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George & Ethel Getting Married! My First Time~!

Met George and Ethel in less than 24 hours ago and I feel really happy to see them get together and went for the next stage - Getting Married. Again, congratz to this new couple and their parents =)

This is also my first official wedding photography task. Must thanks Joshua for the invite and guide. I was bit nervous because the sky start to rain heavily in the morning. Took more photos than I expected because this is my first time and I wanna guarantee all photos taken are in good shape.

Feel gratitude for everything and hope can process all the photos as soon as possible then share with you guys~! Gotta rest earlier as tomorrow will be another long day to go.

Another thing to share, was told by a friend that a video of me and Cheeserland was nominated as Video of the year for DiGi WWWOW Award

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