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My Valentine’s Day

If I could choose a star to spent with during my valentine day, it must be Jessica Alba~!

I would bring her to Melaka even though it is more like a historic town instead of romantic city like Italy. However, Melaka nowadays are so different as there are many tourism hot spot in this small town now.

During days, sure I will bring her to A'Famosa Historical place. Visit St Paul hill as it is really nice at the top of the hill. If she is tired we can hire Melaka colourful Trishaw to wonder around Melaka City too.

Melaka Trishaws are just very colourful =)

If we are lucky we will able to witness people's wedding near the RedHouse area

14th Feb is Sunday, so I will bring her to the infamous Jonker Street and taste the hidden nice food on the street. Many things for her to shop too =)

At late night, I will bring her fly up high with Taming Sari to see Melaka Night View. From there we will able to see the colourful Melaka River and we both spinning in the air~!

I would bring her to the Sky wheel too if she want. Then only we will go to "The Jetty" to enjoy nice cool breeze.

I know I am not a romantic person but I am sure a day travel in Melaka is really fun with these Melaka HotSpot =)

After all, it is Valentine's day screening starting in 11th Feb 2010!

PS: If you wan't to catch this movie 3 days earlier must visit here!

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