was staying somewhere near Sungai Ara and Queensbay Mall is the nearest shopping mall I can 'lepak' at. Later then I found out that Volkswagen Malaysia embarked their nationwide brand showcase, the 'Volkswagen On Tour' at 13 locations nationwide and Volkswagen Malaysia started its tour at Queensbay Mall, Penang. 
Since it is free admission for visitors at ‘Volkswagen On Tour’, I get to experience different exciting stuff at the exhibition area of more than 11,000 sq. ft. Let me share with you what you can see and what I did here:

At the 'Volkswagen On Tour' road show, you will be able to get up close and personal with various Volkswagen vehicles on display. Whe…

Pavilion KL Christmas Decoration with BIG LINE Doll

After attending Jackie Chan Police Story 2013 Press Conference, I went back to Pavilion to check out their Christmas Decoration both inside and outside of the mall. I still haven't manage to witness the artificial snow session at night but here's some photos capture using my favourite fisheye lens.

If compared to last year's Christmas decoration, I guess Pavilion added in LINE dolls as their new Christmas element. Any other interesting Christmas deco that you've spotted in Pavilion? Share with me!! I still haven't check out the humongous Christmas deco in Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) though. I heard their decorations are HUGE!!
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Astro鍥介檯鍗庤灏忓2013 涓夌敳杩滆荡闊╁浗鎷嶆憚鏃呮父鐗硅緫 - 《缇庡鍑哄贰Korea Style》

Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2013 Top 3 winners had a wonderful trip to Korea for the video shooting of 《缇庡鍑哄贰Korea Style》Travel Log. In just 8 days, Zhiny, Fancy and Erica has travelled to many different places in Korea to experience the local culture and share what they did during the trip. Below are some brief sneak peak of what you will see from their upcoming Korean Style Travel Log!!
It looks really fun and I wish I can do something like this in future. Oh wait, Astro don't have Mister Astro Chinese International Pageant yet. Anyway, I guest I shall start doing something on my YouTube channel first. Instead of just photo story, I will try to do more motion pictures/video blogpost in future!! 
Astro鍥介檯鍗庤灏忓2013 涓夌敳杩滆荡闊╁浗鎷嶆憚鏃呮父鐗硅緫 鎶涘紑缇庡鍖呰⒈闆跺舰璞 浠ユ渶鑷劧涓闈㈢柉鐙傛父闊╁浗 Astro鍥介檯鍗庤灏忓绔為2013姣旇禌鍛婁竴娈佃惤,鏂伴矞鍑虹倝涓夌敳缇庡闅忓嵆璺熼殢鍒朵綔鍗曚綅杩滆荡闊╁浗,灞曞紑8澶7澶滅殑《缇庡鍑哄贰Korea Style》鏃呮父鐗硅緫鎷嶆憚琛岀▼,甯﹂瑙備紬浣撻獙涓嶄竴鏍风殑闊╁浗鏃呮父! 鏈眾缇庡鍐犲啗Zhiny榛勪箣璞、浜氬啗Fancy鍚磋儰濠鍜屽鍐Erica闄堢钀浠庨煩鍥介灏斿嚭鍙,涓鐩村崡涓嬭嚦閲滃北,骞朵笖鍦闊╁浗瑙傚厜鍏ぞ鍚夐殕鍧″垎绀(KTO)璧炲姪鍜岀簿蹇冨畨鎺掍笅,鍒拌澶氫釜闅捐兘鍙吹鐨勬櫙鐐,鍖呮嫭棣栧皵钁楀悕璐墿鍖烘槑娲、涓滃ぇ闂、闊╁浗浼犵粺楗鏂囧寲浣撻獙棣、閲戝北瀵、鐢樺窛鏂囧寲鏉、骞垮畨閲屾捣…

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