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Paranormal Activity (2009)

Paranormal Activity 2009

Thanks to Nuffnang for organizing a quick contest for Nuffnanger to win screening ticket through their FanPage. At here I would like to thanks Joshua who notify me about this contest and collect the tickets for me. Appreciate~!

YokeYee, Joshua Wong, YengYeng and yours truly

So what is the movie about? A couple who is dealing with a "frog-demon" because it left frog footprints on floor. Have many limbs that can knock the door swiftly and have sharp teeth. PS: All are just my imagination because we can't see the demon at all.

In short, the lady (Katie) was somehow transformed into a demon after being bitten by the frog-demon. And her boyfriend (Micah) becomes her prey. Along the whole movie, the boyfriend always being naughty and wanna do something with her. Very naughty till get an Ouija board to lure the demon out.

What caught my attention along the whole movie is the short moment where Katie was dragged out from the bedroom to the place where they found the footprints.

After all, because it was taken mostly using handy cam, shaking and waving makes me dizzy and feel like want to vomit too!

So my advice, if you want to watch it don't eat too full or else you might vomit in the cinema [Like Cloverfield + District 9]

Rating: 5/10
Deduct 5 marks because I think the last scene just ruined the whole movie and I feel dizzy after watch. Can keep the 5 marks because your girl friend might be too scared to hug you tightly.

PS: Want to know some goofs about the movie? Click Here

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