30 September 2009

My Smirnoff Vodka & Man U Merchandise

Hello to all my dear readers, sorry for having less blog post these days as my broadband will only "recover" after next month [being throttled because hit the monthly 3GB quota]. Seriously, I am now blogging in a cyber-cafe and just done my blogpost for LG Blog too. Please don't forget to visit ya.

Last month, I won myself a Smirnoff Vodka and some merchandise from CLIVE Magazine

First time won a Vodka
specially from Clive Magazine.

This is my lucky winning as I only send one SMS for this competition =)

Honestly I like to join contest as much as I can =)

Man U Shirts + Smirnoff Cap

The back of the Shirt

Since I am not a football fans I guess I will give it out to one of my lucky MU friend? =D
I won't know you are interested unless you tell me.


PS: Vodka will stay with me la ^@^"

26 September 2009

Hot Till Fire T Music Festival

Courtesy of Kristine I was able to go for the huge T Music Festival concert for FREE! Thanks to Nuffnang for the free tickets and Tiger for organizing this festival too. The parking was not as packed as during the MU Football Players & Shout! Awards. Arrived there half hour earlier and meet up with other Nuffnangers.

Jacquelyn, Bernard,Simon Seow, Alex, Ren , Jackie, Joshua and more.
Remind me your name when you saw this ;p

There are many security guards at the entry but still have tons of people manage to bring in their Digital Camera including me ;p
I wonder how the people sneak in their DSLR with huge lens some more!*salute*

Here are some photo selected from what I have snapped. Each artist will have 1-2 photo =D

Andrew Tan 陈势安

Rickman Chia 谢承伟

The winner of First Season SG Superstar - Kelvin Tan 陈伟联

James from Thai
Who sang a very familiar Cantonese song

Manhand 慢行 singing ShowHand

Guess how many people in the stadium?
You can see how far we are sitting now?
That explained my low photo quality...

Soler – Dino & Julio


Kenny Kwan關智斌 - from Boyz

Power Station 动力火车 - One of my favourite band

One of the recorded video


Jade Liu 刘力扬 - Very energetic

When it was Chin's turn to perform. Suddenly this happened
I guess the power cable is overloaded and too hot and cause fire and sparkling.
Some people planned to leave the stadium when the fire getting worst and more sparkling appear. It somehow makes me remind of the scene in Final Destination 4

Notice the guy in the picture taking photo instead of finding way to put off the fire? That's the spirit of _______?

The fire and the shouting video from JoshuaOng

The two spotlights that "survived" after the power failure
It was totally dark when they switch off the power for repair

This is what the fans can do to lighten up the stage

A bunch of people is repairing the electric cable ASAP
Since the power haven't back yet, I went out to buy some drinks

All kinds of light emitting props - Colourful!

One of the stall with most customer
BubbleTea 珍珠奶茶

While we are waiting, the emcees invite the artist to come out and chat with us using a loud speaker
Justin Lo 侧田 on the stage

The gentle guy Eric Lim 林健辉

David Tao 陶喆 burst out laughing

After around half an hour the electricity recovered
So lets continue to enjoy the show!! Luckily this blackout is not the end of the concert

This is Chin from Thailand
The girls shout and fall in love with this handsome guy
He know how to act cute.

and do some macho dance too

Kay Kwok 郭晓薇 - the girl who emitting cute aura

She duet with Eric Lim 林健辉 and Eric is having a good-boy-looks that night

Khalil Fong 方大同 - people said "Khalil" sounds like Malay name
But who care? I just like his voice and no racism here. XD

Z Chen 张智成 - The pinky guy with more than 10 years of experience being an artist.
When his music suddenly gone off, he knew what to do and did a solo without the music. I guess he sang the most among other artists.

Sam Lee 李圣杰 - The guy who received flower from his BIG fans
He said he sang "痴心绝对" for the 7,058th time
I saw his "appreciate" facial expression when he know there are still lots of fans supporting him=)

Kay Tse 谢安琪

Justin Lo 侧田 - who has a lot of dancers dancing close to him

That night was very hot and lots of artist took of their jacket.

