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T Music Festival & A Random Sunday

Saturday was the T Music Festival and I manage to go to the concert because of free ticket from Kristine =)

Randomly share a few best photo out of 1,000++ shoots using my compact camera =)

My favourite power band - Power Station

A photo for Coco
Khalil Fong 方大同

And the best is always keep for last.
David Tao and his new song "Jenny"
It was a love song specially dedicated to a girl named Jenny

There are more photos to come but the process to edit the photo are really really time consuming and I dun want to get a serious panda eye! =.="

So...Stay tuned! *as usual*

Kristine is she, she is Kristine =)
Thanks again!

Sunday, the day after T Music Festival
Went to meet up friends in One Utama and chit-chat again!
Nice meeting LiErn, James, MingTeng, LiangWei, Kahshin, and YengYeng!
Did some window shopping to cure the so called "Monday blue"
It is always good to hang out with friends !!
If I have a stable internet bandwidth I already upload tons of picture to X Pax Got X Got Friend~!

Gotta have a big rest now. Gnight~!

Some of you don't know what I am working as right?
So in your mind,, what kind of job is suitable for me?
Office? Sales? Outdoor? Indoor?

You tell me =)

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)