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Where's the Party Calrsberg? Sepang Gold Coast!!

All right, just a quick sneak peek of Calrsberg 'Where's the Party?' @ Sepang Gold Coast! All 6 pretty DJ will play for us till 3am today and there they are!

A lot of outdoor activities at Sepang Gold Coast Beach and it is fun to get wet =)

I mean get really wet ;p

It is good to see Joey G and Patricia Suelin Knudsen today! They are one of the sweet couple that I am looking forward to capture their precious moments =)

At night, how does Carlsberg rock our party? All the 6 DJ that dressed in bikini and play good music?

All right the party is ending soon and I gotta go out to capture the party moment again!
Hope you guys looking forward for my full post about Calrsberg Party @ Sepang Gold Coast!!

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