David Tao 陶喆 - The singer who keep pointing at audience=)
He really know how to interact with the people

He sang a song about a girl who reject his love
David, look at the brightside !

So who is the last singer that complete this show?
Joey Yong 容祖儿
She said how scared she was to lost the audiences when the blackout happened
She took off her jacket too because she said we Malaysians are too ardent instead of "Malaysia is hot".

The concert ended with Joey's performance and they have a bunch of great dancers
I enjoy the show especially the sparkling-fire and considered it as something extra

There is one thing I want to tell the artist,"It is not that we are very good to remember all the lyrics for so many artists. It is just because Tiger has already prepare the lyrics on the screen for us XD"

More photos at my Facebook FanPage =)
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There are more close-up photos from Vista-Crew and JoshuaOng too!

25 September 2009


You will experience stages in your life.
You begin as a single cell
and grow
until you are born
as a small infant.
You continue to grow
through the lifecycle
for as long as you survive:
young adulthood,
and frailty.
You may not live through all of the available stages.
Each segment contains
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
growth experiences
unique to itself.
Stages may end and begin
or segué into one another
As you conclude a stage you may feel relief
or remorse
that it is over.
Once you move through a stage,
it is over;
you cannot go back.

Got it from TheMeaning of Life

It is true that sometimes you may regret after a stage.
But since there is no turn back why don't live at the fullest at your current stage?
Just don't do the same mistake again =)

Besides, I guess I am still between adolescence and young adulthood. Sometimes I wish I can look more matured but sometimes I wanna stay young too. Hmmm...
I guess this is what happen when you are heading to another stage of "Mature"?

23 September 2009

What pH Level means to you?

What is your pH level? Do you even know what is "pH level"? The pH level in your body means the Acid or Alkaline level and it is VERY important.

Have you ever seen an ad of promoting drinking alkaline water from a Acid/Alkaline Water Filter System? Did you know that almost all acid problems are caused by an acid/alkaline imbalance in your system?

Did you know that MANY diseases have their root cause in an acid imbalance?

If your body is too acidic you may well suffer from constant indigestion, heartburn, fatigue and many other symptoms.

How can you check your pH levels and correct them if your body is too acidic?

pH urine test strips are available at most health food stores and drug stores. Make it a habit to check your pH levels at least once per month. Your pH should be 7.3 to 7.4
which is ideal.

If your body check out to be too acidic do the following:

1. Add more fruit to your diet such as Watermelon, Mango, Papaya, Grapefruit, Limes.
2. Add more vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and garlic.
3. Squeeze lemon in your drinking water.

Stay away from:

1. White flour
2. Pork
3. Beef
4. Shellfish
5. Cheese
6. Ice cream

For more info you can read here or google more for "Body pH level"

Above is something to share for a better health =)

Kay lets get into myself.
Since I work in my lab I have sterile syringe and microscope. I dare to poked one of my fingers for a little bit of blood and view it under microscope. It show that I have unhealthy blood conditions as they are sticking to each other. [If healthy Red Blood Cells they are almost all separated]. This is what I found on the web about pH level and how it affect us.

Another thing is that during Public Holidays like Raya people tends to eat more and rest less because "Tonight's gonna be a good night" and all sort of stuff. Remember to take adequate rest to strengthen your immune system as Virus H1N1 is still not "dormant" or safe for us. Some little precaution as usual. Click in here.

Updated: I had a small cut just now on my hand when dealing with the shaking incubator. so here is how my unhealthy Red Blood Cells look like :X

Saw the Red Blood Cells tends to stick together?

Here is a larger view.
It was taken using LG KM900 and I thinks it is very clear and detailed =)

I was planning to blog about other stuff with tons of pictures [ FHM 100 Woman, Saving of Seahorse, Broga Hills+++] but the wireless broadband [Start with M] I am having now just slowed everything down...Read blog, write blog, FB updates and everything related to internet for now.

I am back to the 56kbps dial-up connection [without the ancient beeping sound] because I reached the 3GB quota. Please stay tuned till I have a better ISP.

On the other hand, please support me in this contest by click the play button in each and every 15 Video. It helps me to pimp my broadband =D

Watch All 15Malaysia Short Films Below

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Thanks and appreciate~!

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