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P1 Malaysian Filmmakers Showcase

Have you know about this? No? Yes?
I have blog about 15Malaysia @ LG BLog =)

Today is the small Buka Puasa party organized by ruumz and sponsored by P1
We have the opportunity to watch all 14 over 15 15Malaysia short film while other people are still waiting for it ;p

But still, "Rojak" is under progress and we all have the last video to watch together!

Met with some of the bloggers and ruumsters
Picture credits to BBoyrice aka Jeremy

These are the passes that we hadThere are total 15 different designs and you can actually make a collection!
Now I have only 1 out of the 5!
So...Does anyone of you wiling to give me 14 other design for my collection?

T.G.I Friday + Saturday + Sunday and Monday~!

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)