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DiGi Pimp My Day...My Sick Day

Team 7: The Ultimate Clue Busters

Saturday was a crazy day for me, total 8 challenge, first challenge already challenge my stamina while I was SICK. Then climb up tons of stairs to the UR level for "It's a Hit" challenge and figured out we need to change station because if not need to wait for too long. This is definitely an unfavorable thing for my teammates T.t

At here I would like to say sorry to my every team members as I know me myself can't pay attention on what I am doing.

After all, look at the brightside, after I fell a sick I have noticed my team members are so caring to fetch me to 1 Utama instead of myself driving sickly to the destination. Thanks Zj, Nicole and Wern for being the part time paramedic. Without you guys I would already be a dead cat lying on the floor. Of course not forgetting Ange for being so supportive and trying hard in completing the challenge~!

Okay I guess I should continue to sleep to cure the fever! T.T

"Busters are in, together we'll win~!"

PS: Thanks Nicholas Chay is someway too =)

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)