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Movie: The Book Of Eli (2010)

The Book of Eli (2010)

Thanks Men'sHealth Magazine Malaysia for giving out movie ticket of "The Book of Eli". If you are a reader of this Magazine, try your luck to get 4 free tickets by just SMS once. I am looking forward for "The Bounty Hunter" in coming April.

Noticed that Gerald Butler is really active in movie these days. All sorts of movie he had cast. Still, I like his movie.

So what is "The Book of Eli" talking about? It is actually a story of journey to the West. In the movie Eli gave me a feel of him that he is very calm and powerful with that book. He really kill to protect the book and you can see bleeding everywhere, head cutting scene, and the arrow shooting at different fatal spot. All thanks to nowadays advance graphic effects.

It is somehow a religious movie so do watch it with open mind ya. =)

Rate it @ 7/10


Thanks Marcus for meet us up to return the LG phones. I hope life's good with it? =)
Remind me that I still owe you a treat.

Invited Yi Wern, Kah Shin, and YengYeng for the movie screening

Luckily Kah Shin is not late for the movie ;p

Today went to The Curve again and spotted the Golden TangLung @ Lantern

PS: Eli [Denzel washington] don't look that old after he shaved his beard/mustache. Looks like grooming do play a big role in showing your age ha? So, when you wanna looks young, shave your beard; if you wanna looks mature/old, keep it and make sure it looks tidy.

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)