What did you see? I saw...

When you look at the picture below what will you see first?Is it the Car? Or the Clouds?

If you notice the car first, and if it looks like traffic jam for you.
Either you are high in stress or missing home for Raya Holidays =)

If you are looking at the sky and figuring out what does the clouds looks like,
Congratz! You are not in high stress level because you are relaxing while using your imagination

PS: Above are just my assumption ;p

When there is one thing in front of us.
The good/bad values is given depends on how you look at it.
Just like a cup with some water inside
Do you consider it as half filled or half consumed?

When you found a "dead end"
Look at the brightside, there will always another new way for you when you started changed your mind set.

Above are just some random thought because I can't surf the net smoothly due to the 3GB quota from my current mobile broadband.

Look at the brightside, I am now blogging something different =D
Tonight will definitely sleep earlier and maybe tomorrow find a cybercafe to surf the web?
I have a blog post that need to be publish before 20th! Hope everything's going fine and I will be in Melaka since Saturday night =D

Last but not least, earlier Selamat Hari Raya to all Malay as tomorrow is the last day for you to puasa this year~! Whereas for others who have the Raya holidays, enjoy it and spend more time with your beloved friends and family!

As for those who need to work during Public Holiday, you are earning double!! ;p

Look at the brightsite~! My Site!!


tcchuin said…
"If you are looking at the sky and figuring out what does the clouds looks like,
Congratz! You are not in high stress level because you are relaxing while using your imagination"
thanks to streamyx and small monitor,im not in high stress
Ying Zi said…
I think the picture is really nice! Haha,I was looking at the clouds than the cars :D
I too noticed the clouds but not the cars...
haha~ come over my hse la.. don't need to cybercafe~ =D
so good ar soon .. i wan also xD anyway, nice post :) keep it up :)
cklim said…
the cloud looks like " a lizard looking at the sky"
chris federick said…
really? I thought the clouds look like something XXX. Does that mean Im dirty minded? :P
JX said…
Nice sharing =)
I am not in high stress though still working at Raya eve, lol
TianChad田七 said…
I am gonna potong if I cant win from 15Malaysia T.t

[Ying Zi]
Thanks =) Congratz to you haha

Haha if I go over ur house the petrol used already can surf few hours la ;p
Thanks anyway for that.


I can only see 2 donuts ar

Haha! 2 round 1 long?
I can only see it after your comment
Not dirty minded la, just Yellow minded! lol

Haha, remember to look at the brightside =D

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